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The always angry opposition is Cina DAP

Johor BN was absolutely correct in their campaign to frame the opposition as ‘Cina DAP’.

The state election results yesterday bore out the correctness of BN’s strategy — DAP emerged as the only Harapan leg left standing on firm ground, where the evangelical party had won on Chinese votes in Chinese areas.

Most significantly, Amanah – which snagged nine Johor state seats in GE14 – was almost wiped out yesterday, ending up with only one seat.

PKR was taken to the cleaners too. Therefore Cina DAP have no more use for Anwar’s beleaguered party that they regard as a dishrag soon to be discarded.

Harapan’s now two-legged stool

Cina DAP have lately been preferring Muda as the Harapan third leg.

Harapan went into the Johor election as a coalition of two parties (DAP + Amanah) plus a cooperation pact with Muda.

PKR contested separately under their own blue Keadilan logo.

Party deputy president Salahuddin Ayub was the sole survivor from Amanah who managed to defend his seat. Salahuddin retained Simpang Jeram but a dozen of his party colleagues bit the dust, including in Maharani (an incumbent Amanah seat) which was yesterday conceded to PAS.

A month ago, I’d predicted that DAP would lose some seats. I was right.

Yesterday DAP relinquished four of its incumbent seats, which is tantamount to losing close to one-third of its 2018 haul when it netted fourteen seats.

DAP successfully defended all of its Chinese-majority seats. Of the four it lost, two seats were those without a Chinese plurality.

Its Melayu DAP incumbent Sheikh Omar was defeated in Paloh while the DAP’s Indian candidate lost in Bekok.

DAP also lost Pekan Nanas, Yong Peng (and Bekok) to MCA.

DAP Johor chief Liew Chin Tong meanwhile eked out an unimpressive victory in Perling.

MCA’s 15,281 votes in Perling added with Gerakan’s 8,829 votes would have together exceeded Chin Tong’s 18,628 votes. It is a pity that Gerakan split the Malay votes instead of PN and BN combining their forces to defeat DAP.

The sole non-Chinese in DAP’s Johor 2022 Adun line-up is Marina Ibrahim. As I blogged before in ‘Johor: DAP’s mirror image of BN old election strategy’ posted on Feb 24, here DAP is only copycatting BN.

Whereas Umno persuaded its Malay base to support MCA in certain Malay-majority areas, DAP got its Chinese base to back Marina in Skudai which is a roughly 77 percent non-Malay constituency.

In GE14, DAP’s Tan Hong Pin won Skudai with a majority of 35,126 votes. Yesterday, Marina won Skudai with a drastically reduced majority of 13,943 votes.

PKR retained one seat

PKR’s sole remaining seat is Bukit Batu where it won with an anorexic majority of 137 votes. The very close contest between Arthur Chiong Sen Sern and MIC’s S. Suppayah was confirmed in PKR’s favour after a recount.

Bukit Batu has 58 percent Chinese and 7.2 percent Indian voters.

Candy from sugardaddy DAP for Muda baby

Muda’s successful debut in Puteri Wangsa came courtesy of Harapan giving way over PKR objections.

Puteri Wangsa was considered a winnable seat for the opposition as half its voters are Chinese.

The Skudai tactic is repeated here with the evangelical party herding its compliant Cina DAP electorate to give Muda a piggyback ride.

Muda sec-gen Amira Aisya obtained 22,884 votes gaining her infant party its only seat — Puteri Wangsa. MCA got 15,770 votes and Gerakan 8,957 while the Parti Bangsa Malaysia and Pejuang candidates both lost their deposits.

In GE14, Puteri Wangsa had gone to Harapan with 37,545 votes.

BN back in the driver’s seat

BN got more than two-thirds of the Johor state assembly and a supermajority of 40/56.

Umno narrowly won Parit Yaani defeating Amanah, with PAS coming in a respectable third. This seat was last contested by MCA for BN.

In Pulai Sebatang, Umno scored a convincing victory over incumbent Amanah and third placed PAS. This seat too was contested by MCA in GE14.

Umno picked up another seat – Pemanis – winning comfortably against PKR and Bersatu. This seat was contested in 2018 by Gerakan on a BN ticket when it was still in the Dacing coalition.

Parit Yaani, Pulai Sebatang and Pemanis are all Malay-majority seats. Mahathir’s party Pejuang lost its deposits in these three seats and elsewhere.

MCA won four seats and MIC three, thus reseting BN as a viable multiethnic partnership again.

By comparison, the Coalition of Hope is dominated by Chinese with the DAP logging in at 10 seats and its Harapan satellites with one seat each.

There is no Indian Adun in the Harapan-plus (DAP, Amanah, PKR, Muda) Johor line-up.

Cina DAP so langsi

Commenting last night in Malaysiakini‘s live coverage of the election, Dr Suresh Kumar wrote (timestamp 9:45pm):

“You see when PH comprised of DAP and other component parties were strong those days, the Chinese, esp. the DAP Chinamen Red Army group used to degrade, mock and vilify the Indians (who gave their undivided support to PH) whenever they asked for their rights (think Kg Buah Pala, just one example here). They will call the Indians names, like can be bought for a bag of rice lah, for toddy lah, selfish lah, snake lah, what not. OMG, there were no limits to name calling. But they get very upset, angry and vindictive when their Chinese issues are not addressed, can you see the hypocrisy?”

Dr Suresh has accurately described above how Cina DAP bullied (“degrade, mock and vilify the Indians”) and stereotyped the smaller ethnic minority as toddy drinkers.

He also pointed to their hypocrisy, another trait which Malaysiakini columnist Thayaparan has similarly highlighted.

The anger and vindictiveness of Cina DAP mentioned by Dr Suresh is plain to everyone. Mahathir fangirl Hannah Yeoh, for instance, once called BN a “wicked regime”.

Talking about this “Manichean worldview” in the toxic opposition politics, Thayaparan asked rhetorically: “If they [Malaysians] vote for Umno/BN, what does that make them? The bad guys?”

In his March 3 column, Thaya was alluding to how Cina DAP characterize pro-establishment voters as “stupid”, corrupt and “So Chinese and Malays who do not vote for Harapan are the ones destroying this country”.

I’ve previously explained why Cina DAP is a symbiotic collective.

Without the cadres from its Chinese base to cheerlead and play defence, DAP would not be able to gaslight the public — the Hannah Hijabi episode is one example.

And without the party’s opinion shapers taking the lead in social media and hysterical DAP troopers functioning like Mao Zedong Red Guards, the mob would not be able to bully so ferociously.

Teresa Kok’s threat “Bila kita jadi kerajaan balik, korang tahulah nanti” flags us on how the Johor election was an important pin or sticker on the Cina DAP political map.


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8 thoughts on “The always angry opposition is Cina DAP

  1. Your prediction indeed comes true. Congratulation. DSIS has 2 options for him to take advantage of; either to make way for GE15 while the mood swing is high on BN side or a new cabinet lineup that really works for him unconditionally until GE15.

  2. i am always glad chinese msian dare to stand up to authority and govt, 1.4b cant think for themselves chinese that worship a komunis regime are already a too massive number, we dont need more. i am also glad that there are still 10% chinese that demonstrate their loyalty and submissiveness, its a sign of diversity and freedom to choose.

    just curious if now is the ripe time for taliban pas amd pengkhinat bersatu to return to their mothership and celebrate their next solidarity with racist umno.

  3. It is good, very good that the iconic UMNO has returned hale, hearty and strong which speaks volumes about the electorate in Johor, an agricultural State. The DAP has solid support in all the Chinese urban majority areas, a sign of the things to come in the 15th GE. The DAP just could not penetrate the solid conservative Malay rural areas which stood with UMNO. As for the 13 other political parties, they might as well fold up their tents and close shop forever. Political philosophies by the old and the young are the language of the Martians in Malaysia. Basics on emotions and material desires must be delivered in huge dollops to get the required results as demonstrated by the UMNO and the DAP, the former overtly, the latter covertly. The UMNO only needs to refresh its Leadership with its humongous spread throughout the land. The DAP which has always been lop-sided in thoughts and deeds has a long way to go. How to build and attach a credible rural base to its always loyal and long-suffering urban base to complete a balanced Political entity in the peculiar politics of our beloved Malaysia or the sum of the parts is greater than the whole ? Presto ! With this achievement, the Reformed DAP is the Premier Multi-racial Political Party in the land ! How ? This is the US$ 64,000 question. If status quo is maintained by the UMNO and the DAP, the nature of the delineation of the constituencies, both urban and rural dictates the results of each General or State Elections. Our beloved Malaysia cannot have this disunity by rote forever and ever. What if the impossible happens ? UMNO and DAP, both Leaderships suddenly become beyond reproach like Caesar’s wife and come together as a coalition because their Leaderships suddenly found that the Parties have no political theoretical philosophies but only common human relationships – like ‘ I love you, you hate me ‘ politics ? Well, that paper limpid Rocket which never took off since 1966, becomes one which reaches for the stars. Per ardua. Ad Astra ! The MCA may be shown to have no urban or rural support by the 15th GE. Our beloved Malaysia is a First World Nation if the Government has both Urban and Rural support. It is just a question of mind-sets ! Some cynics will call me a Dreamer. So be it ! I am a Constitutionalist not a Communalist since 1954 ! Life is precious. Life is short or long depends on a person’s approach to LIFE !

  4. Saya sedih.. Dr Maszlee baik orangnya kak Helen, pakcik, makcik, uncle auntie… huhuhu

    1. Masalahnya dia berjanji tapi gagal menunaikan janji, so siapa yang bersikap begitu?

  5. I just wonder how long the DAP is going to keep its Policy of making enemies and no friends through their rough and tumble tactics applied on a diverse citizenry. After the Johor State Elections, only the UMNO and the DAP are left standing when the dust settled. Five of the big chiefs each with one big tent lost their deposits. Do we expect to see the beginning of a New Era in Malaysian Politics or have we to wait for another 56 years to see an inkling of change ? No wonder even small boys have become restless and want to be the next PM of Malaysia ! Do we blame them for their audacity ?

  6. MCA should double up efforts to capture seats in mixed areas such as Jementah, Tangkak and Johor Jaya. Let DAP stayed in predominantly Chinese areas.

    As for Amanah, PKR, Bersatu they had lost their traction among the Malay voters. Pejuang had become a national embarassment.

  7. How many Malaysians realize that the DAP is a unique political party which is entirely supported by the Chinese in independent Malaysia ? No where else in the world have the Chinese banded themselves together to OPPOSE the incumbent governments ! Where else but Malaysia ! The altruistic intentions or aims of the DAP’s founder may have been fulfilled. Even with all the goodies delivered like the rocks, KTM assets and rails, HSR, CPTPP etc, out of the blue came the Covid compounded by Ukraine which knocked Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew’s Legacy not only completely but disastrously as evidenced by the Singapore Government’s 8 Supplementary Budgets 2020-2022. I am of the view that the DAP should get out of its self-appointed role as one of the Opposition because it has never declared its desire to seat in the PM’s chair unlike some. So what has the DAP got which fetches a premium in Malaysian politics these days ? An apparently clean nose to serve the Rakyat because dire corruption has not affected the efficiency of its members as yet even though some unnecessary bungling took place in Pulau Pinang due to misinformation on Singapore and local market practices. Today, no one can deny that the attrition meted out by the Johor State electorate which is one of the best informed in the country, took its toll on the Mickey Mouse parties. When the dust settled, only the UMNO and the DAP emerged unscathed, the former well-supported in both the urban and rural areas whilst the latter the urban areas in which the Chinese are in majority. Will the DAP after 56 years still want to fight on as the Opposition in the face of all the statistics available ? Or will the DAP take a constructive approach and metamorphose into a beautiful Malaysian butterfly and leave its Singaporean chrysalis behind ? The DAP must learn to benefit ALL for our beloved Malaysia to be one of the 4 important and strategic geo-political small countries of the World being the UK, Japan, Switzerland and Malaysia. Give and take with some sacrifice or minimum effort for maximum gain. That’s the World. The time is now whilst the World is in turmoil and Malaysia has peace, political stability and harmony. Socio-economic benefits for all will come after this !

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