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Stateless in Selayang

I do not expect the DAP’s Lambs of God to personally take Rohingya street children into their home to shelter, feed and clothe the brats.

All I’m asking is whether their party has any policy or five-year plan regarding the more than 200,000 Rohingya now living here.

BELOW: Stateless persons are not tethered by citizenship

On 25 Nov 2007, Indians took to the KL streets to protest the plight of their community.

Among the issues brought up by the tens of thousand Indian demonstrators was the legal limbo suffered by displaced Tamil workers who remain stateless in Malaysia.

The Hindraf mega rally of 2007 came fifty years after Merdeka. Despite the half century that passed since Independence, there was still no remedy of citizenship for the Indian underclass who had fallen through the cracks.

Today, we’re again being told (see below) that pockets of individuals – belonging to various ethnicities – are still deprived of their rightful Malaysian citizenship.

(Note: This issue affects older generation illiterate Tamils and their offspring more acutely as a collective.)

Harapan leaders – like (former) deputy minister Hannah Yeoh above – had 654 days in which to “walk in the shoes” of an already identified group of stateless people, i.e. Tamils.

Yet I’m not aware that the caring and most humane Harapan government did anything during their watch to resolve or even alleviate the problem of statelessness.

Prove me wrong.

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DAP’s ‘Diversity’, ‘Inclusion’ and ‘Equality’ chant

DAP are loud virtue signallers of the above D-I-E words. But all they’re good for, really, is beri sedekah air liur.

Rejecting Malay racial homogeneity as a status quo, the evangelical party noisily preaches ‘diversity’, i.e. multiculturalism, pluralism and inclusiveness.

And now the DAP Ministry of Virtue is promoting inclusion of Rohingya as a welcome addition in our Malaysian multikulti polity.

DAP champion of the Rohingya

Kasthuri Patto (above) is a DAP Christian MP who purports to defend “refugee children” from discrimination.

Her fellow Christian DAP parliamentarian Hannah insists that “stateless” is merely a term “made by men” — see her tweet below.

And therefore, stateless Rohingya children – going by DAP logic – must be a condition made by (Umno and Bersatu) men presently as it is they who control the relevant ministries.

DAP Christians are virtue signalling loudest that Malaysians must embrace Rohingya children, and chest-thumping Chinese activists are pressuring our government to allow more Rohingya boat people.

Therefore will Kasthuri and Hannah, as federal lawmakers both, be willing to draft and table a bill in Dewan Rakyat giving the Rohingya children some kind of legal documentation?

I challenge the two of them to walk their virtuous but ultimately empty talk.

As I’ve said before, the DAP is only weaponising the Rohingya plight to use as a bludgeon to beat up on the Malay establishment.

By defending the Rohingya presence, DAP is adding to our problem of statelessness as more illegal economic migrants will feel encouraged to sail here from Cox’s Bazar.

DAP is unable to provide any solutions either. Just ask the stateless Indians.

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Penduduk Kg Buah Pala diambil tanah mereka sejurus selepas Pakatan berkuasa di P. Pinang


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  1. muslim all over the world got at least 10x better chance to become msian, bumiputra somemore, look at zakir naik vs msia born (e)stateless hinduism indian. thus its more practical to embrace muslim rohingya, not only to show support of muslim solidarity, dap also contribute to retain and groom potential future umno youth leaders.

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