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Najib calls out Mahathir as an anti-Chinese racist

Mahathir is a teller of the most “outrageous” and anti-Chinese “racist” lies, said Najib yesterday at the 2021 World Chinese Economic Forum.

The ex-PM was delivering his keynote address to the international forum in Petaling Jaya — see video below.

“Prior to 2018, Mahathir claimed that the BN government was forsaking the country’s sovereignty to China, that we were offering 700,000 citizenships to these Chinese nationals to move to Forest City — clearly, an outrageous, racist and abhorrent lie,” recounted Najib to his Chinese audience.

“He even promised to cancel the project should they [Harapan] win power in the upcoming election then. However, soon after the 2018 election, which they won on the back of this and other similar claims, he began switching his stance,” added Najib.

When Atuk was DAP’s “Beloved Tun”

Never, in all the history of the MCA-Umno decades-long association, had any leader of the BN component party sucked so hard at Mahathir’s toes as did the DAP Yang Berhormats.

Their difference being that MCA is Chinese while DAP is chihuahua — which explains why the latter were so assiduously licking Mahathir’s feet.

Since the DAP is unChinese, it was and continues to be unconcerned about Mahathir’s racism.

DAP sec-gen Lim Guan Eng rejects the idea that he is a Chinese. “Saya bukan orang Cina,” Guan Eng had declared.

DAP former sec-gen of 30 years Lim Kit Siang claims he is Bangsa Malaysia.

The party’s most prominent evangelical leader Hannah Yeoh claims that there are no Chinese in this country, only Malaysians.

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh practically kneeling beside the racist Mahathir

DAP made Mahathir PM2.0

PM Najib had led the BN to fight the 2013 general election in which his ruling coalition lost the popular vote.

Najib attributed his loss to the “Chinese tsunami”.

Chinese voters chose a claque of Born Again Christians to lead their community. This evangelical DAP chose to bolster Mahathir’s anti-Chinese lies in order to topple Najib. The end justifies the means. Matlamat halalkan cara.

As a result of the DAP-Mahathir Faustian pact, the Chinese made enemies of PAS, Umno, a lot of PKR Malays and eventually even of Bersatu.

Because the Chinese have so few Malay friends left, they’re reduced to pinning all their Harapan and political future on Mahathir protege Syed Saddiq.

Saddiq is facing corruption charges in the courts but that’s okay. After all, Guan Eng also is facing corruption charges in court.

Never mind that the Chinese in Malaysia like to portray themselves as the cleanest, most ethical, most principled and morally upright community living here.

But what about their perplexing support then for Saddiq, Guan Eng and Mahathir?

The explanation is DAP has a magic potion that can Bersihkan segala dosa.

So even though Mahathir is a racist, the Chinese electorate nonetheless gave him their votes to become the Harapan prime minister because DAP rinsed, washed and fabric softened him with the scent of roses.


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6 thoughts on “Najib calls out Mahathir as an anti-Chinese racist

  1. Has the demagogic DAP with its seven-headed serpent like policies finally been caught by its own actions which will lead to its own self-destruction ? Have they betrayed the Chinese by consorting with unfriendly elements ? A picture tells a thousand words ! In the history of Humankind, those who burnt both ends of a candle, have never won ! Ask BK with Asia’s best crystal ball second best to these United States.

  2. both conman and pencuri was/is from the same racist party, it make no diff to us who are more racist. we gave out vote to conman so that he can catch the no1 msia pencuri at that time, we did it. wrt dog, at least dap bark from time to time, unlike the other play dead dog.

  3. In our beloved Malaysia, WHO IS THE MOST CORRUPT POLITICIAN OF ALL IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE ? Will that fellow stand up to be counted ?

    1. conman is all time pencuri no1, najib is pencuri no1 during his reign, no one dare to touch the all time pencuri no1 bec he is excessively wealthy and powerful, and most malay plus his chinese crony love him, just curious are you one that love him when he was in power?

  4. apabila menyebut Saddiq… nak tau apa komen kak heleng mengenai parti MUDA berjaya mengutip dua juta ringgit tabung bantu banjir….. i quote

    “SUBANG JAYA- Parti Ikatan Demokratik Malaysia (MUDA) berjaya mengutip derma sebanyak RM2,062,186.98 dalam tempoh seminggu untuk membantu mangsa banjir di beberapa buah negeri.”

    sapa la yang nakal derma 98 sen tu ya kak helen???


    ““Purata derma seorang RM48. Maksudnya ini bukan datang daripada tauke-tauke besar atau kumpulan penderma berskala besar tetapi majoriti penyumbang adalah rakyat Malaysia,” katanya pada sidang media, di sini, hari ini.”

    waaaah.. kena bagi tau.. TAK ADA TAUKE2 BESAR yang menyumbang..they really have to explain everything..

    yeah i know.. what they are doing is a good thing.. just love to mess around with these kids… LOL

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