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Time for Tony Pua to start wearing songkok

Tony Pua has been described as ‘arrogant’ by Mahathir and behaving bagai kaduk naik junjung when DAP was permitted to helm the Finance Ministry in 2018-2020.

“And of course, the Malay political operatives in Harapan will not come to the DAP’s defence because this is not like wearing a tudung,” commented Malaysiakini columnist Thayaparan today.

Remarking on Hannah Yeoh’s tudung, Thayaparan in his earlier article on Monday wrote that DAP had pumped out its “good Chinese and bad Chinese” propaganda to do damage control.

The Cina baik, Cina jahat polemics are along the line that Hannah is good because she wears tudung.

Whereas a critic of hers such as Ronnie Liu is bad because he thinks the party had bent over backwards to multikulti on top of kowtowing to Mahathir.

DAP contorting themselves to obey Mahathirist dog whistles “really goes to show us how servile the DAP was in the presence of the old maverick”, observed Thaya.

Well okay, so let’s now examine how Humble Hannah got into the old maverick’s good graces, so much so that she is the sole DAP member whom Mahathir wanted in his post-Sheraton National Recovery Council.

The trick then, in order for Tony Pua to politically rehabilitate himself, is to be seen as a Cina baik.

Tony himself had previously labeled Cina jahat Ronnie a “Cina cauvinis” while Hannah herself called Ronnie “toxic”.

To help Tony find a formula for ‘How to be a good Chinese’ – like the ones seen pawing Mahathir’s chair in the picture below – we need to reverse engineer the Ronnie-type.

Party grassroots bad Chinese, DAP elites good Chinese

Cina totok Ronnie is a DAP stalwart popular with the party ground, and an Adun but lagging behind his younger counterparts Tony and Hannah who are multikulti MPs.

“Non-Malay power brokers have to show the proper deference when it comes to dealing with ‘Malay’ institutions otherwise they would be construed as stirring up racial and religious sentiments,” wrote Thaya on Tony’s predicament being viewed as arrogant.


’Penang land reclamation joke’ — read HERE

Thaya uses the phrase “to show the proper deference”, a quality which Mahathir alleged was deficient in Tony’s dealings with the Malay civil service.

“To show the proper deference” is to show respect.

Songkok, alternative to tudung for DAP men

Hijabi Hannah (above) is the chief driver of DAP machinery pumping out the trope that ‘bertudung equals giving respect’.

Some people have said otherwise, i.e. that respect can be earned by learning to speak BM (as Wee Ka Siong does flawlessly, for example) — see tweet below replying to Ong Kian Ming’s stratagem of fasting untuk “mendekati kawan2 Melayu saya”.

According to Thayaparan, the description ‘arrogant’ was applied on Tony “to signal intrusion into Malay provinces be it political, social or economic”.

Compared to Tony, Humble Hannah with her “respectful” dressing has been more successful in trespassing the Malay domains.

DAP’s good Chinese armed with tudung targeted their cosplay charm offensive at the Islamic religious establishment.

Some DAP men have carried out a similar strategy through songkok but I don’t recall coming across any photo of Tony wearing one, unfortunately (but I could be wrong).

If so, Tony can nonetheless learn from his good friend Kian Ming who is an inveterate songkok wearer (below).

Kian Ming is the male version of Hannah with his many gimmicks, including spouting Arabic greetings and showboating his ‘puasa’ during fasting month.

Ronnie meanwhile is poster boy for the DAP’s ‘Cina jahat’ propaganda by refusing to play along, and instead stubbornly clinging to his “Chineseness”.

Thayaparan commented “how two-faced Pakatan Harapan political operatives were in their reassurance to the base”.

These two-faced political operatives are adept at costuming also in tudung and songkok. And “the DAP’s base seems to think that all this is wonderful,” said Thaya.

Tony can begin his journey to becoming Cina baik by ordering some songkoks from Shopee.

With a songkok prop atop his head, Tony might be able to chip away at his arrogant image and appear more respectful like Hijabi Hannah, God willing.



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5 thoughts on “Time for Tony Pua to start wearing songkok

  1. As I have been saying that the DAP Leaders should be Muslims in order to put the foot in the mouths of all their critics,. Islam is Pure, Strong and Compassionate. The recent conundrum on semantics in a published book would not have arisen if all parties were similarly inclined with the same religious bent. Just last month, a book published by a prominent Malaysian appeared to have offended another. The issue was sorted out courteously and amicably unlike the present saga.

  2. For those who want to have a ringside seat on the latest 3 parties slugfest now taking place in the media especially M’kini and The Edge, it is also a good opportunity to judge the argumentative skills of the latest re-incarnation in Malaysian Politics being the born again christians which religion was founded only after 1970 in Malaysia. Their strength and courage are bolstered by the huge cash in their possession derived from their INCOME TAX FREE OPERATIONS ! First, Dr M published a book which described his view of a junior government servant he deemed to be ‘arrogant’ and ‘disliked by others.’ This was his view as the PM or Boss of this particular person, a junior Government servant who was probably unaware certain protocols must be followed unlike Singapore where he was educated and spent his formative years. In other words, he behaved like a Singaporean in Malaysia. This is confirmed by this particular person with his emotional outburst
    ( contained in a 3 part article published in the media ) against his former Boss or the Prime Minister’s, concerning just one word, ” ARROGANT ” with no name mentioned in his unpublished book. In a camaraderie fashion, his 2 other DAP colleagues also made a similar emotional knee-jerk outburst in support. Hence, this underlined the quarrelsome and controversial character of the born again christians of the DAP leadership. They FORGOT they have written many books on Dr M with far worse comments about him than this one single word “ARROGANT.”. with no name mentioned ! Dr M never made a song and dance over the numerous times he was made a target of their poisoned barbs. Now, with the latest challenge to this particular person’s CREDIBILITY by a blue chip corporation, MMC-Gamuda JV on his comments about them for ‘lobbying Dr M many times’ or mounted a defensive publicity campaign which MMC-Gamuda vehemently denied, the Public has the right to know what is really behind this emotional outburst by a person who was once a junior Government servant serving his Boss or the Prime Minister.. The political stakes have never been higher ! Vide The Edge December 10, 2021. May be as it was alleged, this particular person forgot to put on a SONGKOK.. Malaysia Boleh Tun as always. No problem !

  3. I like to repeat what I always asked my friends when some Chinese acted in a peculiar way. I asked, ” Have you ever met a stupid Chinese ?”. They would replied with a resounding ” No !” I would follow with ” But some of them are so very clever as to be stupid !”. Silence. Then, I continued with the facts on 2 Chinese, Lee Kuan Yew and a Malaysian. Suddenly with a resounding roar, they replied ” Yes !”. Here are 4 Policies of Lee Kuan Yew ‘s 47 failed Policies which brought Singapore’s downfall. First, his Policy to undermine Malaysia. Second, the 2 Child Family Policy to create geniuses like him. No Singaporean geniuses produced since 1972 but only a pathetic 700,000 Chinese aged 21-50. Vide Singapore Government Population Survey 2010. Third, in 2006, Lee Kuan Yew bought out Thaksin’s business to prevent him from building the Isthmus of Kra Canal. This act divided the Thais into two factions resulting in 2 coups and the deaths and injuries to innocent Thai men, women and children. Fourth, if Lee Kuan Yew had invested Singapore’s largesse from the Cold War Trades blessed by Uncle Sam, 1948-1989, into 4,000 tons of GOLD at US$ 300 per ounce since the 1970s, Singapore would be the King of the Hill today rubbing shoulders with the G-7 with Malaysia in her little pocket and not just an emaciated knight in rusty armour struggling with the Covid-19 which destroyed Lee Kuan Yew’s Political, Socio-economic Model for Singapore’s Sustainability and Survival. Soon India rules ! Believe it or not ?

  4. How many readers noticed the 3 wide-ranging statements by the ex-junior government servant have raised more questions than answers ? First, did he breach the Official Secrets Act and the penalty for such a breach? No one is above the Law. Hence, Dr M did not mention a name or specific details relating to the person in question. Second, was he aware that his ex-Boss or two-time Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was the head of the PH coalition Government in which this person was just a worker ant in the hive subjected to certain political protocols ? Third, I could not find any fact in the 3 Statements to support his allegations concerning the alleged names he so bravely mentioned publicly in a negative manner. One of his alleged names had already responded publicly. Vide. The Edge. 10 December 2021. Our legal eagles must be hard at work on this on-going saga without an end ! Akan Datang. Courtesy Shaw Bros. The public must know the reason behind this emotional outburst by a junior ex-Government servant.,supported by 2 of his peers promptly ! Who is behind this storm in a tea cup which he tried to turn it into a tsunami which back-fired ? What is the motive for an act which seemed to be frivolously crafted but not so on closer analysis ? Is this saga planned to end up in the Courts in view of the forthcoming GE anywhere in the Kingdom or to serve foreign interests ? Or to hide or distract from as yet undiscovered SCANDAL ? Hence, this saga raises more questions than answers because it happened at the highest Policy level of the Government ! Or what is the motive behind all the fuss on a little matter which was settled behind closed doors years ago ? A matter which would have been a normal Government office event where saints and crooks intermingled every day in any country across the World !

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