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No racists or xenophobes in Subang Jaya

… only Christian charity.

Bangladesh is concerned that Rohingya in the country are susceptible to “radicalism, extremism, trans-border crimes, human trafficking and drug smuggling,” said a report in The Independent today.

“Bangladesh thinks these problems have serious security implications for the entire region,” continued the report quoting the Foreign Minister.

Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen raised these security concerns during a telephone call yesterday with his Vietnamese counterpart Bùi Thanh Sơn.

Bangladesh is worried because the military junta today ruling Myanmar has no intention of ever allowing the Rohingya to return to Rakhine.

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Rohingya had cheered Suu Kyi’s arrest

As long as there is no civilian government in Myanmar, there will be no reparation of the Rohingya.

Aung San Suu Kyi is most recently sentenced to two years jail for importing walkie talkies, and a further one year under Myanmar’s telecommunications law for possessing the ‘unlicensed‘ devices, according to an AP wire report.

The bogus charges levied against her are a textbook example of political persecution.

Last month, Suu Kyi was given a separate four-year jail sentence on two other charges after closed court proceedings.

She is currently being incarcerated at an undisclosed location.

A slew of creative charges have been brought against her by the military since their February 2021 coup.

Suu Kyi could face more than 100 years in prison if convicted on the bundle of charges.

As she is already 77 years old, the former Myanmar head of government is very likely never to see freedom again.

All the Rohingya who had cheered her arrest should be happy now.

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Trumped up charges

Myanmar’s ousted president U Win Myint – also from Suu Kyi’s party – has been similarly charged with ‘corruption’ relating to a government helicopter.

Together with Suu Kyi, he is accused of causing loss to state funds by not following existing laws and financial regulations when they approved rental/purchase of a helicopter for emergency use during natural disasters, including search and rescue missions.

The military regime has slapped a variety of criminal charges on other leaders from Suu Kyi’s party.

The junta has been been arresting en masse and brutalising Suu Kyi’s ordinary supporters too.

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Diversity and equity

Soldiers have been shooting and killing street protestors demonstrating in cities like Yangon and Mandalay who opposed the power grab by the Burmese generals.

Myanmar’s tatmadaw have been torturing and killing Buddhists too, and everywhere burning down their villages.

The soldiers have also been killing Christians, and burned a village called Mo So in Kayah state recently on Christmas eve, causing the deaths of more than thirty people.

Drone footage showed fires and charred churches not too long ago in Thantlang, a town in Chin state near Myanmar’s border with India.

And yes, the tatmadaw committed the same war crimes against Rohingya several years ago.

They mete out deadly treatment to Muslims, Christians and Buddhists alike. Myanmar’s junta is an equal opportunity regime.

Implications of civil war

Global security experts have variously described the situation in Myanmar as some kind of incipient or smouldering civil war.

”A low-level insurgency has spread throughout Myanmar, to which the junta’s response has been high-level violence,” said the Washington Post (the wokiest of woke Westen media) in its Jan 10 editorial.

An investigation by Associated Press reported last week that the military crackdown is literally scorched earth, i.e. its hallmark tactic is razing entire villages suspected of supporting any opponents of the junta.

“But this time, the military is also using the same methods against people and villages of its own Buddhist Bamar ethnic majority,” said AP.

“The focus of most of the latest killings has been in the northwest, including in a Bamar heartland where support for the opposition is strong.”

After years of fighting Christian and Muslim guerrillas, the tatmadaw turned its guns on Buddhists.

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Rohingya treated like other Burmese

There were mass killings of Rohingya. There was ethnic cleansing.

Similarly the Christian rebels have their own death toll. Insurgencies in the Myanmar tribal hinterland have caused a flow of Burmese Christian refugees to Malaysia albeit in much smaller numbers when compared to Rohingya.

‘Genocide’ is a big word that some Malaysians use too cavalierly for Rohingya victimhood when actually many Burmese are victims of the junta, including ASSK who is looking at a hundred years in jail.

The tatmadaw is using a “strategy of massacres as a weapon of war“ to quote AP.

They’re now massacring the Buddhists and the Bamar ethnic majority.

’Genocide’ implies that the perpetrator designs to wipe out an entire race — like the ‘Final Solution’ which Hitler envisaged for six million Jews.

Brutal as the junta are, they nonetheless did not intend death for all Rohingya. Nor to wipe out the whole community.

Hence it is difficult to apply the term ‘genocide’ which means to destroy an entire race.

The tatmadaw preferred the option of expulsion by pushing the Rohingya just across the border into Bangladesh.

In the Burmese mind, Rohingya are Bengali who originated from Chittagong and there they should return.

Perhaps the Burmese are really xenophobic for considering Rohingya foreigners and not as one of their countries 135 listed national races.

DAP Christians, on the other hand, are never xenophobic and abhor racism.

As such, Rohingya in Malaysia should be relocated to the evangelical capital of Subang Jaya where they will be most welcome, safe and cared for.

Rohingya now in KL must be discouraged from emigrating to Canada and other Christian countries in the West.

Why journey so far away when Christian charity can be found on our very own doorstep.

#SubangJaya  #RohingyaHomeAwayFromHome


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