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Clashes at Al-Aqsa

Palestinian demonstrators and Israeli police clashed at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa mosque compound earlier today, reported the AFP news agency.

Other sources on social media apparently show the Israeli forces storming the mosque — firing tear gas and stun grenades.

More than a hundred Palestinians are said to have been injured.

According to Al Jazeera, Israeli police said they entered the Al-Aqsa compound to break up a “violent” crowd that remained at the end of the morning prayers after a group of Palestinians began throwing rocks towards the nearby Jewish prayer space of the Wailing Wall (see their relative locations below).

Al-Aqsa sits on higher ground and overlooks the Jewish prayer wall.

Tensions and violence are bound to further escalate, and the tinderbox situation is not helped by the acute instability of the Israeli government.

In fact, today’s clashes will only further weaken Israel’s very Big Tent ruling coalition, if not tip it over altogether.

The Naftali Bennett administration consist of eight parties at opposite ends of the political spectrum. This marriage of strange bedfellows was contracted mainly to deny Binyamin Netanyahu the premiership.

Today is also Good Friday for the Christians and Passover week for adherents of Judaism.

I’d posted yesterday with regard to this intersect between the three Abrahamic faiths — see
‘Mucking about in other people’s religious spaces’.


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  1. The Israelis are only as strong as the West. As long as the West is strong, Israel exists in its present form. But who can foretell the future ? Who in the centuries ago could have predicted the Fall of the Persian, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, Belgian, German and British Empires where the sun never sets ? These empires were all mighty and invincible in their prime. History is the finest arbiter of the Truth.

    1. And the fall from grace of Singapore today and the destined rise of Malaysia in the near future ? Only God can foretell, maybe ?

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