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Why Russia invaded Ukraine (very short answer)

Putin’s war room saw the Nato ‘Diversity is Our Strength’ ad (below). That clinched it — they knew rolling Russian tanks into the Donbas would be a cakewalk.

The second video is a Russian army recruitment ad.

Compare the buff, shaven-head Russians and their flying bullets with the woke, multikulti Nato specimens signalling virtue.

BELOW: Nato ad is one-and-a-half minutes long, Russian army ad is one minute


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9 thoughts on “Why Russia invaded Ukraine (very short answer)

  1. Its way too early to say “Russia invaded Ukraine”..”Invade” as in illegally entering AND occupying indefinitely as how US invaded Iraq and Afghanistan and Syria… Its may well turn out to be 08.08.08 Russo-Georgia on a bigger scale. Enter, Disarm, Exit.

    1. ‘Diversity is our strength’ is a misleading slogan. Diversity is a weakness.

      The wokeists promoting diversity – like DAP – do not themselves allow any diversity of thought or opinion in their own organizations.

      Diversity is a virtue-signaling tool to telegraph “We good, you all bad”.

        1. Unfortunately, the opposition (which today = DAP) has no sense of right and wrong.

          Recall the DAP’s bouncing yoyo over PAS and its Islamic State, hudud and conversion flip flops — meaning DAP deceitfully told Chinese voters (1) PAS only aspired to Negara Kebajikan, (2) hudud will not affect non Muslims and (3) as Uncle Thaya most recently said, Indira Gandhi was a convenient political prop for DAP when campaigning but discarded when Harapan got power.

          In all three issues, PAS is steadfast that its stance is right, right and right.

          DAP, on the other hand, has no permanent principles. What they claim for decades is ‘wrong’, i.e. Mahathir, boleh dibersih sucikan overnight.

  2. No authoritarian State will be comfortable with a Democratic State adjacent to it. It was foolhardy for the Ukranians to be proxies for the United States when the States are 12,000 miles away whilst Kiev is just 800 miles from Moscow. Besides, Ukraine has been part of the Russian Empire with similar cultural and historical characteristics since ancient times. Ukraine could have the best of both Worlds given the right Leadership. Unfortunately, she ended up in an unnecessary War with deaths and destruction as exhorted by others who only paid lip service. However, this is another watershed event like the unnecessary US v China rivalry in the Indo-Pacific which began with the Quad not too long ago. May be in future, historians will tell us this was how the Wars of the Sanctions in the World of the Net began. Today, tiny Singapore condemned Russia’s aggression even though the Moscow Narodny Bank and the huge Russian Embassy were in Singapore during the Cold War 1948-1989. Is Taiwan next ?

  3. Historically, horrific wars had always emanated from the West with its thirst for conquest and empire. The beneficiaries in this unnecessary Ukrainian War are the Asian nations with their Asian values of peace, harmony and compassion.

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