4 thoughts on “Harapan’s branding radiates Born Again Christian vibes

    1. Small number can bully big number. Like Christian missionaries who bullied natives anywhere under historical European colonialism and white settlement.

  1. At the end of the day, it is the rice bowl issues which surmount all the other issues, not semantics. The Government which provides jobs, low cost of living, opportunities to improve one’s livelihood with the rule of the law to ensure fair-play, will garner the votes. Ad hoc subsidies are ineffective to convince anyone in these days of the Web. Malaysia now has so many Task Forces to solve her self-inflicted problems. This only means quantity is not the answer to quality. How many Malaysians realize we are the most governed people on this Earth ? First, the humongous Cabinet of 75 Ministers and Advisers. Second, the 13 State Governments. Third, the largest Civil Servants group per capita in the World. Fourth, the 300+ GLCs which do not make money but well-staffed and are off-Government Budget. Sime Darby Berhad was the first GLC which was turned into a fine British type of trading company with no risks but without the Empire Preference. These items are luxuries for a Third World country which aspires to move upwards ! Only progressive and visionary Policies will encourage the Private Sector to produce more to provide more revenue for the Government coffers. Otherwise, money will gravitate to greener pastures. At the same time, Malaysia is now competing with others for the all important FDI annually. Recent reports revealed that Indonesia could garner over US$ 40 Billions from the Gulf. Therefore, those in play in politics should be concerned with rice-bowl issues for the Rakyat than smart play on semantics. A rose is a rose, a rose ! Whatever the colour ?

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