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DAP going scorched earth on Ismail Sabri like they did Najib

DAP had attacked Umno’s PM6 Najib so very viciously as to get until 95 percent Chinese support. And also relentlessly enough to get the Malay swing vote that toppled BN in 2018.

Now they’re repeating their tried and tested formula of waging ‘Total War’ on Umno’s PM9 Ismail Sabri.

Some of the DAP Yang Berhormats’ own words in just the last 24 hours alone (see below):

 “Ismail Sabri is the most slow-witted Prime Minister … in the nation’s history” — tweeted by Kit Siang

“Ismail Sabri harus menghentikan usaha kerajaan untuk menutup salah Azam“ — tweeted by Guan Eng

[Ismail Sabri] “low class”, “no class” —tweeted by Hannah Yeoh

“Admit [your] failure” — tweeted by Kasthuri Patto

”Pakcik @IsmailSabri60 kat mana masa tu?” — tweeted by Edry Faizal asking the PM’s whereabouts during the great flood; “You were there and you were useless @IsmailSabri60” — tweeted by Lim Yi Wei

“Kita hanya nampak dia girang potong kek. Kemudian berlakon cedok lumpur satu cedok depan kamera.” — tweeted by Steven Sim


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