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Lawatan masjid: DAP’s schizophrenic storyline of ’Cina baik, Cina jahat’

According to DAP, ‘good‘ Chinese are the ones always keen to visit mosques.

And who will eagerly wear diversity tudung to show their “respect” either — ONE, when entering places of worship (including the Sikh gurdwara) or TWO, when showing solidarity with oppressed Muslims around the world (excepting the Uighurs).

The DAP’s konpius mantra is Multiracial Good, Monoracial Bad. 

Meaning: The evangelista convoy to mosque is multicultural and good; Single race focus like Umno, MCA and MIC is “racist” and bad.

According to DAP, the ‘bad’ Chinese are the ones who question why the party’s non-Muslim multikulti YBs so insist on doing their photo op in the mosques.

Walhal masjid dan surau itu tempat di mana jemaah menunaikan ibadah. Bukannya si evangelis ada niat pun untuk bersolat dan sujud kepada Allah.

DAP’s confused behaviour wrt their favourite tudung accessory prompted PAS to highlight the evangelist party’s “identity crisis”.  (I call it DAP’s schizophrenia.)

“All these non-Muslim political operatives do, when they don the tudung, is highlight the hypocrisy, moral and intellectual bankruptcy of their own religious agendas,”wrote Malaysiakini columnist Thayaparan.

Thaya’s article headlined ‘Hannah Yeoh’s tudung donning and DAP’s hypocrisy’ was published on Monday (Dec 6).

In it, he described the Lim Guan Eng tudung hypocrisy vs the Dr Boo Cheng Hau anti-cosplay as a “tit-for-tat spat” between two schools of thought within the party.

The DAP dress-up elites are tudung-and-songkok aficionados like Hannah Yeoh and Ong Kian Ming. They’re supposedly the young progressives alongside Anthony Loke, Tony Pua and Liew Chin Tong.

BELOW: Bangi MP Ong Kian Ming stirring what looks like an empty pot

The opposing faction in DAP is left wondering why their multikulti comrades are devoting so much time to gimmickry in social media, and so little time touching base with the DAP traditional grassroots.

According to Malaysiakini‘s Thaya, the Guan Eng-Dr Boo spat is DAP Baru furthering its “good Chinese” and “bad Chinese” propaganda.

DAP Baru is portraying its orang lama like Dr Boo as a “bad Chinese” who is behind the times in New Malaysia.

DAP is juxtaposing Hannah Yeoh as the ‘Cina baik’ against party old guard like Dr Boo and Ronnie Liu who see their party ubah beyond recognition over the last decade.

Ronnie is called “Cina cauvinis” by Tony Pua and “toksik” by Hannah Yeoh.

The DAP diversity cabal are not only hypocritical but also schizophrenic.

PAS Johor – see above – asked if Guan Eng considers the Islamist party to be ‘extreme’ only because they encourage women to tutup aurat.

Guan Eng had alleged that PAS leaders “want to control what women can or cannot wear”.

Guan Eng also labeled PAS “extremist”, “primitive”, “intolerant and regressive” — see his press statement below.

So it’s like this.

According to Guan Eng, PAS is “extremist”, “primitive”, “intolerant and regressive” because they control how Muslim women must dress — i.e. modestly and covering the hair.

According to Guan Eng too, Hannah Yeoh is Cina baik because she wears tudung in order to respect the masjid.

And according to Guan Eng, Dr Boo is similar to PAS because he wants to control how Hannah Yeoh dresses (note: Dr Boo questioned her proclivity for tudung as merely a “superficial” display).

Thus the New DAP’s progressive stance is PAS is jahat for making Muslim women wear tudung.

However, the New DAP’s progressive stance is also Dr Boo is jahat for advising DAP non-Muslim YBs to avoid using tudung as a political prop to fish Malay votes.

Finally, all Chinese who disagree with Hannah’s antics are depicted by DAP as Cina jahat.


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  1. The extent of disarray in the once monolithic Demagogic Action Party is for all to see. On the one hand, some call TDM “Uncle” on the other some called him unmentionable impolite words. On both counts, TDM won, these Laotians lost. And what have those 95% Chinese who voted for the DAP have to say ? Serve them right. The backlash created by this zany lot of Laotians caused a lot of inconveniences for the 100% Chinese. My advice is do not play with FIRE. It burns !

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