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Johor election — BN got super majority!

Thank you Tony Pua for helping MCA make a comeback by insulting Chinese voters as having no “moral fibre”. Hahahaha

Winning, winning, winning … Umno beat Maszlee Malik in Layang Layang.

More good news. As I had correctly forecast, Umno has wrested Pemanis from PKR. The seat was contested by Gerakan for BN last time.

And MIC MCA has prevailed over DAP in Bekok. Congrats BN.

BN has won by a landslide as I predicted. We’re looking at more than 40 seats in the 56-seat Dewan.

BN menang! Yaaay

BN has won the seats needed to form the Johor state government.

MCA has claimed victory in Paloh. My prediction – made in late February – that the DAP’s Malay incumbent Sheikh Umar would not be able to hold on to his seat is proved correct.


So far so good news: MCA has won Yong Peng (unofficial) and Umno is leading in Larkin and Pulai Sebatang while MIC is leading in Bukit Batu.

If confirmed, MCA would have snatched Yong Peng from DAP.

The GE14 incumbents are Larkin (Bersatu), Pulai Sebatang (Amanah) and Bukit Batu (PKR).

In the Cina totok areas, according to The Vibes: 7.45pm – DAP leading in Jementah, Tangkak, Bentayan, Penggaram, Mengkibol, Johor Jaya, Stulang, Perling, Skudai and Senai during early count.

At 7.50pm, the Malaysiakini main headline said ‘Musa ahead in three seats’. A few minutes ago, the FMT headline (BM version) said BN was leading in 36 seats.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. So clear that mKini is carrying water for Muda. Kalau nak bodek pun janganlah tonjol sangat.

6pm — the polling stations close.

Voter turnout has been low, possibly a little over 50 percent. Will update once EC provides a settled figure. Update: Turnout was 54.9% 

I’ll also be updating this page as results – particularly of the DAP incumbent seats – come in and check them against my earlier predictions.

Earlier today, I blogged on two topics relating to elections in general since 2008, i.e. over roughly the last decade-and-a-half which saw DAP growing from strength to strength.

I discussed:

Topic #1 — the BULLYING by the DAP and its Red Guards

Topic #2 — the GASLIGHTING by the DAP and its spin doctors

Lest we forget, DAP reached their zenith by being smear merchants fomenting a culture of grievance.

BELOW: The DAP’s four Old Horsemen 

My first preliminary observation is that DAP gave false hope to its faithful followers by telling them that Muda can bring about positive change. I don’t think so.

From the scant news that has trickled out so far, the Undi18 debut was lacklustre.


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6 thoughts on “Johor election — BN got super majority!

  1. i hope taliban pas makan telur, anjing anjing sekalian makan telur, rasis ummo win less than 2/3, and cucu penyamun win as much as possible to show the rising up of msia muda. the rest not interested.

  2. HA. This Johor State Elections is the most open and revealing election of all with no single dominant party prevailing over the proceedings. Let us not forget, Johor is rich in agriculture especially oil palms which product now fetches the highest price in its history. Not only that, UMNO and MCA had a good history in Johor. Finally, with today’s Net, I am not surprised that some Rakyat are fed-up with the antics of some clowns in KL. Hence, the low turnout on a sunny day. I have always said that UMNO should refresh its Leadership and appoint capable non-Malays to the Government as Ministers, Ombudsmen, Advisers, GLC executives etc. to augment the reach of the Government from the large pool of talent which is available. Another 30 Ministers should be no problem !

  3. syukur still 90% chinese gave their vote to ph and cina dap, anjing anjing won small with sapot from rasis umno sapoter while penyamun sama dengan cucunya yg muda makan telur. hopefully during the next ge15 chinese can come out full force and sapot ph with 99% votes to demonstrate our determination not to sapot pencuri.

  4. Jokes aside, the voter still feel comfortable with the Parties they know best eg UMNO and DAP. Only the 15th GE will further define the nature of politics to come in Malaysia. The Johor results only gave us a chance to glean at the events to come. Until then, are some people now only warming the seats for others ? The sooner the 15th GE is held the better in the National Interest.

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