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Running the bersih laundry cycle again

“DAP is still facing problem being unable to change the perception of the Malay society which sees it as anti-Malay and anti-Islam,” said a Sinchew editorial on Tuesday (March 22).

Editors of the influential Chinese newspaper were giving their take on future prospects – if any – of DAP’s 2022 CEC to chart a different course.

Let’s parse the Chinese scenario pertaining to how Sinchew is framing it.

1. DAP still has a problem

2. Its problem is Malay perception of DAP as being anti Malay and anti Islam.

3. The problem remains a problem because DAP is unable to change how Malays ‘perceive’ the party.

I think Sinchew is part of the problem.

The paper is in denial. Whereas Sinchew has framed it as merely an issue of ‘perception’, no amount of tudung wrapping can help obscure reality.

Blame Umno for perception by Malays

The paper tacitly acknowledges that Malay public opinion views DAP negatively. But the undertone in Sinchew remains that the Malay community is perceiving DAP quite wrongly.

Many Chinese will accuse the feeble Malay mind of being poisoned (brainwashed / indoctrinated / programmed) by Umno or government agencies like BTN to be racist and bigoted.

Hence the Chinese groupthink dictates that critics who perceive DAP as anti Malay must therefore be ‘racist’; critics who perceive DAP as anti Islam must be ‘religious extremists’.

BELOW: DAP accused PAS Majlis Syura Ulama secretary of “hate speech against Christianity”

Kiasu people just don’t like to be accountable for the situation (‘perception’ quagmire) they find themselves in, and prefer to shift the blame to the Malay establishment and Muslim structures instead.

The next step for the Chinese then is to hold BN responsible for how Malays feel about DAP, on account of the coalition having been in power the last 60-odd years.

So ultimately it is not the DAP’s fault at all, according to them. DAP seen as anti Malay? Umno’s fault. DAP seen as anti Islam? PAS’s fault.

Malay perception vs Chinese perception

Rather than disputing perceptions, we can always count. Numbers are tangible.

Six days ago, DAP delegates elected 30 central executive committee (CEC) members.

Only one Malay – Young Syefura Othman – made the cut, and she is a woman.

Last Sunday’s party election was the first time DAP instituted a 30 percent quota favouring female CEC reps, and Syefura would have benefitted. Not a single Malay man was elected into the CEC.

Do these statistics refute or validate the popular perception of DAP as anti Malay?

I said earlier I think Sinchew is part of the problem and not providing a solution. Allow me to explain.

Let’s consider the trope that Utusan shapes the mind of its Malay readers. By the same token, we can say that Sinchew shapes the mind of its Chinese audience.

Sinchew provides a widely read platform for selected Malay writers to ventilate their thoughts.

Among these opinion shapers (shaping the Chinese mind) through their published opinion pieces are Mariam Mokhtar, Rais Hussin, Mohsin Abdullah and Tajuddin Rasdi.

I will comment on Tajuddin whom I view to be an apologist for DAP Christians.

Sinchew’s Malay apologist for DAP Christians

My criticism of Tajuddin and of Sinchew is this — the paper’s Malay columnist is singing to the Chinese choir.

For example, Tajuddin’s March 21 column had 31,678 page views in the Sinchew portal.

His online column last year (Dec 14) garnered 49,974 page views. Sinchew is giving Tajuddin a big megaphone.

What narrative is Tajuddin sharing through his loudhailer? Are his views representative of the Malay community? The answer is ‘No’.

Five days ago, Tajuddin penned an ode to Kit Siang as well as recounted his personal experience as a DAP member (2014–2018).

Tajuddin wrote: “As I possess a wider view, perspective and understanding of Islam than 98% of Malays in this country, my position on people, deeds and thoughts are much different than most of those who profess the same religion”.

By his own admission above, Tajuddin belongs to the two percent Malays whose thinking differs from the more orthodox 98 percent of the community.

Tajuddin‘s readers in Sinchew will surely not get from him an understanding of why the polity persists in ‘perceiving’ DAP as anti Malay and anti Islam.

Sinless, spotless DAP to cleanse M’sia 

Cina DAP are convinced that their political Christianity icons are clean while Malay Muslim leaders like Najib and (in their ‘perception’) Hadi are dirty and corrupt.

On 23 Apr 2021, I blogged ‘DAP Christian politicians — Prof. Tajuddin Rasdi’s big, blind spot’.

Forward a year (eleven months), and I’m taking up the topic of DAP Christian politicians with him again.

Christians were among the top CEC finishers in the DAP election last Sunday.

Hannah Yeoh was placed 5th in the standings behind fellow Christians Chow Kon Yeow and Teresa Kok who were in the 2nd and 4th spots respectively.

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh on stage leading DAP’s ‘Bersihkan Malaysia’ campaign

Hannah‘s fellow evangelical Steven Sim was in 7th place. Steven is the new DAP National Organising Secretary, i.e. Anthony Loke’s important old job.

Born Again Christian Lim Guan Eng, however, this time slipped to 8th place. Nonetheless, they’re a lot of Christians in the top rungs of the CEC.

Moreover if prominent MPs like Yeo Bee Yin and Ong Kian Ming had succeeded in their bids, the CEC would have even more Christians.

The newly installed head of DAP Youth, Kelvin Yii, is another Christian.

Post-Kit Siang, the party is dominated by virtuous Christian paragons who’re always preaching cleanliness and godliness.

Their equally self-righteous Jerusubang base also act as if they’re the only “morally upright” people in our country, for example, thumping their chest proclaiming (see below) ‘Kit Siang does not need a RM100m mansion’.

Masuk bakul, angkat sendiri

Mahathir too preferred the DAP Christians as ministers in the Harapan administration.

Dapsters exalt those Cina DAP handpicked by Mahathir to fill his 2018 cabinet as “world class” in calibre. They are contemptuous of DAP oldies like Ronnie as “low class”.

The words “world class” (applied to themselves) and “low class” (applied to others, usually Umno and PAS people) are standard vocabulary in the Bangsar Bubble.

e.g. See below Hannah Yeoh who mocked “How low class is our Prime Minister (PM6 Umno’s Najib)?”

@hannahyeoh also claimed that PM9 Umno’s Ismail Sabri had made “a low class statement”.

The DAP mobilized voter anger against 1MDB and are hoping to repeat their successful formula by conjuring up the spectre of 2MDB.

“… the thieves, supported by a largely semiliterate population, are poised to return with a vengeance,” says the Malaysiakini’s vox populi standfirst and headline on March 15 — ‘With Umno back in power, expect 2MDB next’.

On one hand, Cina DAP portray the Umno court cluster as “crooks” and “kleptocrats”. On the other hand, they portray the Harapan court cluster (Guan Eng, Syed Saddiq) as victims of “political persecution”.

Najib supporters are characterized by them as “a largely semiliterate population” or just plain stupid. They – evangelists, Bangsa Malaysians – are far more proactive/provocative than any Cina DAP. Recall that the churches and Christian NGOs had mobilized for Bersih.

With the DAP increasingly dominated by Christians, the party’s anti-Islam image can only harden. Tajuddin Rasdi and Sinchew are not telling the Chinese this.


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3 thoughts on “Running the bersih laundry cycle again

  1. of course the malay is duped by umno and pas, everyone that know dap know they love malay more than chinese.

  2. You have hit the nail right on its head. In our beloved Malaysia, history is the finest arbiter of the Truth. And the Truth is often suppressed or distorted by the politicians of no merit. Up to 1981, if the born again christians recall, the Malays mixed freely with the other communities. From then on, non-existent fissures slowly became fractures until now, yawning chasms !. In other words, there was no politicization of the differences between the different communities before 1981. Therefore, the Malay leadership had the onus to put things right from 1981. From this, a credible 6 million Malay middle income families group was created where previously there was none. A feather in the cap to the incumbent Government of the day. However, the glue which would have bound ALL Malaysians together would have to be by socio-economic means bolstered by the Government and not by deliberate Government Policies to divide the communities which I discovered and resolved my own dilemma in the 1980s. Here is the true story. I saved the biggest bankruptcy of a PLC in the 1970s without a single bail-out sen from the Consortium of MIDF ( Gabenor, Bank Negara Malaysia was the Chairman ) and 5 banks.over a period of 9 years 1975 – 1984, during which I was paid RM 7,000 per month and an Alfa Romeo. I made millions of ringgits for the shareholders. At the end in 1984, the Consortium walked away after their loans were repaid in FULL as though they did not know me. At this juncture, 1984, Folex Industries Berhad could make textile machinery, guns, motor vehicles and steel. But I found the Government’s focus was on the FTZ where the factories employed masses of factory workers and a few local managers. Huge sums of money entered the FTZ. Huge TAX-FREE money exited legally. Now many of these factories have flown to greener pastures ! That was industrialization for you and me. For a Malaysian investor, unlike South Korea and Taiwan, industrial lands, electricity, labour,, financing costs were high and key subsidies to assist exports were absent. There was a heavy reliance on the export of commodities. A fully industrialized Malaysia would have obviated many unnecessary conflicts amongst the Folex Industries Berhad had three shifts day and night manned by 1,200 Malay workers for 9 years without a single problem. Hence, the Government’s Policy should focus on Industrial Production instead of picking on minor issues of no consequence. I have always found that ALL Malaysians are sensible and NORMAL. If the born again christians of the DAP feel they are different, may be they are on the wrong planet. They should not drag down the DAP with them. Of course, the DAP’s Dilemma can be resolved after all it is Humankind made. BUT HAS THE DAP GOT A WISE LEADER WHO CAN CUT THE GORDIAN KNOT ?

  3. On Sin Chew, one should notice that it is a business which makes MONEY. The Editor not only has to safeguard his back but his front as well ! Therefore, like all sensation journalism especially in the UK, we must expect trivial and apparently innocuous issues to be blown up manifold to attract the readership and keep them Within these constraints of its readership from the Chinese vernacular schools and the aging Chinese population, we have the SIN CHEW DILEMMA ! Hence, we must expect the strongest defense of the Chinese Vernacular schools to come from Sin Chew and the Chinese media with some dabbling in born again christian politics, Just in case, these fellows attain POWER again after their 2018-2020 bungle. You may observe the Chinese are shrewd and canny ! Remember the readership of Sin Chew comes from the Chinese Vernacular schools graduates only and their Chinese vocabulary is limited to only to 1,200 Chinese characters out of 10,000 Chinese characters known.Being ‘ au fait ‘ on things Malaysian Chinese, the Sin Chew has accommodated wisely to please its readership in terms of everything from comics to politics. In other words, the Sin Chew has long lost its oomph since the days of red hot socialism of the 1940s. Serious readers from China will probably only read Sin Chew’s headlines. No more. No less..Singapore would have proved to be a more focused version on Malaysian Affairs. Or different strokes for different folks ! Smart the Chinese !

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