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Ronnie Cina, Hannah evangelis & Anthony flexi triangulation

The Ronnie Liu pre-2008 approach, i.e. a reluctance to dilute its Chineseness, did not get DAP anywhere near Putrajaya or even control of a single state.

Its Hannah Yeoh 2008–2018 ubah approach, i.e. a holier-and-cleaner than thou posturing, not only got DAP control of Penang but participation in the state governments of Kedah, Perak, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Malacca, Johor and Sabah.

DAP invented Hannah’s Bangsa Malaysia in order to shrug off Ronnie’s burden of Cina DAP.

Thayaparan today surpassed himself in penning his best ever Malaysiakini column headlined ‘Ronnie Liu and the burden of race’ — see above.

Uncle Thaya regards Ronnie as an outlier who is outside the Bangsa Malaysia narrative. (Bangsa Malaysians are the tudung fanciers.)

BELOW: Selangor DAP Aduns (from left) — Kampung Tunku YB Lim Yi Wei, Subang Jaya YB Michelle Ng, Balakong YB Wong Siew Ki and Kuala Kubu Baru YB Lee Kee Hiong

Ubah 1.0 and Ubah reset 2022

Compared to Ronnie pre 2008, the Anthony Loke post-2018 approach, i.e. a remarkable flexibility to contort itself, is hyped to be able to return DAP to Putrajaya.

“Loke, if you remember, was the DAP political operative who said that because of the changing political landscape, the DAP would be willing to work with Umno sans ‘corrupted leaders’, of course,” wrote Thayaparan.

According to Thaya, Anthony Loke had said last March: “If the next GE does not create a clear winner, you have to think about how to form new partnerships, new coalition partners and that can only come after GE”.

Loke, you see, is flexible like his fellow party strategists Ong Kian Ming and Liew Chin Tong.

To sum up:

  • Cina DAP — pre 2008 — no power
  • Bangsa Malaysia — (2018–2020) — many states and federal power
  • Harapan Big Tent — post 2018 — MoU and willingness to work with any Malay party just to regain power

There is no need to reinvent the wheel as I agree with Thaya’s analysis about the power-hungry DAP. Therefore I’m copypasting below some of his latest article about Cina DAP, Bangsa Malaysia and Anthony’s game plan.

Chinese here taking the centre stage

According to Thaya, this coy Bangsa Malaysia groupthink was created by the DAP as their “misguided strategy against the ketuanan system”.

Thaya said DAP supporters – “and nobody else” – are the only people drinking the Bangsa Malaysia Kool-Aid.

The national pastime of DAP leaders and their ubah followers is to attack Ronnie because he remains unconvinced that Kool-Aid is a healthy drink.

”Folks like Liu have to withstand attacks which include demeaning attacks,” said Thaya, such as being labelled ‘ignorant’ or ‘chauvinistic’ or ‘racists’.

Folks like Dr Boo Cheng Hau too have to withstand the most demeaning attacks from Hannah’s Bangsar Bubble-ians.

Rather than loving their neighbour and turning the other cheek, Hannah fanboys spew the most abusive vitriol — have a look at the subscriber comments only this afternoon in Malaysiakiniread HERE.

Said Thaya: “To claim [as Liew Chin Tong and Hannah do] that one participates in political life as a Malaysian is absurd when the majority ethnic group in this country participates in politics as Malays, not to mention your political party benefits from constituencies based on race”.

Needless to say, they’re unparalleled hypocrites especially “when the strategies of the DAP revolve mostly in keeping their Chinese base intact”, said Thaya.

He said: “The problem with the ‘multiracial’ or ‘multicultural’ narrative as espoused by the DAP is the negation of race and the hypocrisy of action(s) that precede it”.

Thaya added that the DAP ubah leadership have “put forward a hypocritical [Bangsa Malaysia] narrative that the non-Malays have to subscribe to in order to share power with the majority Malay community”.

The face of DAP hypocrisy

TRUTH: Thaya points out “the reality that the DAP asserts itself in Chinese-majority seats”.

FACT: Thaya highlights as well that the DAP “political apparatus is defined by Chinese Malaysians”.

Both these features of the DAP, said Thaya, expose “the hypocrisy of political operatives who hoodwink the base” (he means Team Ubah gaslighting the non Malay).

Kool-Aid drinkers have been bamboozled “into believing that racial and religious preoccupations are the stratagems of the ketuanan system”, said Thaya, when actually such preoccupations are equally evident in the ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ realpolitik.

Thaya observed how “it is hypocritical to level the [‘chauvinist’] charge against Liu, while at the same time condoning the rhetoric and policies which favour one community over the other in the name of political compromise while claiming we are all ‘Malaysians’.”

Oh dear, oh me, oh my. Thaya had better beware! Don’t play play with hypocrites.

For the offence of writing ‘Hannah Yeoh contoh hipokrasi terbesar DAP‘ – posted in his Facebook on 10 May 2017 – UUM’s Kamarul Zaman Yusoff is being sued by the evangelist.

Hannah Yeoh has been at the forefront attacking Ronnie for Chinese chauvinism; Hannah has been at the forefront of the DAP’s “respect” tudung rhetoric; Hannah has been at the forefront in claiming we are all ‘Malaysians’.

And Ronnie has been at the forefront asking what in the world is Hannah doing mucking about in religious spaces of the majority.

Nonetheless this anti-Ronnie posturing, said Thaya, “also got the biggest cheerleaders of the Bangsa Malaysia narrative into the CEC” most successfully in the recent party election.

He added that “the very people who were sucking up to the old maverick” are now strongly represented in the CEC.

BELOW: The old maverick and Beloved Tun’s favourite toe sucker

Thaya said: “The reality is that back in the good days, the DAP didn’t need to employ such racial (i.e. abandoning one’s cultural identity for the Bangsa Malaysia Kool-Aid) strategies”.

However back in the DAP Lama era of Ronnie Liu, the party was not a part of any state government. Post 2008 in the era of ubah, DAP began to taste more and more power after embracing the tudung cosplay.

A no brainer then why Hannah finished No.5 in the CEC table compared to Ronnie’s 20th spot. Party delegates preferred Hannah’s Bangsa Malaysia to Ronnie’s Cina DAP.

Thaya said the gaslighters enjoyed electoral success by “creating the running dog narrative for the MCA” which in turn obtained for DAP the maximum support of Chinese voters who preferred a faux Bangsa Malaysia identity.

Thaya suggested that if there is no clear winner in the next election, “it makes sense for the two parties that represent ‘Malays’ and ‘Chinese’ to collaborate on the political front”.

What a crafty stratagem if DAP were to offer up its Cina base as a bargaining chip in collaboration with Melayu Umno for an opportunistic Malay-Chinese government. Hidung tak mancung, pipi tersorong-sorong.

And here is where Anthony Loke comes in.

He is not burdened with the Cina DAP image as Ronnie is. Neither is he tainted with the kind of super cyberbully cheerleaders that Hannah, Guan Eng and Tony Pua command. And bonus point, he is able to speak bahasa Malaysia.


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5 thoughts on “Ronnie Cina, Hannah evangelis & Anthony flexi triangulation

  1. You are correct.The DAP has a better chance to work with a Party which will hoist it back to Power in Putrajaya than the MCA which has nothing to offer.. Let us hope they do it properly this time and not bungle big time like in 2018-2020 when they were thrown out to the streets of Putrajaya without a whimper after fulfilling their esoteric interest in the face of Sovereignty and National Interest…WHAT THE DAP NEEDS IS A COMPETENT MALAYSIAN BANGSA GENERAL TO LEAD TO REGAIN PUTRAJAYA ! HAVE THEY GOT ONE IN THE NEAR OR FAR HORIZON ?

    1. Uncle,

      It seems to be Anthony Loke –(judging from his comments quoted by Thayaparan) – who is desperately pushing for DAP to be Umno’s Chinese sidekick post GE15 so that the evangelical party can make a return to Putrajaya.

      My own opinion on the matter is DAP hidung tak mancung, pipi tersorong-sorong. I think the Malay parties are correct to keep their distance from hypocritical DAP.

      BN should go into the next election with its present Umno-MCA-MIC multiracial lineup. But the three parties should be wary of gunting dalam lipatan The J-Star.

      1. You are indeed correct. But Realpolitik must play the only role in Malaysian Politics today, considering the disastrous headwinds which our beloved Malaysia faced in recent times, – all of which were of our own making – the Malaysian specialty of sooting ourselves in the foot. If not for the civilized and well-mannered Malaysian Rakyat and the high commodity prices, Malaysia would have gone under a long time ago. It is this luxury of Humane behaviour of the Rakyat and commodity prices which gave our beloved Malaysia a chance to return to NORMAL ( and catch up with those who have overtaken us ), and become one of the 4 important small countries of the World being the UK, Japan, Switzerland and Malaysia,. and repair what damaged Malaysia had suffered by human hands and intentions ! By Jove ! We will be good, very good again given the right Leadership. Please note that Malaysian Political parties have no political philosophies or affiliations as understood by their supporters. We do not expect them to do so. Given the fact that the most learned have only a copy of The Star at home as reading material if at all.. To me, the creation of a Malaysian political party has only one single motive – to attain POWER for the founder in Putrajaya – No more. No less. Hence all the talk about racism, religion, social democracy etc may be treated as balderdash ! In Malaysia, those who have no chance to be a Royal Ruler hanker to become a Prime Minister. From this fact begins the tale of Malaysian Politics of the 21st Century. Therefore, to any political pundit, all parties are not only the same which officially to serve the Rakyat but have no formal objectives as well. In such a scenario. This gives rise to party hopping from A to Z with impunity or without a conscience which becomes money politics in practice.. As it is, with no single dominant Leader which the Malays traditionally had for ages, we now have a diverse collection of Malay inspired parties with one small chief in one tent.. As for the DAP being in the Government again, the choice is simple and straightforward either for themselves or their aspiring partner/s to form a STABLE and CREDIBLE Government. Tell all whether the DAP can turn into a beautiful Malaysian butterfly with a Malaysian Constitution bias after leaving its Singapore chrysalis or not ? Now it is given a REAL second chance to have a bite at the proverbial CHERRY !

  2. Once upon a time, I thought the teaching of History in universities were superfluous and time-waiting. No longer. It happened this way. In 1982, I sat next the the History Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge at the Commonwealth Society’s Inaugural dinner held at Trinity College. I asked him why Britain had so many foreigners. He replied that the fall of Rome was not because of the barbarians were at the gate but the huge numbers of foreigners within it ! From then on, I began to think differently about the historians and history. The fact is history is an honest record of the good and bad deeds of those who lived before us.History tells us not to make the same mistakes again. Humankind is fortunate to have the historians and their histories which should be engraved in stone for future generations to come and learn. Hence, this distinguished Blog with its credible comments on history especially Malaysian political history serves our beloved Malaysia and her Rakyat well in terms of Sovereignty and National Interest in a country where some of our Leaders have a penchant to give away our precious assets to Singapore EX-GRATIS! Have we got the mettle of both Ukraine and Mother Russia or even Mother India and China ? In its particular comment, we readers now see clearly the failed tactics of both the chauvinists and DIY christians from the DAP BECAUSE THEIR MOTIVES WERE TO SERVE SELFISH ESOTERIC INTERESTS AND NOT FOR ALL RAKYAT WITH A CONSTITUTION BIAS ! The constant hankering for Reforms via the Constitution is absurd. The Constitution had served the Nation well through all crises and produced by the British together in conjunction with wise Malayans after considering the failures of the British concerning the Malayan Union 1945, Palestine 1947 and India 1947 ,. IT IS THE PARTY OF ANY STRIPE OR COLOUR WHICH SHOULD REFORM ITSELF FIRST INSTEAD OF THE CONSTITUTION. The DAP will be in the Opposition for the next 56 years if its members CANNOT SEE THE WOOD FROM THE TREES.which is to forget the tiny brush strokes but go for the BIG STROKES TO COMPLETE THE PICTURE OF POWER IN PUTRAJAYA ! Is it not why all founders of political parties in Malaysia aimed for via a political party ? TO BE THE BOSSMAN/WOMAN OF OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA !

  3. thaya is one of the best sophist around, the only group that could match him is the wumao dielectical skill, that could spin black intio white, and tell fart is sweet smelling.

    sorry can only do name callung bec this sucker writes never have conclusion with firm principle one, all are tin kosong.

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