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Ismail Sabri: Hannah Yeoh “mengelirukan rakyat”

Ismail Sabri yesterday called out Hannah Yeoh for confusing the rakyat.

Out of all our 220 serving MPs, I’m not the least surprised that it should be YB Segambut whom the PM has to publicly fact check — see tweets below.

After all, Hannah Yeoh is the second-most Drama Queen in the Dewan.

(The Drama Queen of the House award goes to Hannah’s BFF, the representative for Muar. Syed Saddiq has been called out by no less than Tengku Mahkota Johor for his histrionics.)

Diva playacting on political stage

Hannah had run to the media first before checking properly the info she received.

She also ran up and down Twitterverse, screaming “Gila! Gila!” and steaming from her ears.

Nama jer Yang Berhormat Ahli Parlimen walhal gelaran lebih tepat ialah Drama Queen.

National news agency Bernama reported Ismail Sabri himself as having to correct the serious misinformation and accusation spread by Hannah that applications for Bantuan Wang Ihsan would be closed by Christmas eve, i.e today, and that flood victims need to apply “melalui lantikan politik kerajaan” (see her tweet above).

Such news as Hannah miscarried would or could deter tens of thousands of households eligible for the emergency government aid provided to disaster victims.

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DAP’s evangelical Christianity politicking

Hannah is cynically playing religion politics when she tweeted “Esok Christmas Eve” in reference to her claim “Bagaimana Kerajaan boleh umumkan bantuan kewangan banjir RM1000 tanpa butiran lengkap dan tiba-tiba tutup permohonan esok?”

The PM responded that “Permohonan BWI tidak pernah ditutup. Malah kerajaan akan membayarnya setiap kali rakyat ditimpa bencana”.

Hannah is an epitome of the DAP politician typically out to score cheap points — this time during a heartbreaking disaster.

Hannah was rebuked personally by the PM who admonished “Baik YB fact check dulu, jangan terus percaya pada maklumat WhatsApp. Tindakan YB mengelirukan rakyat”.

The sad thing is that some sheeple on social media still have blind faith in DAP.

For instance, a number of Malaysians have been directly affected by the flood waters while the majority of us were only impacted by the thunderstorms.

(The unceasing heavy rain, for example, caused me to be very late in delivering dinner to several nearby street cats that I feed daily, and one cat didn’t show up for two days.)

A lot of anger is being vented online by people whose own houses were not actually flooded but they just hate the federal government anyway and have free time to echo DAP propaganda.

The approach taken by Hannah does not bring Malaysians together. Instead it entrenches further the hostily and animosity already sowed by DAP to win over the 95 percent — recall the ‘angry’ emojis plastered all over Hannah’s tweet above.

Our political divide becomes even more unbridgeable now thanks to DAP sentiment-mongers like Hannah.


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      1. no, however if his action is as speedy and factual as his reaction to a dap aunty during emergency and flood, he might deserve a better form of address than the previous stupid pm.

  1. In a country which has the most number of Public holidays in the World, a Civil Servant may with deft mental skills can create nearly 6 months leave if she is a prolific spouse (inclusive of the Public Holidays). Therefore, it is not surprising that the humongous Malaysian Cabinet of 73 Ministers excluding their hangers-on were having a gala time in OZ or Europe whilst the Nation suffered its worst floods in history. For the Prime Minister to command the Ministers to return home, this revealed nearly 100% of the 73 Ministers or the Cabinet, were celebrating the festive Christmas and New Year holidays with the red nose reindeer ! I have a friend who in a single trip round the World also visited the North and South Poles. Of course, he also visited Yemen and the Christmas Islands. As a poet, he disappointed me by producing a literary piece on Venice whilst staying at the 6 Star Gritti Palace Hotel without his Nationalistic bent ! Such are the ways of the motley crowd of well-endowed Malaysians these days ! But with the coming of the Covid-19 virus and the Great Floods of December 2021 bearing down on the unfortunate and the innocent, sometimes, I thought I was in Bangladesh. I had to pinch myself to convince myself that it was but a bad dream !

  2. got ur point kak helen..

    SEMUA mangsa banjir sambut krismas … tu yang kena sebut krismas eve… cheh

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