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Political divide in time of great flood

Opposition politicians are very busy finger-pointing the government, and faulting the shortcomings of the authorities in responding to the flood.

Hannah Yeoh’s Twitter retweets are particularly egregious in playing this blame game.

”Hannah Yeoh dah mmg queen of all drama queen,” said Salahuddin Hisham today in his Facebook post asking ‘Turun bantu ker posing utk IG?’

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh doing her best Lady Boss hands-on-hip pose;

the YB wearing tudung in the other photo is Rina Harun (don’t konpius them through the lack of Hannah’s usual hijabi cosplay)

@anwaribrahim retweeted – see below – a Malaysiakini article headlined ‘Back home, Sri Muda residents question selective rescue’ which insinuated that some non-Malay flood victims were discriminated because of their suspected or perceived political allegiances.

Another Malaysiakini column is titled ‘Poor rescue effort – willful ignorance or deliberate neglect?‘

The columnist Andrew Sia wrote: “… is it deliberate neglect? Because of politics?” and suggesting a conspiracy theory that “Putrajaya’s poor response [could be] due to Selangor being ruled by a Harapan state government?”

Pakatoons have been lashing out like typhoons at the federal government but nonetheless giving their own Harapan state governments a free pass.

Harapan politicians, when they’re not seething and snarking, can be found preening and posturing against the waterworld backdrops.

There is of course the usual feel-good propaganda that this flood disaster has brought Malaysians together — which is true to some extent.

However, the business-as-usual politicking has also further fanned its cumulative anti-Malay, anti-Muslim (e.g. targeting Tuan Ibrahim, Jakim) sentiments.

DAP Penang MP Kasthuri Patto – she is Kit Siang’s goddaughter and cut her teeth in politics as his pol-sec – revealed something illuminating in her tweet below.

YB Kasthuri tweeted: “Dengar khabar ada akaun Twitter aktivis & warga marhaen yg kritik kerajaan brhubung isu pngendalian banjir digesa MCMC agar digantung.”

The anti-establishment Twitterati have indeed been nasty and brutish, and predictably retweeted by @hannahyeoh and her fellow DAP social media amplifiers.

In her same tweet, Kasthuri also said: “Rakyat pasti bangkit mnentang kerajaan yg menindas rakyat”.

Does Kasthuri really have to say something like that (about oppressive gomen) in a time like this?

She is indeed a typical product of the LKS school of divisive politics.

DAP politikus are shamelessly making hay while the heavens pour.


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

5 thoughts on “Political divide in time of great flood

  1. army did a good job?? thought before some tycoon said army did goyang kaki only… ok la.. now realized the army do have jobs and do their jobs…

    twitter got suspended?? no worry stop tweeting.. twitters are for losers….. back then some journalist mentioned LGE got prosecuted what… batu kawan should stop playing twitters… lol

    1. My relative Tan Sri Dr C.C.Too, the most Senior Chinese Adviser on Counter-insurgency to the Federal Government 1951-1982 told me the Royal Malay Regiment did a splendid job during the riots of 13 May 1969. He also told me that they were disciplined and efficient. Further, the same 5th Battalion Royal Malay Regiment was bivouacked in the school field just directly opposite my brother’s house in Lorong Gurney, Kuala Lumpur. My brother told me that the soldiers kept to themselves and was not unruly or disturbed others. Kudos to the Royal Malay Regiment.

  2. Many Malaysians of all communities must be perplexed with the inaction or failure to act by the relevant authorities in the face of the many major crises which have hit our beloved Malaysia today and in recent times ! But I am not perplexed as I have been in the forefront of current events since 1954 even to this very day. I am unknown and unseen which is an advantage in our beloved Malaysia. The reason for the present angst felt by all Malaysians is the FACT that 3 Generations of Malay elites self-destruct through indiscipline, self-indulgence or self-immolation, eg. 1. The BMF Generation 1971-1980. 2. The Renong Generation 1981-2003. 3. The 1MDB Generation. 2004-2018. These wealthy ex-elites are still with us living in lush neighbour-hoods with their families like Dubai, Australia, London, Paris, Gstaad, Kenny Hill , Ampang etc. but NOT contributing. With the dire lack of Malay elite Leaderships we have unqualified ones who would hide or become ill during a looming crisis. The many non-Malay elites cannot not move without jiving with the all-important Malay elites as per the revered CONSTITUTION as safeguarded by our caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans. Hence, a grid-lock of inaction or development of whatever kind is seen to be neglected by the relevant authority concerned because the fellows in POWER do not know how to begin ! Like a Prime Minister is born not made by MONEY anywhere in this World ! The definition of an elite is a person who is educated at a proper university in a proper and serious subject with experience in working for a living for a number of years and could deliver as required. Not least of all, an elite must be MOTIVATED TO SERVE IN THE NATIONAL INTEREST and not himself. Our beloved Malaysia did have all those qualified Malay elites which I mentioned. Many were my friends. But due to the normal exigencies which surrounded them, 3 Generations of the all-important Malay elites are no more to provide the essential Leaderships to lead our beloved Malaysia in times of crisis or upwards to the stars.- Per Ardua. Ad Astra ! As I have said before that Malaysia is one of the 4 most important small countries of the World being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland and Malaysia. Without Malay elites, HOW ? I am not talking about MERITOCRACY which NO COUNTRY IN THE WORLD PRACTICES, NOT EVEN SINGAPORE ! It is the brain POWER which drives a country upwards eg. India and China. Ideas or brainpower creates MONEY. Not money makes money. Look at Gandhi, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Musk, Buffet, Jack Ma, etc. Therefore, it is imperative or the first priority for any Malay based Government to begin to develop a pool of real Malay elites again and NOT FAKES WHICH ARE A DIME A THOUSAND THESE DAYS IN OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA ! Ask BK of Singapore with the best crystal ball in Asia but second best to these United States !

  3. At times like these, I hear words like ‘ politics ‘ or ‘ selective ‘ etc being thrown freely around. I certainly would not like to use words like ‘ immature ‘ or ‘amateurish ‘ on the alleged culprits. This is not the time to use brain-power but MONEY POWER to help the victims of the floods which were not their doing. Little drabs of Rm 500 per person will be just a tear in the ocean. I reckon at least Rm 10,000 may just be sufficient per person per household to recover over time. HOW ? Without calling on the Federal Government which has a penchant to use Trust Funds like the EPF etc,, it seems a good idea for the Political Parties to put the MONEY where their mouth is, especially the born again christians of the DAP which TAX FREE RELIGION WAS FOUNDED ONLY AFTER 1970. Other parties are known to have billions of ringgits in hand whilst some Leaders have CASH in New York banks !. Believe it or not ! So for every ringgit the Political Parties put up, the Federal Government matches these genuine contributions from them with 10 ringgit ! There is no doubt these Political Parties will recover their monies in time as they have done for decades. After all, one US Dollar will garner RM 4.20 these days !

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