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This kid should be in the … err, library

The viral video tweeted below shows a street kid rudely knocking on a car window demanding money from the driver.

The majority of Twitter users in the thread below say the kid is Rohingya.



I have no Faceook or Twitter.

9 thoughts on “This kid should be in the … err, library

  1. Brown Flesh Vibrator says: there bastards never learnt about “berbudi”. Classes were set up for them but what subjects & how many attended are not known. These generations will not turn to be tick or flea but t-rex in captivity. All the “f” word to our politicians and national leaders who feigned dumb mute and blind.

    No wonder no other countries wanted to keep them in their soil but this country.

    1. A Happy New Year 2022 and kudos to you R de R. Like you, I have never looked down on my fellow Rakyat ever. I always thought even though different, we all can contribute much and build an ASEAN Switzerland given the right LEADERSHIP ! Malaysia Boleh. No problem, even now ! Believe it or not !

  2. With the formation of Muda, soon our beloved Malaysia will be governed by the Youths of Muda. UMNO Youth was once led by bearded ex-youths with pepper and salt hair. Recent incidents have shown that aged adults of a certain age holding extremely sensitive and important positions have abused the trust the Rakyat once held for them. This episode ended in a incredulous situation whereby the name in a requisite document was not the name of the tell-all VVIP who said so ! Then, when a name is a name, may I gently ask ? Where else but Malaysia ! With this rate of attrition of the elders, there will be plenty of space of Youths to fill. May be it is time to bring down the legal statutory age to the puberty age of 12 years old and the statutory retirement age to 50. Like this, we will have at least 50 years of life left to enjoy LIFE ! Because, we are likely to live up to 100 years old, not because of the good doctors but the good medicines. The medical profession has not changed much through the years. Where else but Malaysia ! When does a Youth become and adult, may I kindly ask ?

  3. I hope others do not consider that I am long-winded on my popular subject, ” The Attrition of 3 Generations of Malay Elites. “. How many of us realize that a country of any stature must have a pool of elites to support and govern in the Government ? We cannot just put up any one to be a Minister without a proper background of integrity, performance and normal behaviour. Tun Tan Siew Sin once told me that for a person who holds the post of a Minister, he or she must have the requisite background. The First Generation of Malay elites with their impeccable overseas qualifications were swallowed up by the BMF Scandal which revealed the ugly side of abuse of POWER for the very first time in Malaysia. The Second Generation or the Renong Generation which was born in a Malaysia full of wealth and ambitious projects, also went under the weight of self-indulgence, lack of self-discipline and self-immolation. The Third Generation or the 1MDB Generation of Malay elites after observing the lush lives of the Second Generation embarked on doing greater things for themselves alone. From 2004, the Alladdin Caves of the Khazanah were wide open for those who had the POWER to pick the best of the low hanging fruits. It was alleged one lucky elite could use the MAS as his private jet to whizz to London to buy 3rd rate Botero works of art from Conduit Street’s lady art curators, no doubt ! In the Renong Generation, a white topie elite bought up the whole Art Gallery together with the lady curator in Singapore ! Believe it or not ! It was a fact because at the material time, my friend in Geneva woke me up in the middle of the night to tell me he just had a fine repast with Malaysia’s Onassis and his beautiful Singaporean friend. I could smell the fine VSOP wafting out of the phone and cheekily asked, ” David, were you more interested in the girl friend or the VSOP ?”. The Third Generation Malay elites made more money than any other Generation because of the wealth of the Government coffers as alleged. The sad thing is all the THREE GENERATIONS OF MALAY ELITES ARE IN EXCELLENT HEALTH AND RESTING AT HOME OR ABROAD ! This fact has turned into the reality of the Malay elites being replaced by the YOUTHS OF MUDA ! Where else but Malaysia ! Now, the non-Malay elites have been twiddling their thumbs to go because without MALAY ELITES ACCORDING TO THE CONSTITUTION, to jive, no development or progress can take place. In other words, Malaysia requires both the Malay and the non-Malay elites to implement and spend the billions and billions of ringgits as approved in the annual Budget. Otherwise, it is all but a PIPE-DREAM !

  4. Addendum. One of the reason why Malaysia’s Cabinet has 73 Ministers is the fact that the lack of Malay elites may be replaced by quantity in numbers. The first such belief in this World !

  5. For those who think I BS on the now wealthy Malay ex-elites, being the First Generation ( 1970 – 1981 ), the Second Generation ( 1982 – 2003 ) and the Third Generation ( 2004 – 2018 ), I enlighten these cynics who do not realize that with a booming economy in Malaysia, any person can make good if he or she is of healthy mind and spirits. Before the economy was damaged by greed and disregard for thrift and ethics during the period 2004 – 2021, a Malaysian with Rm 300,000 cash was a millionaire. A Malay could get more leverage and mileage with the said sum of money. For every Rm 100,000, he or she could invest in shares worth at least Rm 300,000 with a friendly share-broker, a house worth Rm 300,000 for another Rm 100,000 and topped off with a car worth Rm 300,000 with the last Rm 100,000 ! However, I do not recommend any one to buy a Rn 300,000 car at the beginning of the long journey to acquire Wealth. But a second hand car like a Proton will do. You have Rm 1 million worth of assets in your hands. But a person interested in making money in Malaysia should not now rush off to invest as per my formula. He or she should be patient and prepare for the BIG CRASH to come which has happened in our beloved Malaysia in 1964, 1969, 1987, 1994, 1997-1998, 2018 and 2020. The reason is that a person can purchase cheaper valuable assets in a Crash of the Bursa with the leverage from his or her limited money. Also, I have seen so many newly minted Chinese tycoons crashed in a CRASH because they never knew that they could not travel horizontally in sun shine and a blue sky all the time in our beloved Malaysia. The Bursa may suddenly zoom vertically upwards and crash straight downwards thereafter. Today, the rich have been impoverished by the Covid-19 whilst the jury is still out on the Fed. Naturally, a person who wants to be rich must do some home-work like keeping up with the financial trends daily – forewarned is forearmed ! You may ask, ” Can I become rich with only Rm 30,000 or even Rm 9,000 ?” Of course you can. I began my working LIFE with only Rm 401 a month as a houseman at the KLGH after my brother who was my guardian walloped all my money and left me with a ZERO bank balance in the Chartered Bank which bank statement I kept to this day. It took me 10 years to make Rm 1 million and another 20 years another Rm 100 million without a MONOPOLY, stealing, cheating, evading income tax or run others down ! WHERE ELSE BUT MALAYSIA 1961-2003 ? See the waste in money terms by those who keep their cash immobile in banks ! I created velocity of my money whenever I could sell an asset for profit WHICH CAN ONLY HAPPEN WITH A NORMAL AND BOOMING ECONOMY 1961 – 2003 ! In the meantime, ladies and gentlemen, hold your horses, improve your health and mindsets, and most importantly, your bank balance by working normally whilst waiting for the Crash to come. You will find in business or making money that it is exactly like fighting a battle to win. An ancient saying, ” You must have peace and harmony at home before you can win fighting in the streets !” Stay focused. WHERE ELSE BUT MALAYSIA 1961-2003 ?

  6. Addendum. Conversely, a person does not require to have a MONOPOLY, or steal, cheat evade income tax or run others down in a normal and booming Malaysian economy 1961 – 2003 !

  7. Here are three real Life stories for all of us to learn from. First, after I restructured Renong Berhad in 1989, my Teochew second hand car dealer friend, Koh, was worth Rm 5 million including his car business in Kajang. I told him to sell his car business and do not touch shares any more. He sold the business. But behind my back, he cursed me in the finest Cantonese 4-letter words because he said I did not want him to be rich ! According to my formula, he was already worth Rm 15 million and if he had waited, he could have easily doubled his money. Instead, without hesitation,, Koh together with 3 others borrowed Rm 9 million from Deutsche Bank and lost all by1994 ! Not only did he lose all his money, he lost his wife and best son via a motor car accident. If he had sought my advice, I would have said, ” Take a long holiday, Mr Koh. You are already worth Rm 15 million ! ” Second, one fine sunny morning in Singapore in 1972, I sauntered over to my brother’s flat. On meeting him, I said, ” May be it is time you sell your UOB shares now at S$ 21 per an all-time high.” He replied confidently,” I now feel like water falling off a duck’s back. Nothing can harm me because my shares only cost about S$ 2 per share.”. On hearing this, I bade farewell and quietly left. A few months later, I heard my brother was bailing out of his UOB shares at S$ 2 a share ! Finally, my Ipoh friend who invited me to re-structure Renong Berhad because his First Garden property was exchanged for Renong Berhad shares valued at Rm 1 per share on the exchange date. The shares he held plummeted down to 32 sens. After restructuring, his shares advanced to Rm 4.90 sens. At this point, I had lunch with him at the Marriot , Kuala Lumpur. Gently, I suggested, ” Renong Shares are now at an all time high of Rm 4.90 sens per share. It seems now is the right time to sell !”. My Ipoh friend replied, ” Yes ! I will sell them at Rm 5 per share !”. The Renong shares never reached Rm 5 per share but soon crashed down to 32 sens. We may learn the lesson that we will never know what is the top price or the bottom ! Take profits whilst you can !

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