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Putin, Trump, Biden personal dynamics — a one-minute explainer

Why didn’t Russia attack Ukraine under President Trump’s watch?

It has to do with “Trump’s private willingness to listen to Mr Putin’s position”, according to retired American colonel Douglas McGregor.

”What disappointed Putin and I think many others was Donald Trump’s inability to get control of his own administration. He appointed people who were absolutely opposed to him and his thinking. So from the moment he opened his mouth and said ‘Why can’t we have a better relationship with Russia’, he was sabotaged and subverted. Putin realised that.”

A one-minute explanation from 43:30 onwards in video below

Rtd Col. McGregor continues: “Then I think he [President Putin] waited to see how Biden would respond and of course you know that Biden was bragging that he told Putin he was a vicious killer and a thug, how proud he was of insulting the man to his face and denigrating him and what he’s done inside Russia”.

The conversation above between McGregor and reporters Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate was recorded in alternative media channel, The Grayzone.

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Belligerent Biden

The Biden administration has more war hawks than any previous Republican administrations, and is even more beholden to the Military Industrial Complex and influenced by its lobbyists who stand to reap a windfall from selling their war machines.

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14 thoughts on “Putin, Trump, Biden personal dynamics — a one-minute explainer

  1. trump would present ukraine as a gift to putin like how he wanna let ccp a free ride on hk, komunis virus stopped him. trump is a dictators asskisser and still is. trump is good for american but not to most from weaker or smaller country.

  2. Your comment is succinct. There are many possible options which culminated in the un-necessary War in Ukraine. First, pre-Presidency Trump was chummy with Putin who probably has a set of Trump’s colour photos taken when he visited Moscow, in his drawer. It was alleged that Lee Kuan Yew had a similar penchant for VIPs especially Malaysians when they visited Singapore, a common KGB trait !! Second, Putin managed to create better living conditions in Russia vis-a-vis Russian Nationalism and himself. This Nationalist movement rose and rose from the dumps of the shame from the collapse of the Soviet Union !921-1989. Third, the Americans should blame themselves for Uncle Sam’s victory spiel, ” Globalization. Free Trade. Human Rights “. No Nation cared for the latter even Uncle Sam. Out of this fatal mistake the BRICS gained tremendously at America’s expense. Trump tried to turn the clock back especially on China. But it was far too late. Fourth, the Americans never had a capable President since Nixon who turned out to be a crook. Fifth, the American military never left Germany after her defeat in 1945. Fact. In 1980, I was in the First Class compartment in a train from Stuttgart to Aarlen, Germany. 2 GIs entered and put their dirty boots on the seat next to me. There is a huge US base like a town ( Ramstein ? ) in Germany. Sixth, America became great through Wars because they only die for Freedom which eventually rationalized into the Political- Industrial-Military Complex under President Eisenhower. Seventh, America is weakening financially like the Romans but still trying to put the clock back. She has a debt of over US$ 20 Trillion and still climbing. Eighth, Ukraine is strategic geo-politically more so to Russia and Putin than the US. Remember the deals Trump’s people had in Ukraine and also Biden’s son. A creeping takeover by the US ? Ninth, the final culmination of the mental approach of Biden, Putin and Zelensky towards War in Ukraine. Each thought they would win. Tenth, , the list of options is long. However, Putin’s judgement of Biden and vice-versa which was coloured by their personal views, could only bring War to Ukraine. India and China are the main beneficiaries in this man-made tragedy ! The rest of the World economically dislocated !

  3. Petronas should take advantage by buying more oil & gas from Russia and sell it at premium to Europe and US allies. Other GLCs should buy other commodities from Russia that are sanctioned by US. Government can ask Russia and China to supply uranium and build nuclear plant to generate electricity. There will be opportunity loss if Trump returns.

    1. Yes, sell it to Boris. He’s begging for it. Yeah yeah more sanction, yeah yeah ..

    2. Do you remember some one in TNB pressed wrong button in the 1980s which caused the whole of KL to shut down. Apparently, a Dutchman had to come in from Singapore to press the right button. This was the excuse which created the loophole for private power stations to be established. The first one charged 25 sens pkw way above the International price of 12 sens pkw ! What happens if some one pressed the wrong button in a Malaysian Nuclear Plant ? Will it be the demise of Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand ? Think !

      1. Don’t opt for old tech. New tech plant is human error proof. After Fukushima, the tech is now even better!

  4. Hello,
    No war hawks in Biden administration’s
    How much restraint Americans and the European counterparts exhibits to prevent WWIII and nuclear catastrophe
    China is Russian senior partner, Russia is just a junior partner and Trump , he was a street padler
    It become more obvious now that China has its own land and sea grab ambitions
    Know your friend

  5. I dont’t get it
    If you are an up and coming democratic country and yet you choose to stay neutral in this conflict

    Is it not about your own survival?

          1. I do not subscribe to tabloid news or to those digging in the crime scene or from the old regimes
            I do not believe in old time greatness
            I do not believe in superiority of any race or religion or country
            I believe we do not solve future problems with old solutions
            I believe human evolves

            1. Some people believe human evolved from ape like Darwin taught. Some believe ape was from human (Quran 2:65. 5:60, 7:166)

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