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Rocket X’mas tree in S’wak (cont’d)


Sarawak 2021 DAP election results — click HERE

Sarawak is a Christian-plurality region. Let’s see how DAP fares in its state election today.

In the DAP membership form, there is a separate and extra box for the applicant to write his name in Chinese script.

Wannabe DAP members are, however, not invited to write their names in Jawi or Tamil.

So much for the supposedly multicultural party that preaches diversity and equality.

‘Chinese’ in Thailand speak Thai

Thai is the first language of Thailand’s citizens of Chinese descent who are third, fourth or subsequent generations there.

“In Thailand, Chinese immigrants have merged and blended into the culture of their homeland, taking Thai names, speaking Thai and becoming Thai,” said a past report in the Straits Times (ST), a Singapore newspaper.

See article headlined ‘Little distinction between ethnic Thai and Chinese amid close ties’ on 19 Feb 2015.

In Thailand, its minority community of Chinese origin has successfully formed a close bond with the country.

”The result: there is little or no useful distinction left any more, between ethnic Chinese and ethnic Thai,” said the ST news report.

Some of the older ethnic Chinese had grown up bilingual — speaking a dialect (e.g. Teochew, Hokkien, etc) as well as Thai.

Nonetheless through a process of assimilation and acculturation, these people of Chinese extraction soon adopted Thai values, customs and traditions, and the Thai language as their native tongue.

“There is thus, unlike in some other countries in the region, little or no issue of resentment of ethnic Chinese — because they are Thai,” said the ST.

“It was also relatively easier for the Chinese in Thailand to integrate; unlike in Indonesia and Malaysia, Buddhism was a common thread,” concluded the Singapore article.

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How to show genuine respect

DAP activities are conducted in the Chinese language. But at the same time, the party touts itself as Malaysian First and providing the template for bangsa ‘Anak Malaysia’.

The DAP sheeple, however, feel no sense of contradiction when they bleat how much they “respect” the Malays — who will be fish out of water at any party event held by the DAP which is typically conducted in Chinese.

Compare the children of Chinese immigrants in our neighbouring country where they’re really Thai First and Anak Thailand.

They speak Thai, have Thai names and are Buddhists.

Buddhism is the religion of Thailand practiced by more than 95 percent of the Thai population.

Children of Chinese immigrants who have become truly Thai will go to the Buddhist temple to pray.

In Malaysia, the Firsters become Born Again Christians. They hang around mosques although they’re not Muslim and hence really not there for the purpose of praying. Why do they want to keep doing this?

Firster fanboys, moreover, behave like Mao Zedong’s Red Guards in their thuggish attack on anyone daring to criticize these non-Muslim cosplayers who politick rather than pray in the mosques.

DAP’s rocket X’mas tree

Traditionally, it is either a star or an angel ornament that sits atop the Christmas tree.
In the Bible story, an angel of the Lord appeared before shepherds keeping watch by night over their flock.

The angel trumpeted – see pix above – good news that the Messiah is born. The shepherds at hearing the glad tidings journeyed to Bethlehem to see baby Jesus.

The angel is the herald of Christmas. (A herald is the messenger who makes proclamations.)

Euangelion‘ is a classical Greek word meaning “bringer of good news”. ‘Godspel’ is an Old English word meaning “good spiel (God’s good message)”. The work of evangelists is to spread the gospel.

A Christmas star is also popular as decoration on the tree.

It is an appropriate symbol for this festive occasion because a bright star had appeared shining in the sky to lead the three wise men to Bethlehem where they paid their respect at the baby Jesus’s cradle.

So Christians put a star or an angel on top of their Christmas tree to celebrate the birth of Christ.

DAP politicians, on the other hand, have their own subversive approach to faith and religious celebrations.

For example, DAP’s Bandar Kuching MP Kelvin Yii put his party logo, the rocket, on top of the Christmas tree (pix above).

The rocket Christmas tree is on display in the Batu Kawah Waterfront, i.e. for the Sarawak public to see.

Some Christians find the rocket X’mas tree to be offensive. Some Muslims find the antics of Christian politicians in their mosques to be offensive as well.

Nonetheless, there are Gestapo squads who whip the party line that DAP politicians are only actually keen to show respect.

The DAP’s flock of sheeple then dutifully bleat along because they have a herd mentality.

By tonight we shall see how far Sarawak voters are minded to believe that DAP is merely “showing respect” to Christianity (and Islam in the peninsula) through their gimmicks.

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