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Hamsters on the roof (flood stories)

A pair of hamsters, five birds, five rabbits and 10 cats were relocated to the family rooftop by their human carers in Teluk Intan.

Rasidah Darus, 32, and her husband had to take their menagerie to higher ground to escape the flood waters.

She told Sinar Harian“Pagi tadi saya balik jenguk rumah, nampak mereka masih ada atas bumbung lagi, cuma dua ekor kucing hilang, tak tahu ke mana”.

The two delinquents are Roofwalker wannabes. Anyway, hope Rasidah will be reunited with her missing ninja cats soon.

Sanggup redah banjir demi kucing

Sinar Harian also reported in the same article about Mohd Shahrizan Nawawi, 40, of Changkat Jong relocating his eight cats to a safe house.

Shahrizan, who himself was evacuated to a pusat penempatan sementara, told the tabloid that he wades through the metre-high flood water to return and feed his cats daily.

Many animals are left cold and hungry too from the sudden flooding. Stray cats might be stuck on trees and awaiting rescue. Pity the homeless dogs.


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