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Making a meal of Marina — the revolution eats its own

Yummy, what delicious schadenfreude.

This evening, we’re eking out the last morsels of Marina Mahathir’s 15-minute news cycle. Tomorrow the outrage mob will move on to another topic and another target.

A little more than a month ago for example, some self-righteous tweeple were virtue signalling how “Cruel n inhuman” the KL Library was for denying entry to two “refugee kids” — see 28 Dec 2021 Twitter thread below.

And a little before the aforementioned library episode, our usual virtuerati (the Bangsar Bubble’ians) were up in arms against another one of their usual targets — Malaysia’s ubiquitous “racists”. See below.

In the normal course of events, Marina would be at the head of the cancel mob brandishing her own pitchfork at the racists, bigots and other assortment of cruel and inhumane Malaysians.

This week, however, the music of the spheres unexpectedly changed its tune, and Marina had a rare target on her back instead of enjoying the accustomed role as chief cheerleader.

The woke cancellation of Marina would and could never have happened any time earlier than two years ago, i.e. the watershed date of February 2020.

Before Sheraton caused her father to fall out of favour, Marina was a darling of the liberal crowd. And untouchable; quite immune from criticism.

Marina’s friend and ally Nathaniel Tan correctly put his finger on the identity of her cyber attackers.

Nat said “the people I saw attack Marina most viciously were exactly the same people I see going on and on about these exact same issues”.

Meaning Marina‘s current vicious attackers are the same social justice warriors trumpeting such issues as anti-corruption, Azam Baki, incompetent ministers, failure of flood relief efforts, etc.

From Nat’s description of the issues listed (see his tweets), we can deduce who the agitators are. They are the ones complaining loudly about failed state and kerajaan gagal. They’re broadly the DAP supporters.

Nat says the netizens demanding Marina’s “pound of flesh” are perpetuating a “self-righteous anger feedback loop”.

Nat’s pick of the phrase “self-righteous anger” — see his tweet below – is an apt adjective.

Personally, I’ve observed that the outrage mob are most fond of depicting themselves as “right thinking” and “fair minded” Malaysians.

The level of attacks seen against Marina “are generally only reserved for people that one deeply hates,” wrote Nat Tan.

”I don’t know a lot of people who hate Marina Mahathir, but I do know a lot of people who hate Mahathir Mohamad,” added Nat.

He omits to mention though that these people who hate are also the very same ones copiously preaching “Love thy neighbour” to all and sundry.

“I was alarmed reading some of the comments about when Mahathir was recently re-admitted into IJN,” continued Nat Tan. “There were people practically already doing the equivalent of dancing on his grave. It was appalling to read.”

The wannabe grave dancers were furthermore wishing “excruciating pain or an untimely death” on Beloved Atuk, Nat noted.

I’m not sorry for Marina now that she herself is in their crosshairs. Her half-assed ‘apology’ (which triggered them) had removed any benefit of doubt we might otherwise have extended to her.

In refusing to even say the name of the man she smeared – Ghazali Shafie – when she kinda sorta mumbled ‘sorry’, Marina threw any plausible deniability she may have had out the window.

Until their disenchantment with her Daddy two years ago, Marina was one of them. She was usually in the thick of the action.

She too had eagerly signalled her (and Daddy’s) virtue against political rivals like Najib and Badawi — see Bersih-London photo above.

It is the French who coined the saying “the revolution eats its own”. For far too long, Marina has been protectively wrapped in the cordon sanitaire provided by her praetorian guards — the woke mob that has now turned on her.

Before February 2020, one could not whisper the slightest criticism against Marina without being “viciously attacked” (to borrow the phrase from Nat Tan) by the horde of virtue signallers.

History provides us many examples of praetorian guards turning on the emperor and his family. Marina is only reaping the whirlwind.


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  1. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Even tiny Singapore beats us in badminton, singles and doubles. A country, Malaysians used to beat with their left-hands ! Something wrong somewhere ?

    1. Something wrong somewhere ? An UMNO war lord found that I had no titles once upon a time. He said, ” Something wrong somewhere.!” With that remark he moved smoothly to the next table and bussed a Singaporean lady of a certain age who was obviously a private banker looking after his off-shore wealth. It’s a small World.

  2. ok la, what haters can do is only hate, and write some comment during spare time, while marina not only a author, she is also a successful biz woman, when i visit langkawi and penang, many taxi driver would tell this land marina punya, that hotel marina punya, ni shipyard marina punya, tat land marina punya, i dont know how true is that, but likewise to many billionaires, she is kind to the poor folks, the no place woman, the doesnt matter indian etc.

    we all love marina.

    1. Dear HY, Do you feel you and me are in the wrong profession where our income is always taxable ?

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