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So many Christians in DAP CEC

‘LGE team won DAP election’, said today’s Sinchew editorial headline.

Lim Guan Eng “has won the party election!” exclaimed Sinchew because “26 of the 30 central executive committee (CEC) members are aligned to the party’s central leadership”.

And neither has Lim Kit Siang withdrawn into a full retirement as yet. He still accepted the role of party mentor, said the influential Chinese newspaper.

Sinchew noted that after all, the Son and the Father’s tentacles were dug in deep as “both Lims were DAP secretaries-general for a total of 48 years”.

Elaborating on how the influence of Lim Sr and Lim Jr “is still very much visible in the party”, Sinchew counted: “More than half of the elected CEC members are aligned to Guan Eng”.

I counted at least one third (if not possibly up to half or even more) of the DAP’s elected CEC members are Christian, including the Born Again Guan Eng.

Although DAP claims to be a multiracial party, its 30-member elected CEC is predominantly Chinese at 83.3 percent, with only five exco being non Chinese.

And although DAP claims to be a secular party, its elected CEC is dominated by Christians.

As I had correctly predicted, DAP Christian MP Kasthuri Patto is successfully debuted into the CEC.

BELOW: Kasthuri (in red) joins the DAP tudung fanciers ‘club’


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4 thoughts on “So many Christians in DAP CEC

  1. emperor where got retire one, dap member so stupid meh still need a mentor for what? dap democracy my ass

  2. It was alleged the born again Christians of Hong Kong were the agitators in the recent riots which brought massive new security legislation to the State. Ramsbotham or no,. none appeared when the British ruled. Is this the reason why the Chinese Ambassador is rubbing shoulders with the MCA with the rest of the Chinese looking on, and not the DAP with its suspect baggage ? Or this relationship foretells the downfall of the DAP at the next 15th GE ? Is this the writing on the proverbial wall for the DAP denizens ? What is the correct answer to the looming dilemma of the DAP to avoid being unwanted neither by fish nor fowl ? Only the results of the 15th GE can reveal. And DAP’s nirvana lies with its untested leadership.

  3. For those with a penchant for local Chinese history, they will agree with me that the rise of the born again christians since 1975 was due entirely to the rapid changes in our Malaysian political and socio-economic environment since 1972. There was both a mental and physical upheaval. Those who were weak minded and forced to work in the towns, came under mental stress and pressure by external forces which they were unaccustomed to whilst living at home in the new villages and small towns.. In other words, with time, the whole traditional Chinese socio-religious fabric as guided by the Guilds, Clan Associations, schools and temples was torn asunder through aging and deaths…. Hence, all the mushroom TAX FREE RM 2 INCORPORATED PLACES OF WORSHIP ARE FILLED WITH 3rd – 4th Gen Chinese who are only too willing to contribute 12% of their earnings to their new found belief.for succour in their mental void which used to be occupied by the traditions ! I came across them in the mid-1970s who were neither Chinese nor western in their mindsets but look entirely Chinese from the outside. They found the Devil in all traditional Chinese things like porcelain, furniture etc which were destroyed accordingly. As a fine arts collector, I picked up many fine pieces from their destructive orgies ! With all things, there is always a reason for action. In the case of the born again christians who collected so much TAX FREE MONEY from the flock through the decades that this MONEY IS NOW ACTIVE IN MALAYSIAN POLITICS. Hopefully, the result of this unusual phenomena will result constructively and not destructively. The present Ukraine versus Russia is a good lesson for us all.

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