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Threats on Twitter against DBKL library

More Rohingya boat people are on their way to Malaysia …

Now imagine, our public facilities being ‘threatened’ because they did not serve economic migrant / ‘refugees’ and their children.

It’s sad that DBKL library is caving in to a “so angry”, fire-breathing Twitter mob that “feel the urge to burn the place down” (see tweets below).

@tiniz is activist Hartini Zainudin (Tini z).

BELOW: Tweets attentioned to half a dozen DAP loudmouth MPs – @hannahyeoh, @yeobeeyin, @PattoKasthuri, @guanenglim, @limkitsiang, @dapmalaysia – to complain about DBKL library

Are refugees exempt from M’sian rules?

There exist protocols for one to enter a public building. We have to follow regulations or guidelines in order to gain entry into premises that are guarded by security personnel.

To enter the library, you usually need to show your library card. This practice is called obeying rules.

For undefined or unrevealed reasons, however, a pair of ‘refugee’ students were denied entry into DBKL library.

It is normal for students to become members of their state or district libraries. Obviously, you will first need to apply for this membership. Malaysian children dutifully comply with the process required.

So why does Hartini Zainudin think her “refugee kids” deserve a treatment different from ordinary Malaysian children?

Instead of ironing out the matter with the DBKL’s person-in-charge, Hartini chose first and foremost to take to Twitter and “breathe fire”.

Government funding for foreigners

After throwing a hissy fit, Hartini – who founded Yayasan Chow Kit for the Rohingya and other youngsters – now wants to start a mini library of her own — see her tweets.

The thing is that only a few months ago, Hartini complained how the government had supposedly frozen the funding for her centre’s monthly utility bills plus the salaries for her centre supervisor and cleaner.

According to a 1 May 2021 report by The Vibes, these Pusat Aktiviti Kanak-Kanak which rely on the government to pay for rental, facilities and incidental expenses were told of the (temporary?) freeze in their funding.

Yesterday Hartini huffed and puffed on Twitter about establishing her own mini library.

The books she is promised to receive may be free – Hartini has already gotten many pledges of book donations from the virtuous Twitterati – but there will nonetheless still be the operating costs in order to run any newly established library.

Alternatively, couldn’t she have just paid a polite visit to the DBKL library and applied for membership for her refugee students as per the normal procedure?

But no. Ranting on Twitter is far more satisfying.

BELOW: The DBKL library looks like an imposing building where you and I (Malaysian citizens) too will be required to adhere to guidelines in order to step inside … like scanning our MySejahtera Covid status, perhaps? 

The DBKL library is, after, all sitting there well equipped and ready-for-use but Yayasan Chow Kit still wants to reinvent the wheel (or duplicate the purpose).

Remember that merely a half year ago, Hartini had railed against the government decision to halt funding for child activity centres such as hers, according to the Vibes article.

“What happens to the yearly allowance of RM16,000 [provided by the government] to pay rent?” she had demanded on behalf of the rest of the child activity centres.

Despite this track record of her foundation receiving government assistance, the more radical tweeple on Hartini’s Twitter thread are saying they desire to burn down the DBKL library or indicating they want the council (library) staff to be barbecued or guillotined — see tweet above with its French drawing of chopping-off heads.

@tiniz ranted on Twitter yesterday:

“DBKL library wouldn’t allow 2 of my refugee kids in to read. They didn’t even want to borrow books just read on premise. Told they cannot enter. Fine! We’ll build our own library for all kids. So angry”

Hartini Zainudin‘s “so angry” tweet above got more than 2,100 retweets and an astonishing 4,200 ‘likes’.

And more than a few tweeple jumped most virtuously on her ‘so angry’ bandwagon — see below.

Don’t you think that what Hartini should have done was to present herself at the library in Dataran Merdeka, adult-like, and submit the simple paperwork so that her two young refugee charges can be given their library cards?

But these NGO advocates prefer to go to DBKL “to argue” with the authorities (see tweet below).

No doubt DBKL library saw the pitchforked Twitter mob gathering at a wave of the red flag taboo word “pelarian” — see tweet above.

Hence they quickly ‘apologized’, especially since former Education Minister Maszlee Malik too waded into the hullabaloo, saying that he would have a talk with the DBKL bosses.

One of the tweeple responded by suggesting even to bring both the Federal Territories Minister and KL Mayor into the matter as well.

BELOW: Pulling rank and big guns on Pak Guard and library staff

Other tweeple in the thread also threw curse words at the security, the librarians and the empty sky.

Never mind that the Pak Guard who had restricted the two “refugee kids” from entering was merely doing his job.

“DBKL needs to take diversity courses,” exclaimed one of the progressive tweeple.

Malaysians evidently love their nasi lemak, teh tarik and most of all, virtue signaling.

Other virtue signalers Lee Wei Liang and Mokhtaruddin Wan Yus consider this episode of two kids being turned away from the library as an “abuse story” / “cruel n inhuman” — see their tweets below.

If Lee and Mokhtaruddin regard this trifling episode as a story of “abuse” / inhuman cruelty, I’d like to hear what they say about real stories of domestic violence.

Such drama queens!



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  1. Apa pasal lah bengkeng sangat Tini Z ni ? Gaya bahasa Malaysia Baru ni bertambah kurang sopan sejak 2018. Di mana pergi nya Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan ? Boleh jadi sekolah zaman sekarang tak mendidik patuh Rukunegara; patut lah Malaysia semakin kurang rukun dek tebiat generasi twitter ni.

  2. i guess rohingya were being told they are welcome here in msia and could go and walk in to any place they like, thats what the solidarity gathering is all about, a privilege for people like zakir naik and rohingya.

  3. How many Malaysians noticed that for years our beloved Malaysia is the home of the World/s rejects, the transit point for drug smuggling, human trafficking, live and dead wild animals as well ? Something wrong somewhere ?

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