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S’wak Chinese switched from DAP to SUPP

One notable takeaway from the Sarawak election on Saturday is how different the Chinese situation there compared to the peninsula.

A staggering twelve Chinese Aduns will be sworn into the Sarawak government. Eleven of them are from Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) component party SUPP and one from GPS component party PDP.

And these 12 Chinese Aduns in the Sarawak ruling coalition are non DAP!

Considering that Chinese support for DAP peaked at 95 percent only three years ago, it is almost a miracle that there can even be any Chinese Yang Berhormat who is not from Harapan.

The hundreds of Chinese Aduns elected in GE14 to represent West Malaysian states were all from Harapan with only two exceptions.

MCA’s two lonely Aduns had won the Titi Tinggi and Cheka state seats in Perlis and Pahang respectively. Immediately post GE14, Perlis and Pahang had been the only states of the peninsula still left in BN hands.

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Number of Chinese Aduns now in Sarawak:

  • GPS — 12
  • PSB — 2
  • DAP — 2

DAP’s two winning seats are in Cina totok areas with a 90 percent Chinese electorate.

Both the DAP Aduns who successfully retained their party incumbent seats are representing urban voters within the Bandar Kuching parliamentary constituency.

Sarawak Chinese YBs 2021–2026


  1. Padungan — Chong Chieng Jen
  2. Pending — Violet Yong Wui Wui


  1. Bawang Assan — Wong Soon Koh
  2. Batu Lintang — See Chee How

Note: Parti Sarawak Bersatu (PSB) was founded by Wong, and is a splinter from SUPP


  1. Kota Sentosa — Yap Yau Sin (SUPP)
  2. Batu Kitang — Lo Khere Chiang (SUPP)
  3. Batu Kawah — Dr Sim Kui Hian (SUPP)
  4. Repok — Huang Tiong Sii (SUPP)
  5. Meradong — Ding Kuong Hiing (SUPP)
  6. Bukit Assek — Chieng Jin Ek (SUPP)
  7. Dudong — Tiong King Sing (PDP)
  8. Pelawan — Michael Tiang Ming Tee (SUPP)
  9. Tanjong Batu — Johnny Pang Leong Ming (SUPP)
  10. Piasau — Sebastian Ting Chiew Yew (SUPP)
  11. Pujut — Adam Yii Siew Sang (SUPP)
  12. Senadin — Lee Kim Shin (SUPP)

Reversal of fortune: Chinese flipping over

There is a distinct pattern that emerged in the Sarawak 2021 election results.

With the exception of two seats won DAP and another two by PSB, all the remaining Chinese-majority state seats were won by GPS components.

The Sarawak Chinese voters who once ticked Rocket in the 2018 election to pick their parliament reps had in Saturday’s state-level election switched their support to SUPP.

Chinese-majority seats in cities, big towns

Sarawak Chinese voters are located in the urban areas.

SUPP newly won state seats Kota Sentosa, Batu Kitang and Batu Kawah are all three under the Chinese-majority Stampin parliament constituency. The Stampin MP is DAP.

SUPP newly won state seats Repok and Meradong are both in the Chinese-majority Sarikei parliament constituency. The Sarikei MP is DAP.

SUPP newly won state seat Pelawan is in the Chinese-majority Sibu parliament constituency. The Sibu MP is DAP.

SUPP newly won state seat Bukit Assek and PDP newly won state seat Dudong are both in the Chinese-majority Lanang parliament constituency. The Lanang MP is DAP.

SUPP newly won state seats Piasau, Pujut and Senadin are all three in Miri, which is a Chinese-majority parliament constituency under PKR.

SUPP newly won state seat Tanjong Batu is under the Bintulu parliament constituency where PDP president Tiong King Sing is MP.

Opposition party PSB won the Batu Lintang state seat which is a ward of the Bandar Kuching parliament constituency. The Bandar Kuching MP is DAP.

PSB’s second seat Bawang Assan falls under DAP’s Sibu parliament constituency.

DAP failed to defend five of its seven seats in the Sarawak election.

Back in 2018, the DAP was so formidable that it was seemingly impossible for any of its Chinese election candidate ever to lose.

However following the Tanjung Piai byelection and after the recent Malacca election, and now the Sarawak election, DAP no longer appears to be so invincible.


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4 thoughts on “S’wak Chinese switched from DAP to SUPP

  1. The decades of brainwashing of naive and nubile minds of the Sarawakian Chinese are finally fading away. He used his humongous Ministry of Information and the Chinese media to rub these Chinese minds which were at his mercy. The lack of memory of his fake deeds is also natural. There is no way the DAP can continue this fake charade on his behalf. If the Sarawakians are frighten of those DAP leaders from the Peninsula, I wonder how foreigners with an abiding interest in Sarawak’s future will pour the proverbial oil on the burning river, the Rejang River ? Akan Datang. Courtesy Shaw Brothers. A new chapter for Sarawak begins with the demise of both the PKR and the DAP.


  3. Similarly, if the DAP rivals at the next 15th GE mock the born again christian DAP leadership whose religion was only founded after 1970 and has an INCOME TAX FREE money reserve to draw on, it is alleged that such a distinct advantage by these ordinary leaders is both unfair and inequitable.because THE GOVERNMENT AT THE MATERIAL TIME DID NOT EXPECT THESE BORN AGAIN CHRISTIANS WHO WERE ONCE MEEK AND MILD TO TAKE PART IN OPPOSITION POLITICS WITH A RELIGIOUS BENT !. Therefore, how could these born again christian DAP leaders honestly say they are social democrats serving the Rakyat with a declared policy of INFLUENCING THE MALAY ELECTORATE BY WEARING MALAY TRADITIONAL DRESS AND HEAD GEAR AND MORE ? For an exclusive group which has not more than 500,000 members, what is their motive especially, the DAP was badly defeated in the State Elections of Melaka and Sarawak ? Both States were once their favourite hunting grounds !

  4. perkembangan yang baik..kena pula dengan slogan Abang Jo.. hanya ORANG Sarawak menentukan nasib ORANG Sarawak… sama saja slogan dimainkan setiap kaum di Malaysia ini bila cakap politik…. manakala Warisan pula sudah mula merentasi batasan kenegerian dengan mengembangkan sayap ke peringkat nasional.. dan ada potensi menggugat populariti DAP… tetapi nampaknya DAP seolah olah nak cari makan dengan Warisan… nampaknya taktik gelap Tun M cuba melemahkan pengaruh ultra-Chinese politik berjaya dengan jayanya… macam mana la DAP boleh masuk perangkap Tun M.. apa komen kak Helen???

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