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DAP’s religious schizophrenia

On the one hand, Salam Ramadan is scattering like confetti in Jerusubang.

BELOW: Selamat berpuasa greetings from DAP’s Adun Subang Jaya

On the other hand, opposition supporters are going apeshit at the news of MCA’s willingness to work with PAS (below).

On the DAP’s right hand, Hannah Yeoh claims that “the act of covering our heads in the presence of those we revere is done out of respect. It is also an act of modesty”.

“As an elected representative for 13 years in multiracial constituencies like Segambut and Subang Jaya, I have always practised this respectfully when I visited my constituents. I will continue to do so in the face of a handful of extreme voices in this land,” continued Hannah.

On the DAP’s left hand, Lim Guan Eng falsely claims that he finds Dr Boo Cheng Hau’s “remarks no different to those made before by extremist and primitive PAS leaders who want to control what women can or cannot wear”.

“His actions are not only gender-insensitive but also runs the risk of portraying DAP leaders as being just as intolerant and regressive as the extremist PAS leaders,” continued Guan Eng in smearing Dr Boo.

Needless to say, the chairman of parti putar belit has twisted Dr Boo’s intent to misrepresent the Johor ex-Adun as wanting to control what women wear.

In the same breath, Guan Eng also cast PAS leaders as “intolerant”, “regressive”,“extremist” and “primitive” for demanding a Muslim dress code.

Guan Eng’s tirade at PAS’s insistence on tutup aurat occurred four months ago.

When PAS want women to cover up, they’re bashed by DAP as “intolerant”, “regressive”,“extremist” and “primitive”.

However when DAP evangelists are questioned about their tudung gimmickry, the critics are labeled by DAP bigwigs as “extreme voices in this land”.

With DAP, it is heads they win, tails you lose.

So far, DAP is ahead in this game because on one hand, the viciousness of its super cyberbullies is unsurpassed.

And on the other hand, the mob intoxication on DAP’s Bangsa Malaysia Kool-Aid is similarly unmatched. No other political party in Malaysia inspires this level of cult-like behaviour in their supporters.

No other party displays this DAP-type of religious schizophrenia either. You never see PAS leaders camping out in churches the way DAP evangelistas are so obsessed with photo ops in mosques.

Nor are PAS leaders as enamoured with wishing Christians happy fasting. (Christians fast during Lent beginning Ash Wednesday and culminating on Easter Sunday.)

Nobody likes to be a participant in a rigged game, and DAP is rigging the hijabi multikulti game.

The problem with DAP’s schizophrenia is their risk of losing touch with reality.


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13 thoughts on “DAP’s religious schizophrenia

  1. I do not recall any politician worth his/her salt in this World puts his/her emphasis on observing the religious and cultural practices of another community for political ends. Maybe these true politicians felt it would be hypocritical to do so. This new entangled idea which is now pushed forward by the ‘born again’ christians of the DAP, is strictly a POLITICAL MANOEUVRE implemented by hard core politicians whose motives are quite clear in our beloved Malaysia. Despite their vociferous denials of hidden intentions. Believe it or not ! The fact that they are ‘born again’ christians after 1975 due to a quirk in Malaysian Legislation on places of worship in an Islamic country, puts them ‘in delicto flagrante’ vis-a-vis the host religion.. How long will these politicians decorate themselves with another community’s religious and cultural practices, for alleged political ends in the face of democratic criticism, is the great question ? Where else but Malaysia. Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels.

  2. Truth be told. The DAP has been schizophrenic since its founding in1966 when it adopted the Lee Kuan Yew concocted slogan ‘ Malaysia for Malaysians ‘ which is anti-Constitution. I suggest they should adopt, ‘ Social Democrats for All ‘.and be a buddy of the German Social Democrats now in Power ?

  3. Suddenly, a sea change overcame all political parties in our beloved Malaysia. The shock of the 14th GE has receded like the evening tide. This was caused by many factors such as New Gen, current headwinds from Covid + Ukraine,, nostalgia for ye goode olde days, 1MDB, Leadership, high palm oil prices in rural areas, inflation, easy to forget types, etc. The Malays are flocking back to UMNO which as one pundit said provides a sort of feudal umbrella traditionally. No new entangled ideas for them because UMNO has always been the backbone of Malaysian Politics since 1946.. Its alleged wanton corrupt Leadership shocked all in 2018. The battle ground for the 15th GE is 1) THE DESIGNATED PRIME MINISTER, A MALAY OF PROVEN WORLD CLASS QUALITY AND CHARACTER. 2) THE URBAN AREAS WILL BE BLOODY. There hangs the tale of WHO HAS THE VERY FINEST MALAY CANDIDATE TO BE THE PRIME MINISTER ? Wins ! Per Ardua. Ad Astra ! Even the schizos become NORMAL with the next 15th GE ! Right BK the one man think tank of Singapura !

    1. From the melee of paper arrows of Suits and counter Suits by ambitious politicians will emerge out of this fracas THE FINEST MALAY CANDIDATE QUALIFIED TO BE THE PRIME MINISTER OF OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA. A country destined to be one of the very important 4 small countries of the World being the UK, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia. Seriously, our beloved Malaysia does not deserve nincompoops, fakes, liars, playboys, plagiarists, racists, bigots, copy-cats, clowns, fellow travelers etc to represent us..Malaysia is a great Nation which was brought down by ourselves sooting at our feet all the time because of the filthy lucre. Just look at Ukraine. Malaysia could give away the Pulau Batu Putih ex-gratis ( owned by Malaysia for 1,000 yrs before Singapore was born in 1819) and for the whole complete Singapore KTM + 25 miles of rail in exchange for HALF an office building in downtown Singapore. Or pay US$ 23 Million for compensation for the HSR which ran 99% on Malaysian soil whilst Singapore turns an old decrepit golf course into a multi-billion dollar township ex-gratis Malaysia, and the forgotten 4th Floor Boys of no merit with their low hanging fruits etc ? Please don’t joke Malaysia any more before we lose our ‘ BEES’ as well !

  4. A common diplomatic saying, ‘ The Americans forget easily. The British try not to forget. The French never forget. The Chinese never never never forget. The Malaysians forgive and forget. ‘ Latest from the 1MDB Trial New York. Prosecutor to accused, ” You have done immeasurable harm to Malaysia by your actions.”

  5. Will the DAP religious fervour do immeasurable harm to our beloved Malaysia like the accused in the 1MDB Trial in New York ? Or like those who waloped money big-time at the end of the 20th Century. Lest we forget ! It was those big scandals which set an example to the bigger scandals of the 21st Century. One crook ended up in Singapore collecting Stradivarius violins at US$ 5 million a piece which he lent to the Shanghai and Singapore Philharmonic Orchestras but not to KL which he knew well. Vide. Internet. He began life carrying the Samsonite of his Boss in a small factory in Johor Baru. By mid-1980s, he could boast to Dr Goh Keng Swee and my cousin at the Singapore Island Golf club, that he got the Good and the Great of KL by the ear ! Actually, I was the first to be tasked. But instead of waloping big-time, I told the Principal that the task could not be done. THE ONLY PERSON WHO DID NOT LET THE PRINCIPAL DOWN OR CHEAT THE RAKYAT. But in 1994, a crooked Chinese offered to do the same task for less. HE BANKRUPTED THE SIME BANK FOR RM 350 MILLIONS ! My friend took the rap for another. Hence, the 1MDB is nothing different from those which took place in the late 20th Century. A person is only guilty when charged. Just look at that foreign braggart now in Singapore ! He openly showed disrespect to his Boss and looked down on those he cheated..

    1. My cousin was shocked at the boastfulness of this foreign braggart. Hence, he reported to me the incident in front of the Deputy Prime Minster of Singapore – stabbing his Patron and Principal in the back by offering his services to Singapore, a’la Tim L of 1MDB fame ?

  6. Since one true story about those who did the waloping of public money big-time and created huge scandals without exceptions in the late 20th Century may not be enough to satiate the curious, I now relate another TRUE story. In the mid-1990s, just as I was dropping into a slumber, my friend in Geneva rang. I asked, ” What’s the,excitement David ? “. He replied whose heavy breath was wafting VSOP over the line,” I just had dinner at the Beau Rivage with Malaysia’s Onassis and his beautiful Singaporean art gallery girl friend. ” I retorted, ” So what’s so special, David ? You mean the guy with the white hair ? ” He chortled, ” I thought I let you know that’s it’s not often I dined with such beautiful company.” Hmm. Was it the girl or Onassis ? I already knew this fellow bought up the Singapore Art Gallery together with the Curator., a sort of ONE STOP operation. using money stolen in Malaysia “

  7. The looming very exciting 15th GE will be a fight to the end by Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The end result will define our beloved Malaysia’s future. To be or not to be, one of the 4 important small countries of the World being the UK, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia. As a born optimist, Malaysia will reach her appointed place as destined. Schizos or no schizos.

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