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DAP says rocket X’mas tree will not confuse Christians

Despite reassurances by the evangelical party, DAP’s rocket Christmas tree in Batu Kawah is still regarded as Cina DAP politicizing everything under the sun.

Sarawakians did not take a shine to the Rocket festive tree (pix below) and cut the wires of its twinkling Christmas lights.

The saboteurs also struck at the baubles and other decorations on the tree as well as disappeared a big gift box placed at its base.

DAP Bandar Kuching MP Kelvin Yii said in his Facebook on Dec 8: “I am a Christian, and I am not confused. So I hope they do not take away or sabotage my tree”.

Yet the message is clear — Sarawak does not like DAP, that’s all. Sarawakians are in no way ‘confused’.

It is the evangelical party that is itself so addled they’re unable to process a simple signal that their brand of politics is not welcome in the Christian plurality Borneo state.

Note: Christians are the biggest religious group in Sarawak and number more than Muslims.


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2 thoughts on “DAP says rocket X’mas tree will not confuse Christians

  1. It is time for those mesmerised by the new born again christians of the DAP whose religion was founded only after 1970 to realise that a christmas tree with or without the rocket is as foreign as the x’mas pudding in Malaysia ! This is one of the many tests of the credibility of these vocal and bumptious leaders of this Trojan Horse which was part of Lee Kuan Yew’s Policy to undermine Malaysia. Like a tornado in the United States, the junior Government servant made a big fuss about one word in his former Boss’s unpublished book i.e. ” ARROGANT ” with no name mentioned. If this junior fellow did not raise a storm, I would not have noticed that he is ARROGANT as confirmed by himself all over the media. Also, if he had a real English education, and not Singapore and Australia (?), he would have made sure his basics were correct and not stripped naked in public by the blue chip MMC-Gamuda JV.’s rebuttal ! I have yet to read the Part 3 of his Annals concerning his ex-BOSS, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad the two-time Prime Minister and him, the junior Government servant of only 22 months standing. Arising from this tripartite slugfest, who is going to apologise for lies or slander to whom will be the interesting conclusion. May be this calls for a legal suits-fest in the courts by the most slandered party. In Malaysia we must always expect the unexpected like this absurd emotional outburst to a single word “ARROGANT” by a junior Government servant. Not only did this fellow and his DAP peers forget the many times they were alleged to have called Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the two-time Prime Minister, all sorts of names but they also forgot, the fellow signed all his official letters, ‘ Your obedient servant ! ]’ within the proper context of Government Civil Service Protocol. Indeed, he mentioned he was hard at work cleaning the Augean stables at his Ministry. Hence, there’s many a slip ‘twixt the cup and lips should be his feeble excuse for the lapse ! Akan Datang courtesy Shaw Bros !

  2. Over 10 years ago, I told TDM, I bought 2 copies of his book ” Malay Dilemma ” for S$ 7 each in 1970 from Donald Moore, Singapore, which I did not open or read. I did not want his emotions to cloud my mind ! He fell off his chair But with all the excitement surrounding the launch of his latest book, ” CAPTURING HOPE “, in 2021, I will purchase 10 copies. I will read every word of it because for the very first time his writing will provide insights on how he viewed his political bedfellows performed in situ, TRUTHFULLY !

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