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DAP Christian leaders not allowed to enter S’wak

DAP evangelist warlord Ngeh Koo Ham has been denied entry into Sarawak — see today’s news report below.

Also barred from entering the state is Ngeh’s evangelical cousin Nga Kor Ming, a DAP Perak MP.

The Christian-dominated party’s other top leaders like Tony Pua, Liew Chin Tong, Teo Nie Ching and Hannah Yeoh (see below) had been turned away from Sarawak too upon arriving at the airport.

It has been reported that Teresa Kok, another prominent DAP Christian, is on the Sarawak immigration blacklist as well.

These are people unwanted by the only state in our country which has a Christian plurality. Don’t the Malaysian Firsters want to know why?

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2 thoughts on “DAP Christian leaders not allowed to enter S’wak

  1. To the World, the DAP is now a born again christian outfit which is dominated by a few with a penchant to don Malay traditional costumes at the drop of a hat. . To certain governments, the term persona non grata is applicable to them. They should also try their luck in SAR Hong Kong to confirm whether they are acceptable throughout the World. However, one thing is certain. Our Federal Government permits constructive criticisms within limits and according to the Rule of the Law . Even the ISA still exists in the DAP’s homeland of Singapore. Which country can be better than our Malaysian Style Democracy ? In confirmation, President Biden of the United States has invited our Government to his humongous Democracy Forum of 140 countries ! What is better than this ?

  2. According to a Singapore Straits Times report today, a statement by Tommy Koh, Singapore’s ambassador at large said that ” the United States never considered Singapore a democracy ( but an authoritarian State ). This was the reason why Singapore was LEFT out of the 140 countries Forum hosted by President Biden.” This is a serious self-admission by Singapore concerning its status in today’s World. In other words, Singapore is an outcast in the Western Democratic World and similarly by the non-Western Democratic World. Singapore is an unwanted orphan by all especially by its old protector, the United States. Next week, the US Secretary of State visits Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand but not Singapore. Unlike his predecessors President Biden has not invited Singapore’s Prime Minister to the White House. But, he only sent his Vice-President for a short 2 day visit. This is significant. May be Singapore is leaning towards China after benefiting from the United States largesse during the Cold War, 1948-1989. Serious. Singapore is the DAP’s homeland ! Obviously, the amateurish antics the DAP plays in Malaysia are closely monitored by the United States. An ancient saying, ” There is always be a higher mountain !” Malaysia Boleh !

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