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Penang land reclamation joke

“I have no idea of this ‘respect’ narrative that floats to the top whenever we have these kinds of [tudung] discussions,”Malaysiakini’s puzzled columnist Thayaparan wrote in his Dec 6 article.

Allow me to provide Uncle Thaya with a better idea through simple analogy.

Imagine that each time a Dapster mouths the word ’respect’ or its cognates ’respectful’ and ’respecting’ (in BM, it is “menyantuni” from the root word “santun”) in relation to Hannah’s tudung, we shall reward him with a grain of sand.

So, the Dapsters are given one sand grain for each time they mention how respectful Hannah is by wearing tudung.

Since the Dapsters have been endlessly and mindlessly reciting “respect, respect, respect” a gazillion times, they would have collected a mountain pile in their sand redemption.

How much sand?

Answer: Enough sand to successfully carry out a land reclamation project.

In fact, don’t be surprised to see an artificial new islet off the Penang coast.

Yup, the Dapsters really have spouted the ’R’ word repeatedly to the degree that the grains of sand they got in exchange (one for each time they said Hannah was being “respectful”) have accumulated to reclaim enough land to build an islet.

I hope I’ve been helpful to Uncle Thaya’s understanding of the DAP “respect” narrative utilized by its political operatives.


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  1. thaya is always puzzle, confuse, contradict and full of paradox, he is not that diff with one that cant tell fatimah from timah or joker from political operative.

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