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PKR needs to break away from DAP!

Siti Kasim announced yesterday that she will be contesting the Batu parliament seat in GE15.

Siti’s self-declared fellow ‘independents’ targeting other urban parliament seats are Ravee Suntharelingam (Wangsa Maju), KJ John (Petaling Jaya), Charles Chow (Subang), Roland Cheng (Kota Kinabalu) and Tawfik Ismail (undetermined as yet).

Listed below are the GE15 seats being eyed by Siti’s group of half a dozen YB aspirants who call themselves the ‘Gerak’ movement.

Incumbents in the seats are:

  • Batu — YB Prabakaran, PKR
  • Wangsa Maju — YB Tan Yee Kew, PKR
  • Petaling Jaya — YB Maria Chin Abdullah, PKR
  • Subang — YB Wong Chen, PKR
  • Kota Kinabalu — YB Chan Foong Hin, DAP

Out of the five Harapan-winnable seats above, four are PKR’s. This anti-PKR bias in the Gerak choices smells suspicious.

Meanwhile, their choice of Kota Kinabalu is only likely a red herring to throw the scent off the DAP.

PKR’s four targeted Klang Valley constituencies (two in KL and two in Selangor) are safe seats that traditionally lean toward the opposition.

‘Independents’ standing in these four peninsular urban seats will only take away votes from PKR.

Election campaigning by non-Harapan candidates in the highly social-networked Batu, Wangsa Maju, Petaling Jaya and Subang areas will hurt PKR’s reputation in the peninsula.

PKR is mindful of Anwar’s advice not to spook the Malays but spooking the Malays is what wins the support of the anti-NEP, anti-Jakim crowd.

Of late, some Harapan apparatchiks and DAP supporters have been also attacking the PKR supremo. Something is definitely stirring.

PKR getting short end of stick

Despite protests by PKR, the Puteri Wangsa state seat was given to Muda to contest in next month’s Johor election.

Both PKR and DAP are multiracial parties and field their candidates in mixed seats; PKR in mixed areas with a heavier concentration of Malays and DAP in mixed areas with a heavier concentration of Chinese.

Between the two Harapan parties, DAP has the advantage over PKR.

DAP enjoys its fixed deposit in the Chinese-saturated seats. Although DAP got a shellacking in Sarawak and Malacca, the party nonetheless managed to retain a small handful of Cina pekat seats.

PKR, on the other hand, was wiped out in the Sarawak and Malacca elections held late last year.

Unlike the DAP’s 95 percent-level ethnic appeal, PKR has no fixed deposit in any Melayu pekat seat.

In Johor, the Bersatu and Amanah incumbent state seats have broadly four non-Malay voters out of every ten.

Bersatu won their Johor state seats in 2018 when they were a Harapan component party.

GE14 winnable seats allocated to Bersatu and Amanah was at PKR’s expense.

The arrangement served to indirectly benefit DAP too as the Islamist Amanah is a close ally of the evangelist party.

PKR yang rugi from the Harapan lopsided division of war spoils the last time.

This time, PKR is expected by DAP to give way to Syed Saddiq’s infant, upstart party — see The Vibes news report today of the ultimatum issued by Muda.

Now in the lead-up to GE15, DAP is openly boosting Muda without any regard for the feelings of Pemuda PKR.

With so-called friends cutting like scissors in the fold, PKR does not need enemies.



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  1. dap is the reason why umno reign, in a way, anyone that wanna replace umno shd break off with dap, thats what pas and bersatu did.

  2. It was bersatu that broke pas from umno to replace umno
    Afterall, bersatu was dap’s brainchild to break umno
    It explains the apparent reason why bersatu has hardly ever attacked dap

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