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2022 — PAS Islamists don’t be jealous of DAP evangelists, yah

Beginning tomorrow, the first day of 2022, politicking in Selangor’s masjid dan surau will be curbed by the state religious authorities.

According to MAIS, semua tauliah mengajar agama Islam yang sebelum ini diberikan aktivis politik di Selangor terbatal dan akan ditarik balik mulai esok.

The MAIS chairman said HRH Sultan Selangor – as the head of Islamic religion in their state – tidak perkenan tauliah diberikan kepada mana-mana aktivis politik.

While Muslim politicians who preach Islam can be regulated by MAIS, evangelical politicians who preach Christianity in the public arena appear to be outside any local religious jurisdiction.

And some DAP evangelists moreover memang suka keluar masuk masjid.

Nonetheless, should these evangelistas actually try to politick while inside the mosques, then they ought by right to be subject to sanction by MAIS as well.

For example, MAIS once suspended the committee of Surau Al-Huda in Kajang Sentral for allowing then DAP Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching to deliver a tazkirah in its dewan solat. See news report on 27 Aug 2010, below.

Although avid Christian Teo got into trouble with MAIS, the hiccup proved no deterrent to her colleague Hannah Yeoh.

The DAP Segambut MP recently declared with pride ‘13 tahun saya keluar masuk masjid’.

Will Hannah be able to continue doing this for her 14th straight year?

DAP preachers are also proselytizing politicians

Fanatical followers of Hannah are the most vicious online mob in our country.

They rabidly support all of Hannah’s shenanigans in the Selangor mosques, and have regularly ‘beaten up’ (metaphorically speaking) anyone in social media who dares to criticize.

Hannah herself has long been known by the sobriquet “DAP SuperCyber Bully”. It is a strange twist therefore to hear Hannah accuse PN leaders as being the “cyberbullies” — see Malaysiakini video report below.

Some wishy-washy local authorities in the Klang Valley will sadly knuckle down when they’re confronted by anti-establishment cyberbullies who threaten violence.

MAIS, however, is made of sterner stuff and will no doubt be vigilant about preachers who still want to politick in the mosques anytime after tomorrow.

This year, 2021, thankfully marks the last hurrah for preacher politicians in Selangor mosques.


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4 thoughts on “2022 — PAS Islamists don’t be jealous of DAP evangelists, yah

  1. As I said before it is time the born again christians of the DAP convert to become Muslims to avoid all forms of criticisms as to their hypocrisy.

  2. The year 2022 can only be the year in which all political activities are stepped up especially with the Youths of Muda who should otherwise be studying for a profession or knowledge. The seduction POWER of politics knows no bounds. In 1969, I was offered the best State Ex-co seat for a Chinese ( I was told ) by Tun Abdul Razak and Tun Tan Siew Sin – the Selangor State Exco. My advisers being the most Senior Chinese Adviser on Counter-Insurgency to the Federal Government, Tan Sri Dr C.C. Too (a Cantonese) and the UMNO Youth told me to forget about politics in 1969. But before this, I was treated extremely well to ease me into politics. That was one pitfall I avoided with no regrets. In 1972, I was appointed by Tun Abdul Razak and Tun Tan Siew Sin at 37 years to the Board of Directors, Bank Negara Malaysia. I knew something was in the offing. On 2 January 1973, I was offered the post of Deputy Minister of Finance. As my friends were ready to go for the posts of Minister of Finance and the Presidency of the MCA, It pays to have advance information. I declined. The person I recommended to take my place did not last longer than 3 years thereafter. Another pitfall avoided. In Life, there are many pitfalls which a person should avoid by taking advice from those with wisdom and make one’s judgement from experience. It pays to be humble. I always put this in another way. I asked’ If you ride a Rolls Royce at 30 years old what car are you going to ride at 40 0r 50 ? A Proton ?

  3. all christian can do is walk in out of a masjid, have to wear tudung somemore, while muslim can ban liquor ban magnum toto damacai ban us from eating in kantin which has nothing to do with them, i jealous muslim la, so powerful, so influential, so almighty.

  4. In Malaysia, we have geniuses galore especially in 2022 which may be a General Election year. Our geniuses are the politicians in an up and coming burgeoning industry where everyone has an answer to something or other, or talk, talk, talk !. In recent times, a new political party was formed in anticipation of a deluge of idle Youths who eschew the hard work at a place of higher learning like a university but would be well accepted in politics which qualification is just the gift of the GAB ! Little do these fellows know that a university is just a club for social intercourse these days and failures are no longer encouraged ! Attempts have been made to widen the pool of the youths by lowering the voting age. I am all for Democracy but even Democracy has its limits. How do we judge a youth, teenager or pre-puberty child to have a proper judgement of current affairs which in certain cases are completely corrupt. Do we want our children or grand-children to be corrupted even before they could sign legally as a 21 year old ? Are we as a Nation not given to build up a phalanx of elites, the graduates of the best universities in the World ? I know of a place, a tiny place where its Leader who always considered himself a GENIUS, created a 2 Child-Family Policy in 1972 to produce only geniuses like him and his wife. Hitler did not even dare think to do this 1931-1945. Also, he found the best college in Cambridge which he could not get in, and reserved a place each year for the best apparent and potential genius from Singapore since 1972. In 2010, the Singapore Government found that this anti-Darwinism Policy of Lee Kuan Yew produced only 700,000 Chinese aged 21 – 50 ! Strange, yet this fellow sent his best yo Christ’s College and eventually, they turned out to be quite ordinary ! Since 1972 to this very day, no MADE IN SINGAPORE GENIUS HAS BEEN PRODUCED by Government Policy or anywhere in the World.. If at all, Singapore’s rocket scientists could only be found at Woodbridge Singapore. As I have said, ” Prime Ministers are born, not made by MONEY.” At the end of the day, it’s one’s genes that count according to Darwin’s monumental work ” Survival of the fittest.” 1850.

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