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The Fox and the Wolf

“The funny thing is that state governments controlled by the opposition bend over backwards to accommodate Muslims’ preoccupations and have to continuously defend themselves against charges of racism,” wrote Malaysiakini columnist Thayaparan yesterday.

Let’s parse what Uncle Thaya says above.

State governments under strongest opposition control are Selangor and Penang.

In GE14, Harapan won 51 out of the 56 Selangor DUN seats, and 37 out of the 40 Penang DUN seats.

Thaya says these governments “bend over backwards to accommodate Muslims’ preoccupations”.

Malay-Muslim preoccupations include prohibitions on pork (e.g. halal school canteens, separate areas in wet markets and at the grocery), alcohol (haram to sell or serve whisky), gambling (betting outlets banned) and tutup aurat (tudung uniform for Muslim schoolgirls – see pix below – and formal or informal dress code for Malay women in the civil service and even the private sector).

Thaya then talks about recent changes in our social and political paradigm to accommodate this Islamic religiosity.

How have the non-Muslim communities ubah ever since Pakatan first took over the Selangor and Penang governments more than a dozen years ago?

Answering his own question, Thaya referred to the “non-Muslim political operatives who gaslight the non-Muslim polity on respect and tolerance when the state is busy dismantling rights that ensure such tolerance and respect”.

Although Thaya does not provide a name when he mentions “non-Muslim political operatives who gaslight”, I’m most confident that he has Hannah Yeoh in mind.

BELOW: The ‘Old Fox’ is still quick and wily

So what does to “gaslight“ mean?

Gaslighting means these non-Muslim political operatives trick and manipulate the voter base that gave Harapan its 91 percent control of the Selangor DUN and 92.5 percent control of the Penang DUN following GE14.

91% and 92.5% are phenomenal numbers!

Harapan acquired nothing short of a suffocating stranglehold on Selangor and Penang all thanks to the rakyat’s – i.e. 95 percent of the Chinese electorate – mandate.

With their chokehold on these state governments while at the same time 22 months controlling the federal government, what did DAP do for their non-Muslim supporters in those two hopeful years?

Have you any wool or selendang to spare?

There are close to 120 reader comments on Thaya’s Malaysiakini article to date.

A vast majority of the commenters blasted Mahathir. It was also pointed out by some of them that he is a Mamak pretending to be Malay.

If you call our ex PM a Mamak pretending to be Malay, then what kind of pretender would you call the DAP evangelist carrying her gaslight naik turun masjid selama 13 tahun?

According to Uncle Thaya, the Harapan political operatives who (pre-Sheraton) controlled more than 90 percent of the Selangor DUN and Penang DUNs “have to continuously defend themselves against charges of racism”.

Even after 13 years. How sad.

If Mahathir is a wily fox, then Hannah is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. At least that’s what a lot of Malays think — see ‘Lakonan mantap! Warganet selar Hannah Yeoh musang berbulu ayam’ headline below.

Islamists dress like Arabs, evangelists dress like …

So Thaya says Malay Muslims are busy with their religious preoccupations while Selangor‘s non-Muslim political operatives are like Energizer Bunnies powering the same Islamic religiosity and simultaneously deflecting racism charges.


Urm, by wearing tudung, is it?

If Dapsters love to mock PAS Islamists who dress like Middle Easterners as “Arab celup”, then what do we call DAP evangelists who dress like devout Muslims?

Hannah Yeoh claims that covering her hair is “an act of modesty” which she “will continue to do so in the face of a handful of extreme voices in this land”.

Those who think she is a wolf in sheep’s clothing consider Hannah’s rigmarole “an act of mockery” akin to a ‘musang’ putting on a cover of ‘bulu ayam’.


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  1. conman sincerely want to be a malay, thats why malay love him, while hannah sincerely want to be a msian, hopefully msian love her as well.

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