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Bersih is back to aid dirty DAP

Bersih are bestirring themselves once more.

Previously they’d helped to put Harapan in Putrajaya. Now that it seems GE15 is drawing nearer, the ‘cleaning’ crew is back to work.

The latest activism by Bersih is to croak piously about ‘frogs’. See below:

Hypocrites who miss elephant in room

The party that has welcomed the most number of frogs is Bersatu under the chairmanship of Mahathir.

But all the time that Bersatu – then a Harapan component – was receiving its many frogs (2018–2019), the DAP’s holier-than-thou guardians of public morality remained conspicuously silent.

Why didn’t Bersih do this anti-frog initiative back in 2018 or 2019 when party hopping was most rampant?

You did not hear DAP Christians criticize Beloved Atuk who had given them the opportunity to become ministers and deputy ministers.

As long as DAP’s political preachers were themselves in the Mahathir 2.0 cabinet, frogging did not seem to be so very unclean in their eyes.

Bersih participant Marina (above) in 2019 launched a ‘documentary’ called M for Malaysia about her father’s rise to his second premiership.

The M for Malaysia hagiographic film was co-directed by Marina’s daughter and a Mahathir crony’s daughter, i.e. Dian Lee d/o Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew.

Datin Dian is a Muda politician. Her father was headlined in a news report ‘Malu Apa Bossku’ against Islamic teachings, Lee Kim Yew tells EC’ — see below FMT on March 9.

Cina bersih appropriate Islamic teachings

The Tan Sri appears to have three things in common with Hannah Yeoh.

Both are presumably non-Muslim yet flirting in the religious space of the majority ethnic.

Lee Kim Yew claimed to have lodged a complaint with the Election Commission on the Malu Apa Bossku campaign which he insisted was “against Islamic teaching”.

Is Lee really all that knowledgeable about Islam? Unlike Hannah, the tycoon has not been photographed keluar masuk masjid selama 13 tahun.

Two other things Lee and Hannah seem to have in common are their adoration of Mahathir-Bersih 5 and a distaste for MCA people.


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3 thoughts on “Bersih is back to aid dirty DAP

  1. As long as the Bersih crowd are unable to produce a CAPABLE, CLEAN AND PROVEN SUPER DUPER MALAY LEADER, whatever they do is just a pipe or white stuff dream ! May be they have such a Leader, who knows in this land of the unexpected events ? They jolly well do their sums right because the World is looking up to the wise and firm rule of Joko in Indonesia and there are some really unhappy chaps amongst us on the division of natural assets owned by them ! Right BK the one man think tank of Singapore ?

  2. The original purpose of Bersih was good.

    But subsequently it was ‘hijacked’ by the opposition parties.

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