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Why Jerusubangites should give Zakir Naik a warm welcome

It is puzzling why they’re so opposed to Zakir Naik and object vehemently to him staying here when they’re usually the loudest champions of showing humanity to Rohingya refugees.

After all, the Muslim preacher – just like Rohingya – is also an asylum seeker fleeing state persecution in his homeland.

Penghijrahan ke M’sia sesuatu yang cukup bermakna – Zakir Naik

The reasons Zakir Naik gives for being in Malaysia are also the same reasons why Rohingya desire to come to our country, rather than remaining in Cox’s Bazar or trying to cross the land border over to West Bengal, India or to sail to Thailand or alternatively linger in Aceh, Indonesia.

For Zakir Naik, Malaysia is the best place providing sanctuary. Rohingya too hold the same appreciative view.

DAP’s multikulti Christians are always adamant that any Malaysian who is not favourable to Rohingya must be a “horrible, horrible“ person!

Therefore it is strange that Jerusubang is not throwing open its doors to Zakir Naik – because Malaysia is a diverse nation of immigrants – but instead saying such hate speechful things about the poor man.

BELOW: Zakir Naik befriended by the Dapsters’ (1) beloved Atuk, (2) future PM, and (3) Harapan religious czar


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4 thoughts on “Why Jerusubangites should give Zakir Naik a warm welcome

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  2. For those who wondered why Singapore has rows and rows of faux Straits Era buildings lining its streets and none in Chinatown, maybe my comment removed any query in your mind/

  3. me also urge all chinese to welcome and embrace zakir naik, rohingya, iranian, iraqis, bangladeshi, pakistani, bosnian, pattani, sulu, uyghur, javanese etc etc for sake of not to insult muslim and their solidarity.

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