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Hannah Yeoh questions Siti Zailah’s Islamic view

Former Deputy Women’s Minister the evangelist Hannah Yeoh is not satisfied with how her successor the Islamist Siti Zailah Mohd Yusoff is performing at work— see Focus Malaysia news report today.

Hannah’s Twitter timeline the last 24 hours has been spilling over with her own personal criticisms of Siti Zailah as well as many (indirect) denouncements which @hannahyeoh eagerly retweeted.

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Hannah: Kementerian “bukan jabatan agama”

Taking issue with Siti Zailah’s piece of advice for wives and mothers, Hannah contended that the Women’s Ministry is not the religious department.

The Harapan ex-deputy minister has furthermore directed her disapproval of Siti Zailah to the latter’s boss in the ministry, Rina Harun and to the big boss himself, PM Ismail Sabri — see her tweets below.

Siti Zailah was speaking from the perspective of Islamic teachings. But her critics are demanding the PAS woman leader to resign.

Meanwhile, Hannah has been presenting herself to the public in Muslim garb at mosques and suraus.

Those attacking Siti Zailah disapprove of the ustazah voicing her opinion as a Muslim, i.e. expressing her understanding of things in the context of Islam when speaking as a deputy minister.

Those supporting Hannah in her past controversies are cheering for DAP Christian YBs to wear hijab as “a sign of respect”.

So for Harapan supporters, a PAS leader speaking as a Muslim is unacceptable (they claim her advice is unsuitable for non-Muslim wives and mothers).

In the Harapan ‘secular’ world, ministers speaking as Muslims on the job are not to be heard but Christian MPs and Aduns dressing in tudung on the job are encouraged to be seen.

Hannah rebuked Siti Zailah by saying the Women’s Ministry is not the religious department. Meaning Siti Zailah is only to approach and carry out her ministerial duties within a secular framework, is it?

On the other hand, the Bangsar Bubble-ians insist that it is so wonderful when Hannah carries out her duties as MP by donning tudung and hanging out in the masjid.

Last time, Hannah complained about an ustaz and threatened to make a police report against him.

Now she’s complaining about an ustazah and questioning whether Siti Zailah is fit for the job.

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