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DAP hilang 5 kerusi, 11 calon DAP hilang deposit

Dalam pilihanraya negeri Sarawak yang lepas pada tahun 2016, DAP menang tujuh kerusi:

  • Padungan √
  • Pending √
  • Bukit Assek
  • Kota Sentosa
  • Pelawan
  • Tanjung Batu
  • Pujut

Kali ini DAP bertanding 26 kerusi.

Namun parti itu hanya mampu mempertahankan dua kerusi yang dimenanginya sebelum ini, iaitu (1) Padungan yang disandang pengerusi DAP Sarawak Chong Chieng Jen, dan (2) Pending di mana majoriti DAP kini pun banyak merosot.

Violet Yong telah menang kerusi Pending dengan majoriti 5,012 undi dalam tahun 2016. Majoriti beliau sekarang jatuh ke 540 undi sahaja.

Prestasi DAP dalam PRN Sarawak yang diadakan hari ini juga jatuh merudum secara menyeluruh.

Success rate (kadar kejayaan) parti tersebut hanyalah 7.7 peratus berbanding sapu bersih atau pencapaian seratus peratus di negeri-negeri pantai barat semenanjung tatkala PRU14 dulu.

Keputusan rasmi PRN Sarawak 2021 

Senarai nama semua calon DAP 

  • Menang = huruf tebal warna hijau
  • Tewas = pangkah ‘X’

Kerusi DUN

  1. Padungan — Chong Chieng Jen
  2. Pending — Violet Yong Wui Wui
  3. Batu Kawah — Kelvin Yii Lee Wuen (X)
  4. Kota Sentosa — Michael Kong Feng Nian (X)
  5. Dudong — Paul Ling Fong (X)
  6. Bawang Assan — Amy Lau Bik Yieng (X) Hilang Deposit
  7. Bukit Assek — Irene Mary Chang Oi Ling (X)
  8. Pelawan — David Wong Kee Woan (X)
  9. Tanjong Batu — Tony Chiew Chan Yew (X)
  10. Tasik Biru — Granda anak Aing (X) Hilang Deposit
  11. Mambong — Chan Hon Hiung (X)
  12. Kedup — Laerry anak Jabul (X) Hilang Deposit
  13. Bukit Semuja — Brolin Nicholsion Benedict Achung (X) Hilang Deposit
  14. Simanggang — Leon Jimat Donald (X) Hilang Deposit 
  15. Repok — Philip Wong Pak Ming (X)
  16. Meradong — Yong Siew Wei (X) Hilang Deposit 
  17. Pelagus — Solomon anak Kumbong (X) Hilang Deposit
  18. Bukit Goram — Joseph Jinggut (X) Hilang Deposit 
  19. Baleh — Kenneth Usang George Lagong (X) Hilang Deposit
  20. Kemena — John Brian Anthony (X) Hilang Deposit
  21. Samalaju — Tonny Ung (X)
  22. Piasau — Peter Hee Leh Keng (X)
  23. Pujut — Alan Ling Sie Kiong (X)
  24. Senadin — Marcus Hugo (X)
  25. Batu Kitang — Abdul Aziz Isa Marindo (X)
  26. Stakan — Leslie Ting Xiang Zhi (X) Hilang Deposit


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3 thoughts on “DAP hilang 5 kerusi, 11 calon DAP hilang deposit

  1. The sorry tale of the Devious Action Party’s misadventure in the Sarawak State Elections put paid to the invincibility of their candidates. Malaysiakini called this ” Nationalism, Referendum, Independence..” There is no doubt that the years of shenanigans by the political amateurs since 2003 at the centre have eroded confidence, trust and respect at the periphery. The first indication is beginning to rise from the East to demand for fair-play and justice for all Rakyat. If this is not the writing on the wall in the Pantheon of Malaysian Politics, what is ? No doubt Asia’s best think tank BK will go into a huddle now. That’s his job with his one and only Asia’s best crystal ball second only to the United States. Rich pickings in developments in politics are for all to go after the “low hanging fruits” which are ripening fast and steadily in consonance with human natural desires since 2004. The years of unproductive retro-politics, self-immolation and gratification like sooting oneself in the foot are now coming home fast to rest – soon these negative forces will be like lemmings rushing into a void of no return. Humankind all over the World are generally tolerant, peaceful and civil. especially in our beloved Malaysia ! But they do have a powerful weapon in democratic countries which is known as the “VOTE”.. In these days of the Net, if they do not know how to exercise their POWER, there are many ready and willing to teach them how to do so. Here hangs the tale of TWO CITIES which SAGA I thought had ended long ago. But the Augean Stables at the centre emanated a stink which even those at the periphery found it difficult to bear. Hopefully, wise souls will snuff out the first flicker of fires of Nationalism ( in a place, Malaya, once known as stable and boring ) before it becomes a fire storm of no return.. Less we forget the natural urge of Nationalism in recent history of which there are many examples – Singapore, India and Pakistan, Barbados, Barcelona, Northern Ireland, Scotland, New Hebrides, Myanmar, Kashmir, Ethiopia, Kurds, Chechnya, Sinkiang, Assam, Mindanao, Jaffna, etc. Rome slept whilst the fire rages on ?

  2. Is this a saga of ” YOU CAN CON SOME PEOPLE SOME OF THE TIME. BUT YOU CANNOT CON ALL THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME. “? The good people of Sarawak have woken up and saw the real DAP. What about the good people of Malaysia ? Are they still mesmerised by the sweet promises and “holier than thou” talk since 1966 by those who become richer and richer day by day ? That’s TWO GENERATIONS of sweet talk and promises ! People who are better than us ,the Rakyat, have not been born yet. Even Lee Kuan Yew’s 2 Child Family Policy of 1972 which even Hitler dared not attempt, to produce geniuses like him in Singapore, has not produced a SINGLE MADE-IN SINGAPORE GENIUS SINCE 1972 ! Lee Kuan Yew’s Policy produced 700,000 ORDINARY Chinese aged 21 – 50. Vide. Singapore Government Population Survey 2010.’ Just enough to fit into ONE PRECINCT in Shanghai ! Geographically, Singapore is half the size of London or just fits into Lake Geneva, Switzerland ! Yet, Malaysia plied Singapore with an endless trail of goodies without getting any ” BAKSHEESH” in return. How come ?

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