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Hannah Yeoh: “Clueless and mindless PAS”

‘Hadi cautions Malay youths not to take Muda bait, says it’s DAP’s doing’ ran the headline of a Malaysiakini report yesterday.

The article drew 264 comments. Many of the brutal remarks by Malaysiakini readers sah langgar batas.

Those bashing PAS president Hadi Awang usually take their cue from DAP leaders.

Leaders like, for instance, YB Hannah Yeoh – see her tweet above – who responded to the Malaysiakini news item by calling PAS “clueless and mindless”.

@hannahyeoh’s tweet on Hadi drew more than 100 replies on Twitter. The nastiness of their tenor leaves one speechless.

BELOW: Hannah earned her ‘DAP SuperCyber Bully’ moniker through her penchant for name-calling opponents “racist” and “low class”

‘Gentle’ physical touch to discipline wives: Deputy minister told to resign’ was the headline of a Malaysiakini news report last week (Feb 13).

The article drew 205 reader comments. Again, the Malaysiakini subscribers spewed their vitriol tanpa jaga sempadan.

Siti Zailah Mohd Yusoff is a PAS muslimah leader and the deputy minister whom opposition supporters want sacked from PM Ismail Sabri’s cabinet.

The harshest critics of PAS Islamists are the DAP evangelists.

Yeo Bee Yin, DAP’s own Christian former minister in the Mahathir 2.0 cabinet, was among the critics who told Siti Zailah to resign — see her tweet above.

Also criticising Siti Zailah is her predecessor at the Women’s Ministry, Hannah Yeoh — see @newsBFM tweet above.

In Lim Guan Eng‘s tweet “when extremists run the government” on Feb 17 (below), the DAP’s Christian sec-gen also mocked Siti Zailah.

Action and its equal and opposite reaction

PAS is the ruling government in three Malay heartland states — Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu.

PAS has strong grassroots and is a party widely supported by Muslims in our country.

Having even more members than PAS is the Malay party Umno.

Hating on Umno almost as much as they hate on PAS are DAP and its supporters.

They express so much hate so often for so many people (considering the huge size of the Umno and PAS membership).

The Golden Rule enjoins us to treat others how you yourself want to be treated.

Hadi, Siti Zailah and the party they lead received a lot of verbal abuse in the two recent episodes noted above as well as many times previously.

Other PAS leaders have been at the receiving end of DAP’s venom too.

Dapsters are lacking in situational awareness and overfull of hubris.

They lack the capacity for self-reflection and ability to realise that what goes around may soon come around.



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  1. wrt hadi and pas, i fully support dap and hannah view, in fact i think they are too mild not willing to offend many moderate pas supporters.

    pas under hadi is rubbish.

  2. Do not look down on the ” Clueless and the Mindless ! “. The invisible mindless and clueless Covid-19 virus microbe has defeated the whole World including the all-mighty these Untied States !

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