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Bangsar Bubble-ians

A couple of days ago, I stated my opinion that Nathaniel Tan is a virtue signaler.

However Nat is no hater.

There are nonetheless plenty of haters who put Mahathir, Najib and other PMs in the same sentence as “low class”.

One typical example of another type – the catchall hater – would be this fella who dissed the two pandas loaned by China to Malaysia due to Beijing’s goodwill for then PM Najib.

This anon person had suggested that the pair of pandas on loan to Zoo Negara be named ‘Bodoh’ and ‘Moron’.

Only a hater will deliberately insult such adorable creatures. This person is no virtue signaler.

Haters are one group of people. Virtue signalers are another group.

Sometimes these two separate groups may overlap ever so very slightly. Such a rare overlapping individual can be both hater and virtue signaler.

Virtue signaling against ‘extreme voices’ and ‘extreme views’

“I will continue to do so [wear hijab] in the face of a handful of extreme voices in this land,” said Hannah Yeoh in a press statement on 5 Dec 2021.

Apart from having a sensitive ear for “extremist voices”, she also has a keen eye for people wearing “extreme views” who are seemingly everywhere in this land — see @hannahyeoh tweet below.

Is it her or is it them that Hannah is constantly triggered by the purported widespread extremism of Malaysians?

And then there is this @hannahyeoh tweet in bahasa Melayu as well about unreflective “religious extremists” (see above).

Her virtuous evangelist mission, therefore, is to teach such racists, bigots and extremists “how to love”.

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