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Hannah Yeoh–Ismail Sabri: Unstoppable force meets immovable object

Hannah Yeoh yesterday fired another salvo at Ismail Sabri — see her arrogant tweet below.

In it, the biaDAP Segambut MP dared our PM to fact check her.

Their Twitter exchange stemmed from an earlier piece of baiting by the DAP SuperCyber Bully — see backgrounder here.

Nonetheless before I discuss our Cosplay Queen’s latest attention-seeking drama, a quick detour first to the DAP heartland and one related episode of political friction.

DAP the most dedicated player of hate politics

Dr Norlela Ariffin is the PKR Adun in Penanti and also a Penang exco.

In an interview with The Vibes published two days ago, Dr Norlela said that opportunistic DAP lawmakers in her state will invariably attack the Malay and Islamic parties at every turn.

”No need to do that all the time because it keeps perpetuating the same tiring attacks,” she lamented to the news portal.

Dr Norlela views the DAP animus as part and parcel of their ever continuous “rhetoric against Malays and Muslims”.

Scuttlebutt has it that the cause of her distress is DAP Penang evangelist MP Steven Sim.

While Dr Norlela‘s complaint is separate from the recent floods (most likely it’s to do with the Covid crisis), nonetheless her experience says a lot about how the DAP operates.

Imagine, here is a Harapan elected rep and PhD holder who feels that her supposed coalition allies are bullying her.

How then must ordinary Malays feel when confronted by DAP bullies?

Hannah bit off more than she can chew

Ever since she was deprived of her Mahathir-appointed Deputy Minister post, Hannah Yeoh has been dogging and badmouthing Rina Harun and Siti Zailah who are presently heading the Women’s Ministry.

In fact, Siti Zailah had had to close her Twitter account after being cyberbullied by the usual suspects mob.

This PAS muslimah leader, who stepped into Hannah’s shoes at the ministry, withdrew from Twitter barely a fortnight after taking up her job in the Muhyiddin cabinet.

Her DAP predecessor no doubt played a role in initiating the negative social media reaction to Siti Zailah — see news report ‘Hannah Yeoh causes a stir over appointment of successor from PAS’ (The Mole, 12 March 2020).

Even in the very early days of DAP power, MCA’s then Beliwanis national treasurer had already remarked that Hannah is the “DAP SuperCyber Bully” (see below).

And the bullying behaviour has just got progressively worse in tandem with Hannah’s unstoppable rise up the political ladder — refer these ‘DAP SuperCyber Bully’ tweets from 2010, 2012 and 2015.

All this while, Hannah has – marching in goose step behind her – the DAP party machinery, Red Bean Army, church activists and many partisan media hacks who are friendly to DAP.

@hannahyeoh has 357,300 Twitter followers.

As a result, Hannah managed to get away with so much for so long that she has become consumed with hubris.

The aforementioned targets of the online mob have been a trio of female YBs from Bersatu, PKR and PAS. These Malay women had brushed against DAP’s two most prominent evangelical figures.

In taking aim at Ismail Sabri, however, Hannah is no longer tangling with fairer sex politicians who are liable to be flustered or break down in tears.

Her potshots at the PM will not be therefore yielding the same easy, mob-backed walkovers that Hannah has enjoyed so much and so often in the past.


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8 thoughts on “Hannah Yeoh–Ismail Sabri: Unstoppable force meets immovable object

  1. Who gave this Laotian born again christian from the DAP the OK to attack the Malays and the Muslim without cause after we have lived together for centuries in Peace, Harmony and Prosperity ? Definitely, the 95% Malaysian Han Chinese do not want ‘cooked-up’ political conflicts when there are none.. The Han Chinese are the Hokkiens, Hakkas, Cantonese, Foochows, Teochews and even the Hainanese ! What the Chinese want is Peace, Harmony and Prosperity. Not crazy and zany wanton attacks on the other communities which get all of us nowhere !

  2. standard DAP kak helen… boleh2 capitalize isu banjir di Selangor.. moga2 boleh bagi rakyat lupakan kes banjir Penang yang Tuan Guru Haji Lim Guan Eng meluru peluk Zahid Hamidi… internet tak pernah lupa.. wakakakakkakaka

    standard macai DAP.. kalau negeri lain banjir.. akan upkan isu pembalakan… seolah2 Selangor ini suatu ketika dahulu adalah padang pasir…. bloodyfool.. hahahaaaaaaa

    1. Hahahaha …

      Nose in the air — hubristic — Hannah today thinking she can fire shots at PM with impunity.

  3. hannah is too nice not to call sabri a bodo pm, dap become no telur since wanna appease malay voters.

  4. Would this person take the Crown as the most out-of-this World Adun ever in the history of the Dewan Rakayat ? What she proposed ever since she mounted the national stage in 2018 had been ‘nut’s. Like the first proposal was to establish a nursery for nursing mothers in the Dewan Rakyat to be filled with crying babes. This was followed by a Bill to stop females being harassed like bottom pinching. We would not be here if Adam did not pinch Eve’s bottom. Not only that, it was proposed that a unit should be formed for disadvantaged women and children in the Ministry of Social Welfare for Women and Children. She was in this Ministry as well ! Further, she suggested that developers should not build condos to stop traffic jams. May be she does not realise that developers never build cemeteries where dead silence is guaranteed. And other verbal misadventures which came from the mental orbit out of this World.. And now this head-butting with no other than the Prime Minister himself ! Gleaning from the events, it seemed the Nation is paying a lot of money for clowns who ranged issues from issues outside their ken which are not constructive at all but more suitable for Woodbridge, Singapore where its rocket scientists live and work !

  5. My humble apologies. Typo errorr which should be added to my comment at the very end..” ASK BK ! “

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