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In what way is Putin like Mahathir?

Both dictators use the ‘genocide’ word too lightly.

Russia president Vladimir Putin said in his speech to the world on Monday (Feb 21) that there is a genocide of Russian speakers going on in the separatist Donbas region of Ukraine.

Below is the relevant extract from an English translation transcript posted on the official Kremlin website.

Putin said: “Meanwhile, the so-called civilised world, which our Western colleagues proclaimed themselves the only representatives of, prefers not to see this, as if this horror and genocide, which almost 4 million people are facing, do not exist. But they do exist and only because these people did not agree with the West-supported coup in Ukraine in 2014 and opposed the transition towards the Neanderthal and aggressive nationalism and neo-Nazism which have been elevated in Ukraine to the rank of national policy.”

The word ‘genocide’ is used cavalierly and becomes cheapened when applied to situations that do not really fit its description.

Genocide is a very big word for very serious situations and people, including Malaysian reporters/writers as well as Rohingya-champion Mahathir, should not toss it about like confetti.

The ‘genocide’ claim by Putin is fact-checked by the BBC, below. Verdict: There is no genocide being carried out by Ukraine on its ethnic minority.


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3 thoughts on “In what way is Putin like Mahathir?

  1. aggressor and invader is now deemed fine solely because usa tis usa tat, west tis west tat, this is the idiotic thought of most leftist, that have no shame to live in the west, eat in the west and shit in the west and talk about sphere of influence as if live next door to bully not supposed to have a said on anything.

    putin also claim ukraine historically never a nation state, hence no sovereignty to start with, as if the current ukrainian have no say at all, thats komunis logic which only wumao could grasp.

    russian is known as a land collector, they seize china land and name it vladivostok ie lord of the east and ccp not dare to make a hiss. ccp and their wumao can however accuse the west non stop on whatever trivial matter, simply bec they know the west still playing by rule and acknowledge human rights while russian no.

    russian, komunis and taliban is actually not that diffrence, they are good buddies. i would still pick democracy and liberty, its nothing to do with evil american or sneaky dap, bec i cant imagine how my life would be under russian, komunis and taliban. but of course one can choose to become a komunis and live in australia, thats the chinese dream we talk about for century.

    btw, genocide definition seem getting closer and closer to the meaning of assimilation, be it in the west or east. i think this is a political term which commoner cant truly understand.

  2. Both President VP and TDM want peace in the region. TDM wants to maintain peace through non-alligned movement and succeeded to a degree. PVP on the other hand tried to achieve peace diplomatically through Minsk agreement but failed and he has to resort military might as we are witnessing.

    Genocide can be interpreted differently by different people just like how freedom is interpreted differently in the west and east. If you asked DAP or PAS, they will also give you different answers.

    But there is a another interpretation about genocide that says more or less like this – Anyone who killed another person is like he had killed mankind altogether (Quran 5:32). So, by this standard, Putin and TDM used the word appropriately.

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