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PAS Islamists have pulled ahead of DAP evangelists

The tarik tauliah matter is a setback for PAS Islamists as Selangor moves to curb political activity in mosques this year.

Meanwhile, DAP-controlled Subang Jaya remains the evangelical capital of Malaysia and the party has a firm grip on non-bumiputera Christians.

Nonetheless in the race between the political Islam vs political Christianity of both parties, PAS is ahead of DAP in achievements.

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PAS has just beaten DAP in longevity

DAP occupied Putrajaya for a total of 654 days.

This period is counting from 10 May 2018, the first day of Harapan’s GE14 victory to 23 Feb 2020, the last day that Mahathir was PM2.0. (He resigned on Feb 24.)

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PAS has been in Putrajaya for a total of 672 days as of today.

This is counting from the first day of Muhyiddin’s premiership on 1 March 2020 until today (2 Jan 2022).

PAS’s 672 days as a part of the consecutive Muhyiddin and Ismail Sabri administrations have surpassed DAP’s 654 days as a part of the Mahathir administration.

Meaning, PAS – which entered Putrajaya in March two years ago – is now longer as the federal government by 18 days than the DAP through its 2018–2020 stint.

Huzzah! PAS has beaten DAP by a fortnight already.

BELOW: ‘Huzzah!’ is an exclamation of delight akin to “Jolly good”

Historically speaking, DAP and PAS had always/mostly remained in the opposition until way past the noughties decade (2000s).

DAP enjoyed its maiden taste of federal power in 2018, while the first and only other time PAS was a part of the central ruling coalition was under PM Tun Razak in the 1970s.

So even though DAP has 42 MPs compared to PAS’s 18 MPs, the political fortunes of the evangelist party have not been as good relative to the Islamist party. Huzzah!

Muhyiddin and Ismail Sabri have treated PAS with respect, and the latter given the Islamist party the cabinet Religious Affairs full portfolio (the Religion Minister and his Deputy Minister are both from PAS). Huzzah!

Mahathir on the other hand treated DAP and PKR as his junior partners and showed them no respect, hahaha.

BELOW: Look at Guan Eng, huhu … as
timid as a church mouse beside Atuk

Divided by more than Titiwangsa

Monsoon and flood are no strangers to Kelantan and Terengganu — two states to the east of the Titiwangsa mountain range.

Hence we’re more familiar with the PAS-ruled Malay heartland being lashed by rain and inundated by flood.

Last week however, it was the DAP belt along the peninsular coast west of Titiwangsa that was drowned in water.

East coast and west coast Malaysians react differently to natural disasters.

We don’t usually hear much venting about the storms and floods in Kelantan.

In the Klang Valley instigated by the evangelists, they vented their fury at PM Ismail Sabri on Twitter — see tweet and nasty DAP poster below.

The toxic Malaysian Twitterverse, as we well know, is full of angry mobs always finding fault and ranting at the establishment.

As I’ve also mentioned before, the Twitter timeline of @hannahyeoh is the most egregious in its nasty attacks on the Ismail Sabri administration over our recent flood.

Federal apparatuses are slammed by DAP for shortcomings in flood relief despite its own Harapan coalition ruling as the state government. (In GE14, Harapan won a whopping 51 out of the 56 Selangor DUN seats.)

Like Hannah, the other DAP Born Again Christians are equally nasty — have a look at Lim Guan Eng’s accusatory New Year message below.

Even as we’ve left 2021 behind and stepped into 2022, Guan Eng just can’t leave off his politics of hate against those he labels racists, religious extremists and corrupt.

Nonetheless, four fingers are pointing back at him and his party. Non-Chinese Malaysians have not forgotten that Guan Eng has his own corruption cases pending in court.

PAS keeping DAP in check

Roughly three years-and-eight months have elapsed since Harapan’s success in changing the regime.

There are one-and-a-half years still to go (at the very max) before GE15. Unless an election is called anytime earlier, parliament will automatically dissolve on 16 July 2023.

What can we deduce from the 2018–2021 years when Malaysia Baru had three different PMs?

Answer: We saw a zero sum game.

When DAP was inside Putrajaya, the Islamists were on the outside. Now that PAS is in Putrajaya, it is the evangelists who are pushed to the periphery.

And so thus far in the Islamist vs evangelist match, PAS is winning.


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10 thoughts on “PAS Islamists have pulled ahead of DAP evangelists

  1. You have hit the nail right on its head by this comment. The paucity of the knowledge of World affairs by most Malaysians is pathetic especially the DAP Evangelists. Have they ever read Lord Alfred Tennyson’s ” Charge of the Light Brigade ?” If they did they the 600 should know their eventual result. Now we have a new breed of politicians who desire to lead our beloved Malaysia without any proper education. The Mother of all Parliaments were sometimes led by the 1% PPE graduates of Oxford only. The other 99% PPE graduates were playboys living on their parents largesse.

  2. pas is komunis, me anytime pick evangelist, pas not check on dap alone, they kacau all nons especially chinese that treasure freedom like komunis do.

  3. Since 2003, when the country’s Leadership could not or did not build on the largesse of the previous Administrations, 1957 – 2003 and did not fulfil their false promises, our beloved Malaysia was heading for trouble in a diverse country where compassion and conscience have more than a big role to play ! Ask BK of Singapore with Asia’s best crystal ball but second best to these United States. To leaven the un-leaven bread, our beloved Malaysia once known to be politically stable but boring, has taken the un-desirable role of sick man of ASEAN which disease was self-created and self-inflicted. Any Martian would tell us, the stupid Malaysians, not to soot ourselves in the foot because from birth ( Merdeka ), NO COUNTRY HAD IT SO GOOD AS MALAYSIA/MALAYA, MATE ! It was not good governance when our distinguished Prime Ministers were paid a basic RM 20,000 a month as alleged. My view was always at least RM 200,000 per month basic. Today, a fellow parachuted into a top GLC is paid RM 500,000 per month after all the hard work was done for him by his predecessors who were paid RM 50,000 per month. HERE LIES THE NASCENT BIRTH OF CORRUPTION, BIG TIME ! Of course, this gigantic anomaly attracted the bulging eyes of the 220 underpaid Aduns of the Dewan Rakyat. WHO WANTS TO BURN THE MIDNIGHT OIL AND FIGHT FOR A PLACE IN THE SUN ANY MORE ? Just a simple gift of the GAB will do to convince the equally ill-informed Rakyat. But in this e-World of a click, other countries would have advanced by nano-seconds before we could say, ” Beloved Malaysia “. which tiny Singapore is doing her best to join the gravy train with her ZERO POPULACE AND ZERO NATURAL RESOURCES ! Such is the unequal DESTINIES OF NATIONS, BIG AND SMALL. Hence, I always urged others to the apparent success of Switzerland which should be a poor land-locked country with no human and natural resources IF THEIR PAST LEADERS WERE LAZY AND HAD NO BRAINS AND VISIONS TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE OPPORTUNITIES WHICH CAME THEIR WAY FROM THE ADVERSITIES OF OTHERS. Late 19th – early 20th Century, TB Sanatoriums and early tourism. 1934 – 1945. The Jewish and Nazi wealth were housed in Switzerland. 1946-1989 (end of Cold War) Money laundering by all parties involved in the Cold War 1948 – 1989. Sanatoriums were turned into hotels whilst hospital staff into hospitality. As long as wars are fought daily around the World, Switzerland’s money laundering activities and arms trading would sustain her as long as her LEADERSHIP IS HONEST AND IN THE NATIONAL INTEREST which tiny Singapore tried to ape but failed because of her tiny size !. The huge profits so gained is carefully spent on the countryside for agriculture and tourism, modern industrialization, education, health and infrastructure. Her defence is BS, fit only for Boy Scouts. Even though the Germans are in the majority, the Swiss do not go for general elections but by the subtle device of a NATIONAL REFERENDUM on big and small issues to AVOID DIRECT CONFLICT BETWEEN THE 4 RACES/TRIBES, GERMANS, FRENCH, ITALIANS AND ROMANSCH. Like this every Swiss had their say and felt good about it.! It took Switzerland 800 years of Confederation to develop this. May be our sensible and insensitive Malaysian politicians should adopt this modus operandi to avoid unnecessary conflicts of any or all kinds ! What say you, BK, the one-man think tank of Singapore with the best crystal ball in Asia but only second best to these United States ! A stable and prosperous Malaysia is good for Singapore – post-Covid 19 ! Right, BK ? May be the Youths of Muda will find some inspiration from this comment !

    1. no way la uncle, the 4 tribes in swiss are native, we are pendatang. if still take 800 years in europe or 300 years in usa as benchmark, then what our school taught is not education, we are like living in mediaval and not internet age.

      1. I am not boasting as I am nearly 100 years old HY. I never groaned and blamed others. I never had a proper education between 1941-1951. After the War, the Methodist Boys’ School, KL was only a shell. The teachers were bombed out. There were no books, labs, libraries, proper desks etc of any kind. Unlike the Victoria Institution which was well funded by the Government. I believe I topped the Cambridge results. I went to London. I scored 100 marks in each of the 4 subjects in 9 months at the entrance against Britain’s best. Yet, I had to wait one year because only one place was allotted for an overseas student. The best college accepted me. I had to have all the requisite qualifications to enter the best college which Lee Kuan Yew, the spiritual god of some misguided Malaysian Chinese, did not have. He was over-aged at 23, no Latin or Greek, did not take the Open Entrance to compete against Britain’s best and entered the most bottom non-college. Under Japanese Occupation 1942-1945, he had the best law tuition from the unemployed local lawyers for over 3 years. He was last at the London Bar Finals. His wife was 3rd out of 300. Later, my wife was 7th out of 700 ! Not only that, my brother walloped all my money as my guardian. I began Life with zero bank balance and a salary of RM 401 per month. It took me 10 years to make RM 1 million Another 20 years to make RM 100 million ! Who says there is no opportunity to make money in Malaysia without, stealing, cheating, killing, evading income tax and running others down ? I did not blame anyone, not even my brother and strove to behave NORMALLY AND HUMBLY and learnt from the mistakes of others. Only my wife knew of my misfortune. I only told my brother’s story to his daughter, 20 years after he died.

      2. Dear HY, How many times have you been told by Chinese tycoons that they made good even though their fathers were rubber tappers, lorry drivers, store-keepers, wonton noodle stall keepers etc. My father beat them all. He was a dish-washer in Towkay Loke Yew’s kitchen in the 19th century. His hard-work, honesty and compassionate were the reasons why I am still here today. Believe it or not !

  4. For those who think I speak with no facts on Switzerland, let me tell you a couple of true stories. I often travelled by Swissair or SIA. I loved to stop-over at the Zurich Airport because of its many facilities for the traveler in the 1980s. In those days, invariably I could see young white-shirted Singapore Civil servants sneaking in and out of the Zurich Airport to leave or to board the SIA. I always wondered what they were doing in Switzerland ? Once I met one of Singapore’s back-bencher and his wife on their way to Budapest in the SIA First class lounge. but on most occasions, the girl friends of African big-wigs would be there in transit. Once, I sat next to the Sales Director of Oerlikon, the armament manufacturer, who was a Swiss Army Colonel dressed in mufti. He told me he visited one MB of a Malaysian State at least once a year. That was news to me. On another occasion, the elderly lady by my side told me that her husband owned the Rolex franchise for Asia since 1947. In my excitement, I did not request for a big discount from her husband for a Rolex ! On another trip by Air Serendipity to Zurich, I asked the German gentleman sitting next to me after a fine repast why he was on Air Serendipity and not Lufthansa. Without any hesitation, he replied,” For every US $ 100,000 my company spent with Air Serendipity, I get paid US $ 30,000. “. ( He was the head honcho of Hitler’s ex-Chief Spy, Admiral Canaris’s oil outfit in Egypt, but lived in Kuala Lumpur. This struck a bell in my head the reason why in the 1980s, a certain MAS senior executive could own a luxury flat in London, behind Harrods, along Sloane Street. It’s the one with the fountain at the entrance. This fellow drew my curiosity by ignoring me in the tiny lift by looking up to the ceiling even though his picture often appeared in the Malaysian newspapers ! No wonder MAS always lost money even though it was a monopoly. Air Serendipity knew how to give money to its customers whilst MAS money was lost between the rock and the deep blue sea. I knew Switzerland well since 1950 as I collected the beautiful stamps issued by that country.

  5. Before I forget, you remember when the German gentleman told me he was well looked after by Air Serendipity for every US$ 100,000 which his company spent with Air Serendipity and the MAS executive had a posh flat in London ? On the same note, as a Director of Sime Darby Berhad I noticed the Sime Darby Travel, ( a cash business ) managed by a Chinese lady, would invariably put Sime Darby’s top executives in the First Class of Air Serendipity. Also, I noticed she would put on more and more designer baubles around her neck on succeeding occasions. Her unemployed husband was so loaded that he was often inebriated at the golf club without recognizing me. Eventually, she emigrated to Perth and formed a joint travel agency with her former Boss, Sime Darby, specializing in tours to China ! Who says there is no opportunity to make money in Malaysia ? Little drops of water make a mighty ocean. Little grains of sand make a mighty land !

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