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M’sian army less than one percent Chinese

According to the last available parliamentary reply, Chinese comprise less than one percent of active personnel in our Malaysian armed forces.

BELOW: Blame Putrajaya, blame unjust laws, blame biased policies, blame The System … 

In fact, Chinese make up less than even a half of a single percent of the military. The precise figure is 0.3 percent.

In other words, out of every 1,000 Malaysian soldiers, only three are Chinese. By contrast, out of every 1,000 Malaysians in the general population, we have 232 citizens of Chinese ethnicity.

But anyone daring to raise the sensitive question of patriotism will, needless to say, be lynched by the Dapster mob.

Data vs propaganda

Figures are statistics, i.e. data. Virtue signaling is spin, i.e. propaganda.

And DAP is spinmeister extraordinaire — the truly undisputed champion in making excuses.

Nampak sekali betapa kurangnya anggota Cina yang berkhidmat dalam angkatan tentera. How to spin out of this?

DAP’s forever DCMII Ramasamy addressed the troublesome statistic yesterday and said racism of the Malay establishment is at fault for the above situation.

Not a good look for Cina DAP

Their lack of participation in the armed services implies that Malaysian Chinese are reluctant to don a uniform in defence of our country.

Such a scenario is undoubtedly bad optics but DAP will usually have some cosmetic solution to counter any negative perceptions.

Take for example DAP’s tudung window dressing — the first resort by its Christian politicians when confronted with the party’s anti-Islam image.

The DAP’s standard operating procedure is to go “mucking about in religious spaces of the majority, in demonstrations of kumbaya” (words in quote marks borrowed from Thayaparan).

DAP incessantly trots out its tudung costume to play at being mesra Islam, and everybody else is browbeaten to fall in with Bangsa Malaysia propaganda.

Having our army consist of a mere 0.3 percent Chinese personnel is not a good look for Cina DAP.

So what might the DAP expert cosplayers now start wearing to make a public show of their being setia kepada tanahair? Olive coloured T-shirt, combat jacket and camouflage pants ala Zelensky above?


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5 thoughts on “M’sian army less than one percent Chinese

  1. Good subject ! The Swiss took 800 years to be where they are today – The Swiss Confederation of 4 tribes, the Germans, French, Italians and Romansch. All with the same religion and similar cultural characteristics. Vide. Malaysia 1957 – 61 years only. Yet, today, they still make snide remarks about each other behind their backs. As for our beloved Malaysia, we need a strong, united and fair Government Leadership to unite and pull the country together. There should not be a single iota of freewheeling in the affairs of Humankind. And most importantly, good and sound Leadership should come from the Malay elite which are sorely lacking at the moment. A country of note like India grooms her elite in places like the Dehra Dun plateau and the hill station of Mussoorie, New Delhi and Bangalore. All are taught in ENGLISH for knowledge and advancement. Today, the strength and unity of India is held together by her 350 million English speaking Indians, the bulwark of her Leadership. Since 1947, India did not suppress the English language but improved on it even though the history of British colonialism in India is not to be admired ! See how logical and practical the Indians are in the interests of their Sovereignty and National Interest ? They did not soot themselves in the foot unlike some others as befit their 5,000 years of civilization ! Therefore, for the Malaysian Armed Forces to be MULTI-RACIAL, the process begins at the very top of the Government. It is pointless to cherry pick on just promotions alone because this is a deep seated problem of TRUST, LOYALTY AND CAMARADERIE to pull our beloved Malaysia forward, wind or shine ! Where else but Malaysia ? Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels.

    1. An ancient saying, ‘ The journey of a thousand lei begins with the first step!’ Malaysia lost her way many years ago. We now see the consequences of no foresight and insouciance of those who were responsible, and now we pay for it in spades ! But with the right kind of elitist Leadership, it is still not too late to be one of the 4 important small countries of the World being the UK, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia.

    2. See how smart the Indians are since their Independence in 1947. Instead of suppressing the language of their ex-Colonial Masters the British who did not treat them well, they built on it with designated places of English ,education at the highest level which produced World class personalities like Prof Dr Amartya Sen, the Nobel Prize winner and the top academician of Harvard, Yale, Oxford and Cambridge and much more in his record.and many more Indians of a similar ilk. The countless numbers of Indians holding top jobs in the United States and Britain from the US Vice-President, the British Chancellor of the Exchequer down to the No 1 of at least more than 5 top US corporations like Microsoft, Amazon etc. all spoke English well but not Hindi, the official language of 1.2 Billion Indians. . I observed the 1st generation of the Indians mainly Gujaratis in the 1980s already took control of the 24 hr convenience stores in the US and the UK and the motels of the US. Maybe, other countries could learn just a wee bit of the Indians’ magnificent success which was based on 24 hours of hard and unrewarding work and of course, ENGLISH ! And kudos to the Vision and Intellect of the Indian Government Leaderships since 1947 in the interest of their Sovereignty and National Interest !

  2. Soon this distinguished Blog will have 9,300,000 hits. Quite an achievement for a singular effort in our quest for a better and fairer beloved Malaysia. Singaporeans, are you there ?

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