Three Chindian kids converted under Harapan’s watch

Malaysiakini columnist Thayaparan wrote today: “[…] we have folks who attempt to gaslight the base while claiming that religious acceptance is a two-way street in Malaysia”.

Uncle Thaya’s sentence above is foggy. Allow me to flesh it out.

He is saying they have evangelical Christian leaders who continually “gaslight” (i.e. manipulate in order to deceive) the DAP’s non-Malay base.

On Monday (three days ago), Thaya similarly wrote: “what we have are non-Muslim political operatives who don the hijab and gaslight non-Muslims into believing that acceptance is a two-way street in Malaysia when it is not”.

Thaya’s oblique reference to religious acceptance not being “a two-way street” touches on the roadblock for Low Siew Hong’s children (pix below) to reverse direction and freely leave Islam.

Loh’s ex-husband whom she has divorced is Indian.

The underaged girls above – whose mother Loh is Chinese and whose father is a former Hindu – as well as their younger sibling were all three converted to Islam in 2019 when Harapan was in power.

During Harapan’s 22 months in Putrajaya, the coalition failed to put up any street signs so that the flowing traffic on the road would not remain as confused as before when driving.

DAP’s hijab-donning Hannah Yeoh was deputy minister in the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development at the time when the conversion of these Chindian girls took place.

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Today, the DAP’s usual suspects – Ramasamy and Ramkarpal – are vocal about the disputed Islamic conversion of these minors without their mother’s consent.

Others from the evangelical party, however, are as quiet as church mice.

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2 thoughts on “Three Chindian kids converted under Harapan’s watch

  1. i dont know what ph or hannah have to do with this.

    most cases involve a indian dad and the same religion, is this a race problem or a customs problem, if the kids convert to christianity or buddhism, then there is always not an issue. islamphobia exist for a reason, no?

    1. If Dapsters want to involve Rina Harun saying she has not been helpful to the single mum, then their same argument argument applies to Hannah (and Wan Azizah).

      Critics of Rina are blaming the Women’s Ministry. The conversion took place in 2019. At that time, it was Harapan in charge of the Ministry for Women and Family.

      Moreover, unilateral conversion was one of the issues Harapan milked in the run-up to GE14. It is DAP’s platform, not Bersatu-Rina’s or PAS-Siti Zailah’s.

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