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How a business owner lost 40,000 customers in one fortnight

Bill Penzey sells spices in both his brick-and-mortar retail chain boutiques as well as through mail order.

Last month on Jan 15, his company Penzeys Spices held a promotional weekend dubbed ‘Republicans are Racists’ — see tweet below.

In the mid-January promo material sent to his mailing list, Penzey also suggested that Republicans had “raced out to buy a crapload of guns because maybe they were finally going to get their chance to shoot a Black person”.

“What a bunch of racists,” Penzey complained about Republicans.

Later towards end-January and to celebrate the first anniversary of Joe Biden’s inauguration, Penzey offered further special deals on his products.

If you haven’t already guessed, the Wisconsin Democrat businessman is a Trump hater who thinks the former president is “an unrepentant criminal”.

Last week – see Jan 30 tweet above – Penzey repeated the constant reminder that everybody and his dog knows how racist the Republican party is.

Penzey yesterday escalated his ‘anti-racism’ messaging (see below) by telling customers “you won’t be a racist” once you stop voting for Republicans who are “textbook racists with racist agendas”.

By the company’s own admission, more than 40,000 subscribers have canceled their subscription to the Penzeys Spices newsletter since its Jan 15 ’Republicans are Racists’ promo event.

Not caring that Republicans also buy his products, Penzey had told his indignant customers that if they continued their “support of the party of open ‘textbook’ racism [then] … the Racist label is one you will deservingly wear every day you stand with them”.

Preaching love, spreading hate

The company logo displayed as its avatar on social media is the ‘Penzeys’ name in a red heart.

The Penzeys Spices masthead on Facebook (pictured above) features a green heart illustration and purple banner with the slogan ‘Heal the World’.

Penzeys’ gift card (pictured below) bears the legend “Choose Love” encased in a bright yellow heart shape.

Much of the company advertising usually urged people to be kind and loving.

In fact the Penzeys tagline invites everybody to “Please come be a part of shaping a better world filled with every kind of very kind people”.

Yet at the same time, the founder of the business harbours so much hate for the conservative half of his country.

A most interesting aspect is all the preachiness and how much this woke paragon reminds us of a Dapster — see Penzey’s call to “Embrace Hope” etched on a multicoloured heart below.

Penzey had exhorted customers who did not share his political beliefs to get used to being called ‘racist’, adding that they could always still “become a better person“ by distancing themselves from the Republican party.

The Penzey news story is about a Democrat who preaches loving kindness and anti racism but acts in the opposite way.

DAP is just the same. The evangelical party is similarly convinced that its political opponents are racist.

When Donald Trump was still president, Penzeys Spices had rapidly expanded its customer base by relentlessly attacking the Republican White House. Like CNN and The New York Times, Penzeys harvested Trump hate.

In 2019, Bill Penzey spent more than $700,000 on Facebook ads to promote the impeachment of Trump.

Penzeys Spices sowed the wind and reaped a profits windfall from Trump haters. Likewise DAP sowed hate and reaped voter support.

Most recently, there is the Whoopi Goldberg controversy which has attracted international media attention.

Juxtaposing Whoopi‘s remarks and the DAP credo brings a new stark relief to the race issue — allowing everybody to see how ridiculous is the DAP rhetoric of Bangsa Malaysia.

“Let’s be truthful about it. The Holocaust isn’t about race. It’s not about race. It’s not about race. It’s not about race. It’s about man’s inhumanity to man. That’s what it’s about.” — Whoopi Goldberg (video clip HERE)

Hannah Yeoh once tweeted: “If u have to ask, there were no Malays elected into the CEC. No Indians too. And zero Chinese. All 20 Malaysians.”

To paraphrase Whoopi’s comment into the DAP polemic:

”If you have to ask, there were no Jews killed in the Holocaust. No Slavs too. And zero Roma. All the x million deaths were Germans” [or European nationals].

The absurdity is obvious when one says there were “no Jews” but nonetheless six million German victims of the Holocaust.

The reaction against Whoopi is so strong that the hashtag #fireWhoopi is trending — demanding that she be sacked from her TV show.

The American public can see that Whoopi is talking nonsense and that Bill Penzey is unhinged.

If only our own Malaysian public can one day see that DAP is not making any sense nor practising the virtue they so love to preach, then the evangelical party too will start losing customers.



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  1. An ancient saying, ” If you do not know how to smile, do not open a business !” This owner could not smile to 40,000 customers. Hence, he lost them.

    1. Penzey claimed he got 30k new subscribers. So net loss 10k.

      But whether all the new Dems will be putting their money where their mouth is remains to be seen.

      My guess is Republicans are more homebodies who do their own cooking while Dems are more urban dwellers who eat out.

      I’m just brushing with a broad stroke. Don’t have data.

      1. hk political commentary from time to time talk about how yellow (pro democracy) shop and blue (pro ccp) shop biz suffered from this and that politicking act of both camp, i first thought this is unique to only hkers, it seem americans not that diff, haha.

        unfortunately there will be only one remain towards the end. most yellow move to uk, taiwan and even to msia, hope their ccpland citizenship will be replenished by those wumao that live in australia, msia and usa, now is the good time for pro ccp chinese to walk their talk and embrace motherland.

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