The augury of Datuk Ewe Swee Kheng who ’fell’ to his death

The signs, unfortunately, are not auspicious for the Chinese. Cina DAP are sadly flying blind in their Cloud Cuckooland.

Auspices’ is a word which comes from Latin and means “looking at birds” to divine whether the gods are smiling with favour or not upon the local community.

‘Taking the auspices’ is the act of interpreting omens from looking at the behaviour of birds. This is the art of augury.

e.g. The dominance of Christians in the DAP central executive committee does not ‘augur’ well for the evangelical party.

The sample sentence above is an example showing the use of the word ‘augur’ to indicate an expectation or prediction of the future.

An ‘augur’ is literally a person who interprets the signs – i.e. omens – from birds.

A flight of swallows, for instance, is a welcome harbinger of spring.

Crows, on the other hand, are believed by superstitious people to be an omen of death. Ravens too foreshadow something dark about to happen.

The sudden death of Datuk Ewe Swee Kheng is a harbinger of bad sad things to come for the new DAP chairman — see story below about this deceased prosecution witness foiled in his bid to testify in Lim Guan Eng’s corruption trial.

Ewe died of a suspicious fall from the 16th floor of his luxury condo in Rat Island.

Dr Boo Cheng Hau has courageously called on DAP leaders facing serious in charges court to step down until their cases are settled.

Said Dr Boo: “I humbly believe the DAP must strive to be a world-class political party before we can realise a world-class Malaysia.”

He continued: “The DAP cannot condone Umno’s ways of handling issues like this while we strive to be a world-class political party for a world-class Malaysia.”

Homing in on the nub of the issue, Dr Boo pointed out: “It is unfortunate that the national chairperson has to face his corruption charges in his own capacity in order to maintain his good self’s standing as a world-class leader.”

Sharing his clear-sighted opinion more on how “a world-class political party should be managed”, Dr Boo added that the “DAP and its national chairperson should abide by the world-class leaders’ standards”.

Moreover DAP deputy national chairman (Gobind Singh) is also the lawyer representing DAP national chairman (Guan Eng) in the ongoing trial. Not a good look.

“If this particular conflict of interest [Guan Eng’s legal representation] is not handled in accordance with the party’s principle of clean and good governance, we would damage our party’s effort to be a world-class party and hence fail to achieve a world-class Malaysia,” said Dr Boo.

He concluded that “a clear and world-class party position would help the party win more public credibility and confidence” with regard to the optics in Guan Eng’s case.

Dr Boo’s divination scores a perfect 10 — he uses the paired word “world-class” ten times when taking the auspices.

The augury by Dr Boo is merely echoing Lim Kit Siang. “World-class” is after all a favourite word of Kit Siang’s repeated at least 60,000 times by the Senior Lim in his six decade-long political career.

DAP vultures, however, are not so respectful of the auguries and instead chose to descend on Dr Boo, shrieking and flapping their wings viciously at him.

A classic case of shooting the messenger (augur). The party’s YB Howard Lee slung his catapult at Dr Boo, accusing the latter of making “toxic moves”.

‘Toxic’ is again another favourite word of the DAP leaders. YB Hannah Yeoh not too long ago accused YB Ronnie Liu as being toxic in his effort to preserve Chineseness.

Other DAP angry birds pecking at Dr Boo include the hawk beaked YB Teresa Kok who cawed her full confidence in Guan Eng’s integrity, as well as YB Lim Lip Eng.

Lim told FMT that he [Lip Eng] fully believed in the innocence of his Lim clansman Guan Eng.

There is a famous saying “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad”.

In this matter of Cina DAP deflecting the auguries, an apt paraphrase is “Whom the gods would disfavour, they first make blind”.

It is not difficult to see the bad omens. But Cina DAP prefer to shut their eyes, stick a finger in their ear and shout at the sky in the face of a gathering storm.


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9 thoughts on “The augury of Datuk Ewe Swee Kheng who ’fell’ to his death

  1. I too believe in KARMA. I have a list of 65+ persons who harmed me in my Life. They either died or suffer the consequences or their wives or children suffer. I did not lift a single finger in revenge. Believe it or not. Your saying, ‘ The gods make mad those they wish to destroy. ‘ is my favourite as well. It was only in my later years that I took note of what happened to the 65+. In the DAP case, Pater had the KARMA but not Fil. He was the big banyan tree which protected and gave shelter to the weak. A political party is like a corporation. When DAP is seen to be successful, many hangers-on and leg-carriers surround the throne. Like in business, when the founder is gone, the 2nd Gen destroys the aims of the Founder by being lazy and insufferable compounded by those around the person who would applaud the fake verbal gems from their Boss. I have seen this happened without fail in all cases affecting the rich and powerful. NO ONE ESCAPES.! Hence, Life’s Cycle is a great leveler of Humankind which is aptly quoted by any Chinese, ‘ My son will beat your son in the next Generation.’ A comfort belief for him to work hard sometimes even by cheating to send his son to college to be a professional. Hence, you will also note rich and crooked Chinese all claimed to have fathers who were wanton mee sellers, storekeepers, rubber tappers, lorry drivers etc as an excuse for them to cheat others. First, the DAP reached its peak in May 2018. An event coincidentally created by others. Second, the DAP had full control of Pulau Pinang since 2008. For 14 years. NOTHING happened in that State – the PERFECT SHOW-PIECE for the DAP’s self-acclaimed derring-dos and criticism of others ! For many years, I proposed that Pulau Pinang to benefit ALL should be turned into the WORLD’S BEST HOLIDAY RESORT AT MINIMUM COST AND MAXIMUM RETURNS. I was not surprised when Singapore’s advice to pour more concrete and chop down more trees was the answer. Of course, Lee Kuan Yew’s Legacy for Singapore’s Sustainability and Survival was Tourism which formed a major prop for its revenue. Pulau Pinang, the Pearl of the Orient can never be a RIVAL. Yet, Pulau Pinang is now saddled with two Singapore type of developments and more ! THE HISTORY OF THE DAP IN PULAU PINANG AFTER 14 YEARS IS JUST ONE EMPTY SHOP WINDOW. So what went grievously wrong with the DAP in control both at the Federal and State levels. I believe that the members think like Singapore and Lee Kuan Yew, brash, arrogant and over-confident without realizing our beloved Malaysia is NOT Singapore and the TRUTH about Lee Kuan Yew was narcissistic and had feet of clay which was underlined by his 47 failed Public Policies eg the 1972 Two-Child Family Policy deemed to produce geniuses but none so far.- only 700,000 ordinary Chinese males aged 21-51 produced. Vide. Singapore Government White Paper on Population. 2011. SINGAPORE IS NOT PULAU PINANG AND PULAU PINANG IS NOT SINGAPORE. The twain will never meet ! And Man proposes. God disposes. Singapore’s SUSTAINABILITY AND SURVIVAL is now put into question by the COVID and UKRAINE in succession ! Believe it or not !

    1. My friends who did not harm me became rich and powerful. They are less than the fingers of my hand!

  2. i always believe lge is stupid, but i think his corruption case doesnt make sense. seem all evidence is mere accusation by mouth, unlike pencuri case which is as clear as crystal, not sure why many malay and chinese still sapot a convict.

    lge is chairman because he got mandate from emperor, thats the point boo should raise to uphold dap democracy, cant believe this boo is as stupid as lge.

    1. When I was the youngest Director of Bank Negara Malaysia 1972-1981, I did not go to night clubs, bars, horse races, karaoke, Genting, shady places etc. There was gold in the vaults and the Ringgit 1 = S$ 1.03. Bank Negara Malaysia was the most orestigious and famous in ASEAN and Asia. Since then, all sorts of allegations have been levelled at the Bank from bankruptcy, forex speculation, taking bribes etc. When a person has responsibilities and duties, discipline, sacrifice and integrity overide personal desires and interests. Can any thief spend RM 100 million or even RM 50 million in a lifetime ?

      1. The same thing happened to Sime Darby in 1992 after I was kicked out after 18 years as a Director ( Total Director fees = RM 500,000 PBT. Now they walop RM 500,000 a month ) by the local Management whose jobs were created by me The Malaysian Management used to carry the bags of the Mat Sallehs in Dunlop Tyres. In 1975, I delivered Sime Darby PLC to the Malays with the support of the PM Tun Abdul Razak and YBM Tengku Razaleigh to fast trek the Malays into big business so that the Chinese businesses were not interfered with. The cost was RM 23 Million. In 1982, Guthrie which was only 30% the size of Sime Darby, cost the Government RM 2 Billion. A MCA leader called me ” A MALAY BUM SUCKER ” so that he could use this as an excuse to cheat his own Chinese. By 1985, he could remit via my friend, S$ 100 Million from Singapore to his girl friend’s account in Hong Kong. After 1992, Sime Darby’s local Management ( ex Dunlop ) engaged in deals with the crooked Chinese and was bankrupted twice at RM 1.20 Billion in 1997 and RM 2.10 Billion in 2010. No one was charged. No one was jailed. The rest of the 300 GLCs now follows accordingly outside of Government Budget constraints..

    2. The Chinese are realistic. They will always SUPPORT THOSE WHO GIVE THEM OPPORTUNITIES TO EARN A LIVING. Period. I am talking about those traditional Chinese in our beloved Malaysia and around the World, not those born again christians who only came into the Malaysian firmament after 1975 when a crooked tycoon found a loop hole to establish and incorporate, TAX FREE PLACES OF WORSHIP for alleged money laundering purposes ! Thereafter, these places mushroomed all over to this day.

    3. HY. In real life, actually no one is stupid. Those whom we think are stupid are actually cleverer than you and me. THINK ! We work 20 years to make RM 1 million before tax. They just scoop up the cash in a jiffy giving them millions of tax free ringgits ! Think ! In the case you mentioned. It was an UNNECESSARY the other Suits. PROBABLY DUE TO BAD OR NO ADVICE ! For example, fat boy showed the World, if a person steals, STEAL BILLIONS OF US DOLLARS FROM THE GOMEN, not a few miserable ringgits. And prepare an exit (36 steps) to you know where !

  3. Singapore’s economy is based on the huge baksheesh from Uncle Sam during the Cold War 1948-1989 which may be as much as US$ 350 Billion or more. Thereafter, this trade was grabbed by the principals, the BRICS ! From 2000, Lee Kuan Yew’s Legacy for Singapore’s sustainability and survival was based on Tourism, Finance, Construction, Manufacturing ( Bio-tech, E-tech etc ), Trade ( also re-labellling, sanctions breaking, smuggling etc ), Malaysia ( based on hot retreats ). Equity Investments. ( Lost US $ 108 Billion in October 2008 ). The COVID attacked the human resources internally and UKRAINE, Singapore’s external trade. It pays to be humble ! Eight Supplementary Budgets to support between 2020-2021. Since 2020, Singapore managed to claim it is the 21st Nation on the HAPPINESS INDEX. Finland is the FIRST without Lee Kuan Yew !

  4. In the FMT today, it was reported as alleged in a New York 1MDB Trial that one of the richest men in Malaysia took a US$ 14 Million Baksheesh after paying out US$ 28 Million from his own company. The Augury of Datuk Ewe Swee Kheng is a mickey mouse scandal comparatively ! MACC where are you ?

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