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DAP Christians and their Bersih crusade

“The DAP should have built on [principles of justice and fairness] instead of creating the running dog narrative for the MCA…” — THAYAPARAN @ Malaysiakini (28 March 2022)

In his Sinchew column yesterday, Tajuddin Rasdi wrote “90% of Malays believe that Chinese are dirty, immoral and corrupt” — see below.

Tajuddin was for some years a prominent DAP member. So it is more probable that he is referring to Melayu DAP who view Umno’s Chinese “running dogs” in such negative terms.

On the flip side, many Cina DAP also believe that Umno is dirty, immoral and corrupt.

Five successive Bersih campaigns succeeded in destroying the BN’s two-thirds parliamentary majority (2008), demolishing BN’s popular vote (2013) and finally disappearing BN altogether from Putrajaya (2018).

Bersih people were instrumental in mobilizing the people power which toppled the Umno-led BN.

DAP Christians played a big role in this movement to cleanse our country. The photo above shows Guan Eng on stage against a gigantic ‘Bersihkan Malaysia’ backdrop.

Born Again Christian Guan Eng is also pictured below in his yellow Bersih T-shirt.

Behind Kit Siang is DAP’s evangelical Christian Steven Sim who was recently appointed the party’s National Organizing Secretary.

The cropped picture below shows Bersih chairman Maria Chin Abdullah – today herself a Harapan MP – standing behind DAP evangelist Hannah Yeoh.

Hannah too, like her mentor Guan Eng, was another frontliner in the ‘Ubah Sekarang, Bersihkan Malaysia’ crusade to rid our country of the dirty old governments led by Umno.

In her almost decade-old tweet from 2013, @hannahyeoh had claimed that she is incorruptible while at the same time sniping at Rosmah Mansor — see below.

Then around the time of the Sheraton Move, Hannah reiterated her political coalition’s immaculate cleanliness, tweeting — “I am confident many can now differentiate … clean from corrupt ones” [comparing between PH and BN governance].

To recap, many Chinese are viewed as dirty, immoral and corrupt by the Malays, according to Sinchew’s Tajuddin Rasdi.

Many Melayu Umno are likewise viewed as dirty, immoral and corrupt by the caped crusaders desiring to Bersihkan Malaysia.

This leaves DAP Christians (bukan Cina tapi Bangsa Malaysia) as the cleanest, most morally upright and incorruptible people in Malaysia.

It’s not a surprising conclusion, considering how often Hannah – and her fellow evangelists – preach about ‘righteousness exalting a nation’, i.e. a teaching from the Bible.

Charity begins at home. The work of scrubbing clean, however, does not begin at home for the DAP when it comes to their own chairman.

The party‘s Chairman Lim is facing serious corruption charges in court but that’s okay. Even if he is found guilty, the DAP can sprinkle their holy water to make him smell as clean as a newly bathed baby.


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9 thoughts on “DAP Christians and their Bersih crusade

  1. My only comment on the Bersih campaign is that its success was entirely coincidental with the swirling controversial issues of the day. Are the christian soldiers really sure their Generals are beyond reproach like Caesar’s wife as pure as the virgin snow ? Our beloved Malaysia is a small country, there is no place to hide. The Bersih campaign is for the ignorant ?

  2. Even the 4 Swiss tribes being the Germans, French, Italians and Romansch still make snide remarks about each other behind their backs 800 years after the Swiss Confederation was established. We had our Merdeka only in 1957 ! Just 65 years ago !

  3. “Even if he is found guilty, the DAP can sprinkle their holy water to make him smell as clean as a newly bathed baby”.

    This is why I want to read what Helen writes everyday. This is humor and fact in a sentence. And I enjoy doses of Uncle AK47’s history lesson written in New Straits Times english.

    Anyway, I do think bersih does mean bersih in the heart, head and mouth too which we don’t find much in those yellow shirted people. Their mirrors are broken.

    Mr. Tajuddin can keep his tought to himself and to his holy water addictive fans instead of making generalization. If we don’t begin to rid of the sort of thought, we will forever be divided. This is not what we want.

    1. Dear Dak Di. I got into this industry by chance when I visited TDM in 2010 when he was down in the deepest of dumps with the ‘ you know who’ clambering all over him and pouring Malaysia’s finest vitriol on his head. They later licked his boots ! OMG ! It was my only second visit in 22+ years of his Administration and retirement as I was crowded out by thick queues of sycophants when he was in Power.. TDM suggested I should air my views when I complained about issues arising from current affairs of the day. I thought about this for a year and then launched my comments in ‘chedet’ on a safe subject, LEE KUAN YEW. I have always avoided race, religion and names in my comments which were normally Constitution, Sovereignty and National Interest biased. On the New Straits Times English, in 2006 when we were COLONIZED by Singapore, a hard core PAP cadre was appointed the Chief Editor of the true blue UMNO owned NST, to teach us, Malaysians, SINGLISH ? To keep him comfortable and happy in the hot and humid Tropics, he was furnished with an APACHE CONTRACT BETWEEN HIS KNEES, by Malaysia’s very own ATM for VVIPs, SIME DARBY ! Right BK ? The one man think tank of Singapore ? Where else but Malaysia ? Courtesy Shang-ri-la Hotels.

  4. dap is doing a goodwill to the malay to cleanse many former umno penyamun and pencuri, otherwise umno become a sole penyamun and pencuri party, dari dulu sampai sekarang. at least now we can say conman is a penyamun yang amat bersih.

  5. I remember the first proposal by the newly elected YB was that a nursery should set-up for those with babies to nurse in the Dewan Rakyat, male or female. She was also the proponent of the Anti-Bottom pinching Bill which if passed in 10,000 BC, we do not exist today. To be better than others she, as Deouty Minister, proposed the formation of a Women and Children Welfare Unit in the Ministry if Social Welfare for Women and Children as alleged. To widen her horizon, she proposed no more condos to be built in order to stop traffic jams at Mont Kiara as alleged without realizing quiet cemeteries with no traffic jams, are not built by developers !

  6. I strongly doubt the next Bersih hop-along will be a success because the lady with the 2-room suite had been ennobled and free to enter Melbourne at all hours. Not only that, have you noticed that their beautiful 18” waists have bloated to 24” like the Beijing policemen, before and after ? Due to the munching of too many free KFC’s along the hot and humid highways and byways of ye old KL! Having conquered the Halls of Montezuma like the US Marines, are those Bersih fellows now well-fattened, ensconced and ennobled going to throw away the luxuries so easily achieved ? No way would be the appropriate answer !

  7. Do you know when an American soldier is wounded and bloodied in action, he is awarded the Purple Heart for Valor ! Americans only die for Freedom, the British and the French die for money. In the case of those with the ‘cluster’ infection of ill-repute, each Suit may represent a Purple Heart. Those with 84 charges may end up with a collection of 84 Purple Hearts. In the case in question, poor fellow, he may only collect TWO Purple Hearts of the Malaysian kind ! Believe it or not ! Through the years, I have observed the word ‘FREEDOM’ is owned, burnished and cherished by the Americans with none other in contention ! PAX AMERICA IMPERIUM.

  8. It was just reported that the fellow with the cherubic cheeks and loquacious eyes said ‘ We gave Sabah a larger share of the pie.!’ A pie which ownership is in doubt.

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