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We’re always being bullied, cry Cina DAP

DAP and its Chinese base have become altogether symbiotic, wrapping themselves tightly in a cloak of victimhood.

Cina DAP like to portray themselves as the perennial victims but other races see them as the big bullies instead.

BELOW: “Dah tak tahan kena buli DAP ke??” Tweet from mid-2019, roughly half a year before the Sheraton Move

‘Teresa Kok didakwa ugut polis, tuduh BN buli DAP’ read the headline in Utusan on 3 March 2022.

Utusan‘s news report on the (now concluded) Johor hustings said Teresa claimed that her Feb 28 ceramah in Batu Pahat was bullied by a noisy MCA lion dance.

MCA president Wee Ka Siong rebutted Teresa’s allegation as a lie. See FMT report on March 3 — ‘Dakwaan MCA ganggu ceramah PH, Wee sifatkan DAP ‘penipu besar’.

Police have opened a probe on Teresa‘s threat uttered in Mandarin, “Bila kita jadi kerajaan balik, korang tahulah nanti” (translated).

DAP top leaders are still dreaming of making their triumphant return to Putrajaya.

During the Mahathir 2.0 regime, Teresa was Minister of Primary Industries in the Harapan cabinet.

BELOW: @hannahyeoh has 367,400 Twitter followers; from early on, she had earned the moniker ‘DAP SuperCyber Bully’

Yet it is the Cina DAP who complain that they’re the victims of bullying.

Their schizophrenic hive mind is evident among those who defended and deflected for Teresa when she was recently caught shopping online – pix below – in the middle of a parliament sitting.

The Cina DAP groupthink is so congealed that their herd mentality often results in a herd stampede.

This stampede invariably tramples on anybody not in sync with the DAP narrative.

And this trampling is a form of bullying. Just ask PAS’s Siti Zailah about her experience at the hands of the abusive mob on Twitter.



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5 thoughts on “We’re always being bullied, cry Cina DAP

  1. dap i dun know, but many chinese always being bullied, though not as bad as doesnt matter indian.

    wrt victimhood mentally, world no 1 is russian, no 2 is komunis, no3 rasis umno and no 4 taliban pas. wumao msia also have a very high ranking, just that all they can do is talk.

  2. The DAP’s day of reckoning has come in the form of the Johor State Elections today. I am surprised that members of the DAP felt bullied. Being what they are, why should they feel inferior ? They have all the merits to be proud and more. Because of these attributes, they should hide their light under the bushel. Do they practise what they sang abut every Sabbath ? I have never looked up to any one in my adult life. It would have been a mistake to do so. Stand on one’s own feet and think and do things logically within the law ! Hence, a well-respected and organized entity like the DAP since 1966 turned out to have feet of clay at crucial moments in at least 4 instances in which their best friend could have been the PM easily. Somehow, somewhere there was a mental block in their thinking process especially when the DAP was in Power in the PH Government in which it could have REFORMED itself pronto ! But instead, the DAP got lost and delivered only to a mirage in the Tropics, Singapore. Not only that, Singapore through recent years ( since 2004 ) got 100% of what she wanted, from the rocks via the KTM assets to the CPTPP, HSR and more. Lo and behold ! Out of the blue, Covid came and destroyed Lee Kuan Yew;s iron cast Legacy in which tourism figured prominently. Man proposes. God disposes. Between 2020-2022, Singapore approved 8 Supplementary Budgets to save herself ! See how the DAP by not focusing on our very own Sovereignty, National Interests and Constitution has lost their compass in the jungle of the dwarfs being Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ? To cry out that the DAP has been bullied, is like cry baby. Do not blame others but yourselves, DAP, the only Party in Malaysia with an apparent clean nose to serve the Rakyat and our beloved Malaysia HONESTLY ! Do not cry baby any more but soldier on steadfastly with a purpose ! But cry for REFORMS in our beloved country Malaysia BEGINNING WITH THE DAP first! The rest will follow automatically ! This DAP Reformation is the easy part because a two-third majority to amend the revered Constitution is not required. With REFORMATION, the DAP will blossom out to be the Premier Multi-racial Party of our beloved Malaysia because I do not see any clean nose rival in the horizon. If the DAP still stick to its old ways, it becomes just another dwarf in the Malaysian political jungle, throwing insults and quarrelling every day instead of focusing to deliver the goodies to the Rakyat. Akan datang.

    1. Uncle,

      You must not forget that the DAP sec-gen is facing corruption charges in court for the second time.

      And that his charges the first time around were dropped shortly after Harapan took power.

      DAP has a snotty (not a clean) nose.

      1. HA. Please note my phrase,’ Apparently clean nose ‘. Besides in Life there are many a slip twixt cup and lips ! Just one tiny step, the reformation of the DAP with a pro-Malaysian stance, will turn the DAP a political Party without a peer into Malaysia’s only Premier Multi-racial Political Party with a fair record and lauded by all. The first step on a journey of 1,000 lei. As it is, the DAP is just a dwarf tugging at the coat-tails of others, PKR which in fact is a lesser entity. It is pointless to win elections to be the Opposition ! A political Party is established to gain Power. At present, the DAP members are full of self-importance of their own perceived honesty and intellect that they could not see the wood from the trees. If they realize that we human beings are all the same of flesh and blood the better. Hopefully, they wake up soon that there are many ways to bake a cake or to achieve an objective before the DAP is turned into waste like the PPP or Gerakan through the attrition of human resources by aging. The answers to the DAP dilemma are in the deep recesses of the brains of their leaders. No one can help them. No more. No less. If the DAP reforms itself, our beloved Malaysia is well on her way to be one of the 4 important small countries of the World being the UK, Japan, Switzerland and Malaysia. See how the DAP leaders did not realize the importance of Pulau Pinang under their aegis 2008 – 2022 eg. to create a World Holiday Destination at minimum cost which becomes a SHOWPIECE OF DAP’s mojo in the National Interest through publicity, foreign exchange, innovative and creative ability. Much goodwill, time, money and effort ( 2008-2022 ) were wasted and lost by barking up the wrong tree of Singapore’s advice, concrete monsters in beautiful places, tunnel, reclamation etc without regard of the Rakyat interests and the special natural environment of Pulau Pinang, the Pearl of the Orient. The DAP forgot Singapore’s dictum that charity begins at home in Singapore, not in Pulau Pinang ! And Singapore is not Pulau Pinang. Pulau Pinang is not Singapore. After 14 years in control in Pulau Pinang, The DAP has nothing to show the World but just normal Administration today. What a waste of goodwill, time, money and effort, 2008 – 2022 ! 14 good years now screwed up by the Covid and Ukraine. A Singaporean friend once told me.’ When the 4-legged horse comes ( 2008 ), you must jump on it because with only 2 legs we cannot chase after it ( 2022 ) ‘. How true as in the case of the DAP and Pulau Pinang , 14 good years gone in a flash ( 2008- 2022 ) ! First, when the DAP was in Power they did not realize of the cunning self-serving folk which surrounded and flattered them and took advantage. This blinded them. Without information, no proper decision could be made. Second, the DAP seemed to be unaware how money could be created at minimum cost legally for maximum gains in Malaysia. Third, a Leader ( a Mandarin speaker ) got into trouble which should have been avoided with discipline because he was unaware of the ancient saying ,’ For a good mind and body, do not mourn the past or worry about the future but live the present WISELY AND EARNESTLY !’

  3. due to race card not being effective during slow economic growth… now they play the play victim card…. Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu betul DAP ni… yang jadi mangsa dan bahan akhirnya pengundi DAP yang membawa kepada salah faham hubungan sosiopolitik antara kaum…. DAP langsung takde rasa malu dan rasa bertanggungjawab untuk menyumbang kepada perpaduan sosiopolitik negara…

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