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Good girls go to heaven, bad boys go to Labis

Or rather they’re sent to Labis. By DAP’s Lim Team.

So who’s the trending ‘bad boy’?

Answer: Tan Hong Pin

Hong Pin believes himself to be in the bad books of Johor DAP chief Liew Chin Tong.

BELOW: Good boys are those who think they’re in Mahathir’s good books — i.e. like Chin Tong and Tony Pua (the latter may have misjudged his favourable situation c.2018–2020)

Labis — DAP elephants’ graveyard

Hong Pin has been told to prepare to go to Labis – a Johor parliament constituency – when GE15 comes around.

This means Hong Pin will soon be ordered to leave Skudai where he is his party’s incumbent Adun.

This also means Hong Pin (in yellow shirt below) will most probably fail to be renominated to defend DAP’s Skudai state seat in the Johor election next month.

Hong Pin is suffering a Dr Boo Cheng Hau-style deja vu.

Dr Boo was similarly the DAP Skudai incumbent who had been told to go to Labis in 2018. He politely declined.

Labis — a BN blue ribbon seat

A DAP man being told to go to Labis could translate into being handed a premature death sentence.

Up until 2018, Labis was a BN stronghold. Only in GE14 was the seat successfully wrested by DAP for the very first time.

This seat was created for the fourth general election in 1974.

Below are the Labis MPs each election:

  • 1974: Musa Hitam (Umno)
  • 1978: Musa Hitam (Umno)
  • 1982: Bahari Haron (Umno)
  • 1986: Ling Liong Sik (MCA)
  • 1990: Ling Liong Sik (MCA)
  • 1995: Ling Liong Sik (MCA)
  • 1999: Ling Liong Sik (MCA)
  • 2004: Chua Soi Lek (MCA)
  • 2008: Chua Tee Yong (MCA)
  • 2013: Chua Tee Yong (MCA)
  • 2018: Pang Hok Liong (DAP)

The roll-call of Musa Hitam, an Umno deputy president and Ling Liong Sik, Chua Soi Lek both MCA presidents reflected BN political heavyweights camping in Labis.

(Note: Two-term Labis former MP Chua Tee Yong was an MCA vice president)

Labis is a mixed seat. Given the current political sentiments, it is probable that Labis will revert to BN in GE15.

Therefore is Chin Tong sending Hong Pin to Labis in order to kill his political career?

BELOW: Harapan colleagues like PKR are bullied by DAP; political rivals like PAS are also bullied by DAP; and their own people like Hong Pin and Dr Boo are bullied by DAP too

Brotherly ‘love’ and fraticide in DAP

Johor party chief Chin Tong is DAP Baru, with compatriots in his near age cohort the likes ofi Anthony Loke (who jointly with LCT had selected the Labis assignment for Hong Pin), Tony Pua, Zairil Khir Johari, etc.

The new DAP are also Christian MPs like Hannah Yeoh, Yeo Bee Yin, Steven Sim, Ong Kian Ming and many others (younger echelon Christian Aduns) enjoying a meteoric rise.

Party stalwarts like Dr Boo and Ronnie Liu who don’t buy the Baru brew have been rabidly attacked by Hannah’s supporters.

Although Dr Boo and Ronnie are popular with the traditional grassroots, they’ve been the target of outrage mobs because DAP Baru operators are the most social media savvy.

It is hardly surprising for Dr Boo and Ronnie to be attacked online by the increasingly self-righteous ‘Bangsar’ Malaysians.

After all, this is a group of sanctimonious people capable of dissing even Najib’s kitten — to cite just one example from the past.

Hannah, looking on at the kitten-naming brouhaha, had remarked how “entertaining” it was to witness the ragging, including suggesting the names ‘MCA’ or ‘Gerakan’ to mock Najib’s three-month old cat.

Bangsar Bubble-ians at the gate

DAP rode the anti-establishment election waves in 2008, 2013 and 2018.

GE12, GE13 and GE14 represented the opposition’s three successive strikes that ultimately knocked the BN down and out.

2008 was the first time DAP had managed to capture a state (Penang) as well as become part of the government in several other states (Kedah, Perak, Selangor).

DAP Lama figures like Dr Boo and Ronnie had been faithfully serving the party since long before Pakatan tasted its first whiff of success in GE12.

On the other hand, Christians like Bee Yin and Kian Ming only parachuted into the DAP in 2012, i.e. roughly eight months prior to GE13.

It is orang lama like Dr Boo (pix below) and Ronnie who had seeded the Chinese ground before the Christians came to reap the harvest.

Before DAP started winning state govts

GE11 was the year (2004) Badawi led BN to a landslide victory and MCA recorded its best performance ever by winning 31 parliament seats.

During GE11 in which BN and MCA lit up like a supernova, Dr Boo held the fort for DAP with his commendable 13k-plus votes against a backdrop of mostly dismal DAP results elsewhere nationwide.

Although he did not become Skudai Adun in 2004, Dr Boo nonetheless collected 13,380 votes against Gerakan’s 15,573 winning votes.

Dr Boo became YB Skudai in GE12 — 2008’s breakthrough election for the combined opposition.

Come the 2018 election, however, DAP could put up a banana tree as its candidate and the 95 percent Chinese voters still would eagerly pangkah rocket.

Although the party never nominated any banana trees, it did airdrop plenty of Kit Siang and Guan Eng’s proteges. And in Johor, plenty of Chin Tong’s proteges.

In Chinese-majority areas, any rocket candidate – young or old, male or female but preferably Chinese – was a guaranteed shoo in. For Melayu DAP aspirants, Mandarin speaking-Malays are preferred.

DAP was unfair and ungrateful to Dr Boo in refusing to allow him to defend his Skudai seat and asking him to go to Labis instead.

But then again, Dr Boo is not a crony of Kit Siang’s nor of Guan Eng’s or Chin Tong’s. Such non cronies are labeled “Chinese chauvinist”, “toxic” and “extremist” by Bangsar Malaysians.

The contribution and personal sacrifice made by Dr Boo in building up the DAP base in Skudai over the lean years pre-2008 is not something able to be appreciated in the virtue signaling Bangsar Bubble.

Bangsar Bubble-ians are not necessarily DAP supporters or DAP voters. Bangsar Bubble-ians are also not necessarily Chinese and/or Christian.

Bangsar Bubble-ians are in essence virtue signalers.

BELOW: Muda anti-corruption demonstrators at Bangsar LRT station

To them, it is virtuous political ideology to defend the DAP’s multikulti posturing and Bangsa Malaysia cosplay, for instance the photo op of evangelistas hypocritically donning the hijab.

Ronnie and Dr Boo were critical of the new DAP’s diversity playacting. So the Bangsar Malaysians rode to Hannah’s rescue by attacking Ronnie and Dr Boo.

It was not Skudai Johoreans who attacked Dr Boo after Hannah falsely and maliciously intimated that Dr Boo is one of the “extreme voices” in our country.

The type of people attacking Dr Boo and Ronnie are the same virtue signalers who had all this while maintained a protective bubble around Marina Mahathir but last weekend made a U-Tun to attack her viciously.

These Bangsar Malaysians have recently replaced Marina with Syed Saddiq in the bubble of their affections. But this is another story for another day.


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  1. Why are some people so friendly to TDM ? Have they forgotten the golden rule in politics – ” There are no friends in politics only allies. ” Hence, TDM knew his position as regards all those smiling pictures. Were his smiling friends aware of what was in his mind at all times ? With this stance, he could move from allies to allies and back again. And do not blame TDM when sometimes he was not by their side.

  2. How many politicians know that in the centre of the Labis Constitutuency lies my father’s estate with its thousands of workers and their votes ? Only a very few are aware of this fact !

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