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Shellacking in S’wak: How the Rocket misfired

‘Reject DAP’s racial-religious incitement in Sarawak, says Fadillah’ was the news headline in NST two days ago (Dec 10).

Read also ‘DAP says rocket X’mas tree will not confuse Christians’ in my blog yesterday.

Fadillah Yusof believes that DAP is inciting racial and religious hate.

Fadillah is chief whip of GPS, the ruling coalition in Sarawak. He is also a player in the poltical big league.

In fact, Fadillah is important enough to have been in the famous 23 Feb 2020 photo taken on the eve of the Sheraton Move — see below.

Pictured clockwise from Mahathir (in red)… are Hadi Awang, Azmin, Shafie, Muhyiddin, Fadillah, Abang Jo and Zahid.

The powerful men pictured above pack a whole lot of punch. And they like Fadillah, think DAP should to be kept at bay with a 10-foot pole.

DAP tidak peduli sensitiviti umat Islam – Abdul Hadi

Their track record vis-a-vis the DAP

Mahathir collapsed his own government just to kick DAP out of Putrajaya.

Hadi Awang, as recently as last month (Nov 17), warned against the aggression displayed by the evangelist party, saying: “PAS juga mendapat maklum balas betapa dalam DAP ada juga yang tidak bersetuju dengan sikap agresif pemimpin mereka yang bertindak mencampuri urusan agama Islam dan para penganutnya”’. (Hannah much?)

“Bahkan, ada dalam kalangan mereka yang disingkirkan daripada DAP kerana tidak bersetuju dengan pendekatan yang melampau,” added Hadi.

Azmin took his people out of PKR and away from the DAP-led Harapan.

Despite DAP floating Shafie Apdal’s name as a potential Harapan PM, his party Warisan is nonetheless not a part of the DAP-led pact.

Muhyiddin‘s party Bersatu quit Harapan because they could not tahan DAP any longer than 22 months.

Fadillah and his Sarawak bumiputera government want DAP kept out and have even barred some Cina DAP Christian leaders from entering their state.

Abang Jo’s indigenous party PBB is dead set against the DAP, and they’re a key reason Muhyiddin and Ismail Sabri became PM8 and PM9 rather than Anwar.

Zahid and Umno have played the DAP for fools, and shown how ye olde Malay party is master class in political intrigue without any need to resort to clumsy cosplay like the DAP tudung stage prop.

Domino chain reaction to topple DAP

The dominos started falling when Harapan lost Sabah, and then Malacca. Next Harapan will get a shellacking in Sarawak.

Cina DAP live in an ethnic bubble and are oblivious as to what the Malay-Muslim polity feels about them.

The thing is Cina DAP are a very loud minority whereas the bumiputera are a silent majority.

Chinese drowning in noisy DAP propaganda, for example, didn’t know what hit them when the Sheraton movers struck.

But why are the Chinese so clueless?

To get a hint, refer to the idea of repeating a lie often enough that it becomes ‘the truth’ in the mind of its target audience —Propaganda 101 by Goebbels, the Nazi minister of misinformation.

One red herring repeated a thousand times is the DAP deflection that Hannah Yeoh was being “respectful” when she wore tudung.

Nobody is disputing that non-Muslim women should cover our hair when entering a mosque — which Team Hannah is pretending to be the issue.

The real issue, however, is what business does a non-Muslim MP, representing a supposedly secular party, have to keluar masuk masjid dressed up in her costume “13 tahun” straight.

Sesiapa yang mendakwa Hannah Yeoh telah masuk Islam, beliau akan membuat laporan polis terhadap orang itu. 

Hannah Yeoh nafi peluk Islam

The Malays are no longer fooled.

Note that no Muslim religious figure came to Hannah’s defence this time. Unlike back in 2008–2010 when PAS was still cooperating with DAP in Pakatan Rakyat, some ustaz would have stepped up to defend her.

The Malays now see the DAP duplicity for what it is, and realise that the real act of disrespect is Chinese Christians using the masjid to carry out their cheap stunt.

All women visiting govt buildings should tutup aurat

Unfortunately the Chinese hive mind is unable to process any meaningful input outside of the DAP droning noise.

And so we saw the herd stampede trampling Chinese truth tellers like Ronnie Liu, Kua Kua Soong and Dr Boo Cheng Hau who dare to speak above the DAP groupthink.

The 95 percent Chinese can remain cocooned for all that the rest of Malaysia cares because Sarawak and GE15 will soon show ‘em.


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