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Najib and his Kiky after a dozen years

In June 2010, Najib asked Malaysians to suggest some names for the kitten he had acquired on a whim — pix below.

Najib’s spontaneous adoption of the little kittykat triggered DAP and Dapsters to spew their usual vitriol.

“… opposition figures have been tweeting furiously about the ‘First Kitten’. Almost all of it has been snide, malicious and extremely ungracious. All sorts of politically suggestive mocking names have been proposed for the kitten”, wrote Surendran in a letter to the Malaysiakini editor on 22 June 2010.

Surendran, the PKR’s Padang Serai MP 2013–2018, is an animal lover I’m guessing. In any case, PKR leaders have more decency than malicious DAP politicians.

BELOW: Tweets by DAP’s @hannahyeoh and @tengchangkhim about the cat

Exactly two years after the Najib cat flap, PM6 again invited Malaysians to suggest names — this time specifically Chinese ones for a pair of pandas loaned to our country by China.

His PR outreach to the Chinese community was greeted by “sneers”, reported Singapore paper The Straits Times — see tweet below.

News about our Chinese community’s sneering response appeared in Bangkok Post and other international media too.

Somebody had even suggested the names ‘Bodoh’ and ‘Moron’ for the two pandas. I’m willing to bet this Anon person is a Dapster.

BELOW: When the ‘Najib’ panda gave birth and was paid a visit by cousin Hisham, DAP posted a ‘Balik Cina’ sneering meme

Evangelistas preach love, spread hate

DAP dissed a mama panda. Its Christian leaders hissed at a three-month old kitten.

It’s not at all surprising that Dapsters would hate on Najib’s daughter.

BELOW: Beijing Chinese are friendlier to Najib

How is the hate on Marina different from all the hate previously displayed by DAP and its followers?

The kitten showered with insults by DAP and Dapsters is an innocent creature. The nursing panda mocked by DAP and Dapsters is also innocent.

Both were hated on solely because of their link with Najib.

Nooryana Najwa was similarly hated on because she is Najib’s daughter.

Nat Tan asked if Marina is being hated on because she is Mahathir’s daughter.

I would think not. She has after all been given always a free pass until this week’s game changer.

And unlike the kitten (pix below, 10-year-old Kiky in May 2020) and the panda, Marina is not an innocent bystander.

Marina’s double whammy

One, Marina virtue signalled against a racist politician.

Two, she falsely implicated Ghazali Shafie.

And when the First Daughter made her ‘apology’ she had omitted to clarify that the guilty politician was actually her own father.

[ QUOTE  ] In Marina’s Sunday Star column on Jan 30, she wrote: “I’ve been through embarrassing moments abroad when our politicians have said something stupid and then tried to cover it up. In the late 70s when we had many Vietnamese refugees landing on our shores, our then home minister announced that we would shoot any that washed up on our beaches.”

Marina continued: “Predictably, outrage ensued around the world. He then gave the standard politician’s excuse, that he was misquoted, that he actually said he would ‘shoo’ them away. Did anyone believe it?” [ UNQUOTE  ]

BELOW: Marina is still in the DAP good books because virtue signallers of a feather flock together

Source of online hate

As far back as a dozen years ago, Hannah Yeoh had already earned the moniker “DAP SuperCyber Bully”.

Outrage mobs are often sicced on targets by the DAP opinion leaders and influencers. This is bullying online and DAP are the most effective operators in social media.

As mentioned by PKR’s Surendran, “… opposition figures have been tweeting furiously about the ‘First Kitten’. Almost all of it has been snide, malicious and extremely ungracious.”

@hannahyeoh is one of the DAP‘s most snide and malicious politicuans who’d tweeted that “naming PM’s cat is entertaining”.

Hannah Yeoh has 364,200 followers on Twitter, and many more on other social media. Her ‘DAP SuperCyber Bully’ reputation is well earned.

Not too long ago, Hannah accused Ronnie Liu of making “toxic” remarks. More recently, Lim Guan Eng accused Dr Boo Cheng Hau of being “extremist” for his disapproval of Hannah’s hijab cosplay.

The vicious mob predictably attacked Ronnie and Dr Boo with their pitchforks. It is the DAP thuggish culture that is truly toxic.

Not difficult then to trace a line to the origins of the toxicity by connecting the dots.

DAP leaders who are thick with Marina and Mahathir would not have wanted their Melayu liberal ally to be canceled by the mob.

But the thing with regime change is, as I said yesterday, revolutions will eventually eat their own.



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