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Wanita Kristian DAP dok pusing-pusing

I’ve copypasted below an FMT article in its entirety — see further down at the bottom of this page.

In it, DAP Johor former chairman Dr Boo Cheng Hau raises some points and asks some questions.

A rebuttal by current DAP Johor deputy chairman Teo Nie Ching does not address the points raised by Dr Boo. Nor does Teo answer his questions on point.

Apart from Teo’s lack of useful clarification, her statement also fails to make much sense. (Urm, what is she trying to explain?)

Teo is only making ad hominem attacks on Dr Boo to defend her boss Liew Chin Tong.

Nie Ching and Hannah are Christians

A mirror episode occurred not too long ago where Hannah Yeoh had attempted to cast Dr Boo as one of the “extreme voices” detrimental to moderate Malaysia.

He was simply wondering why a non-Muslim politician like Hannah from a supposedly secular party is always hanging around mosques being photographed in her hijab.

Hannah’s lame rebuttal to Dr Boo reads: “I am issuing this statement to help those who may not know the importance of covering my head in a place of worship.”

“In addition to mosques, some places of worship also require both men and women to cover their heads, for example a gurdwara. Some churches also require one to cover their head.”

“The act of covering our heads in the presence of those we revere is done out of respect. It is also an act of modesty.”

Hannah cukup pandai pusing sana, pusing sini. Pening dibuatnya.

Hannah’s irrelevant preening about “Respect those around you and apply kindness to your neighbours. Selfishness is the recipe for disaster”; “Wearing a headscarf in a mosque has not changed my race or religion. It has only further strengthened my faith”; yadda yadda … still does not answer a very simple question posed by Dr Boo.

BELOW: The real McCoy

FMT article today headlined ‘Liew misled Johor PH in bid for senator’s seat, claims DAP leader’

PETALING JAYA: A Johor DAP leader has accused Liew Chin Tong of misleading the state Pakatan Harapan (PH) council in his bid to be reappointed as senator.

In a statement, Dr Boo Cheng Hau alleged that Johor DAP chairman Liew bypassed the state DAP committee and the party’s assemblymen by bringing the issue to the Johor PH council.

Boo said he had sent an e-mail to the PH presidential council to investigate an incident where “Liew reassured the Johor PH council that he could get support from the Johor Barisan Nasional-Perikatan Nasional (Johor BN-PN) government, and other parties concerned, to be appointed as senator under Johor’s state quota”.

According to him, he was informed that Liew had misled the Johor PH council after receiving statements from various leaders in the council.

He had also been told that a resolution on Johor BN-PN’s support for Liew would be proposed at the Johor state assembly, although it was withdrawn after Liew failed to prove that he could garner enough support.

The “vast majority” of PH assemblymen in Johor were unaware of the proposed resolution, he said, which had never been made known to or approved by the Johor DAP committee.

“I have raised this issue and questioned Liew in the Johor DAP state committee WhatsApp chat group, and he never denied the incident,” Boo said.

In response, state DAP deputy chair Teo Nie Ching said Boo should not make “baseless allegations” that cast doubt on the credibility of DAP leaders.

In a statement, Teo said Johor PH nominated a candidate in November 2020 and decided to explore the nomination again in August. On both occasions, the state government said it was not open to nominations – causing the position to remain vacant.

She said in the process of exploring nominees, the DAP national candidature committee agreed that in the event of the position being opened for nomination, the party would nominate Liew to the position, but subject to the consent of its PH allies.

“Nomination for candidates in DAP is decided by the national candidature committee, not by the state committee,” Teo added.

“Boo, who used to be Johor DAP chairman, should know this process well.” — FMT


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  1. As I have said before to these born again christians of the DAP, ” Get yourselves converted as Muslims and stop masquerading in the traditional garb of the other community which is a form of MOCKERY.”

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