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A cheerful news in midst of flood troubles

Some B-list politicians today introduced their Parti Bangsa Malaysia to the public.

It is being built upon an older and already registered party which applied for a name change two months ago.

Names associated with the party so far are MPs defected from PKR — Larry Sng and Steven Choong.

Also rumoured to be joining the Bangsa Malaysia setup is Zuraida Kamaruddin (pix below).

I love that these YBs formerly from PKR have picked ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ as their party name, especially after the hype generated for years by DAP.

It’s schadenfreude on steroids. So who wears tudung more often will be bestowed the ‘Best Bangsa Malaysian’ title!

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3 thoughts on “A cheerful news in midst of flood troubles

  1. Malaysia certainly has its very own quota of political veterans, ranging from 21 to 97 ! The more prominent ones have been told publicly to retire in the face of catastrophic setbacks in the recent Melaka and Sarawak State Elections. I would reckon this is the future for these young aspirants of the new formed political parties to come. Please take note that the path to the Malaysian Pantheon of Politics is full of pitfalls, broken hopes and ambitions. If a politician stayed too long, he or she would be asked to go. Like the veteran of the DAP who was asked recently to step down and take the responsibility for the crushing defeats of the once invincible DAP in both Melaka and Sarawak. But this aged fellow with a thick skin, ignored the strident call for him to give way to others as he was to used to talk down to his supplicants since 1966. Not only that, the young Turks in the form of the born again christians will finally take over the DAP ! The next event could only be a palace revolt as the next 15th GE draws near. I foresee this truculent attitude will result in the DAP winning only 12 seats out of 40 which they now proudly hold . Then, who is to be the ultimate scape-goat of the DAP ? This aged veteran or the young and robust born again christians with their pockets lined with INCOME TAX FREE MONEY THE COURTESY OF HIS MAJESTY’S GOVERNMENT and a penchant to dress in Malay fashion complete with the head gear at the drop of a ringgit .! However, is this aged veteran going to be like the wise 100 year old tycoon of Hong Kong who replied humbly after he was asked when was his happiest moment, ” MY HAPPIEST MOMENT IS WHEN I GET UP IN THE MORNING AND LOOK AT MY BOWL OF PLAIN RICE PORRIDGE ? ” In our beloved Malaysia, we must always expect the unexpected !

  2. How could anyone die in our recent floods with a Meteorological Service and a National Disaster Management Agency ( NDMA) with its full complement of Generals, Colonels and Captains in colorful uniforms topped by red berets fully backed by 73 Ministers,,!.5 Million Civil Servants, 300 GLCs from the Federal Government and 13 State Governments at a time when all have already been alerted by the Covid-19 virus Pandemic since March 2020 ? As it is alleged, there was no preparation of any kind before the massive deluge even though we live in the Tropics just 300 miles from the Equator and not the Sahara. Forewarned is forearmed ! However, the Prime Minister has said that we all share this dire lack of duty and responsibility. Even though the 32 million Rakyat have compassion and love for their unfortunate compatriots, we still require a Leader/ Leaders to lead all of us within an organized framework to be effective in executing the orders ! My favorite American President, Truman, once told his aide, ‘ THE BUCK STOPS HERE AT MY DESK !’

  3. I am a born optimist. My profession forbids otherwise. I strongly believe that there must be a majority of good people in any one political party even though a particular party may be besmirched by the antics of their leaders wallowing themselves in the Augean Stables. Even in the tiny tropical isle of Singapore, its one man think-tank, Bilahari Kausikan or BK for short, with Asia’s best crystal ball but second best to these United States, is a good man by my standards and by all counts. When these young and good political aspirants attain POWER, the weak and naive amongst them fall prey to some sneaky seducers who can satisfy their material needs ! A new trend is that 21 year olds eschew Oxbridge in favour of POWER ! Like we now have 21 year old nobles. The biblical weakness of the flesh so to speak or a moment of weakness or indiscipline. Even the highest and mightiest of the land like President Sarkosy or Prime Minister Netanyahu amongst many others have been charged for falling foul with the law as politicians. What do we expect from our own politicians who sometimes have a penchant to play 19 rounds of golf in Perth, Australia of all places. But the cost is much lower in Yunnan, China. Such are the pleasurable pitfalls for a Malaysian figure in public life. What to do when all and sundry are paid for by some hidden hands ? Cynics will definitely condemn me as naive and stupid. But I am born this way – always believing in the goodness of Humankind – the men and the women ! Indeed I have been cheated out-right, rolled-over, lied-to or even attempted character assassination to remove me from the face of the Earth by my nearest and dearest and of course, friends over a Life-time. But I still hold to my naive and stupid view that the majority of Humankind are good and not bad. Otherwise, we will not exist or be here today ! A person blessed by a good KARMA certainly helps. At the end of the day, when we all stand up to be counted, it is the KARMA and not the billions of U.S. Dollars in your off-shore account, that counts !

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